18 Front Door Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out in 2021

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Your front door is your first opportunity to set the tone for your home’s style and personality. Updating it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a big impact on your home’s exterior design. Here at brick&batten, our virtual exterior designers use doors in every shape, style and color to boost curb appeal. Read on for 22 of our favorite front door ideas guaranteed to give your façade a face-lift in 2021.

A fresh exterior design can take your home to the next level. It’s a big project, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Work with the virtual designers at brick&batten to streamline the process. Simply send in photos of your home and tell us a little bit about your preferences, and our designers can craft a completely unique design that’s ready to be executed.

Yellow Door

#1 // Bright, playful colors

Is your home bright, inviting, and full of life? Be sure your front door makes the right first impression by painting it a vibrant hue like sunny yellow, energizing orange, or bold lime.

#2 // Earthy green tones

Reflect your landscape and anchor your home in the surrounding environment by choosing paint colors in natural green tones, like an understated jade or a soft moss.

#3 // Farmhouse chic

Keeping in style with crisp white shiplap and sprawling front porches, rustic wooden doors with windows bring updated country charm to farmhouse-style homes.

#4 // Sturdy craftsman doors

Signified by square windows placed high on the door and set off with detailed molding, craftsman doors work well on homes built in the Arts & Crafts (also called craftsman!) style.

Garden Hills client After

#5 // Bold in black

Whether it’s glossy black or deep charcoal, a black door can make a bold statement in your entryway and provide contrast against lighter exteriors. Be aware, however, that you should void using black paints on south-facing doors in sunny environments, as the color retains heat and can cause wood to crack if not prepped correctly.


#6 // Modern metal or steel

Looking for front door ideas that will bring an industrial vibe to your home’s exterior? Try a metal or steel door. Many of them come in sleek designs that are also an opportunity to incorporate glass panels in a variety of creative, artistic, or geometric shapes.

#7 // Double Dutch fun

For homes in comfortable climates, Dutch doors are a great way to bring the outdoors in. The top panel can open independently of the bottom panel, allowing fresh breezes to come in while keeping critters out (or in!). Have some fun and consider painting your Dutch door in a unique color, like the blue front door in the last example immediately above.

wood door

#8 // Keeping it natural

Opting for a natural look? Stained wooden doors bring a warm, natural element to exteriors. If your door is fiberglass, it can be stained to look like wood, bringing you durability without the cost.


#9 // Timeless Tudor

Tudor front doors are distinctive, though their style can vary. Sometimes they have a rounded top, and sometimes they’re rectangular but with a rounded wood panel inlay. Tudor doors often have a small window with leaded glass near eye-level, though they can also have multiple window panes in multiple columns or rows. In addition to working well on Tudor-style homes, they can also make a statement on homes with a Mediterranean flair.

pivot door
pivot door

#10 // A daring pivot

Try something out of the ordinary in not just form but function with pivot doors. With this front door style, you swap out traditional door hinges for pivot boxes, allowing large panels to dramatically swing open for a unique, modern vibe.

#11 // Twice the fun

Two is always better than one — and the same is true for front doors. Double doors can make a big impact on curb appeal and help ground large entryways.

#12 // Sweet and subtle

These homes truly welcome you starting with the front door, from the subtle touch of a heart overlaid on vertical panels in the first example above to the soft coral that brightens up the entryway beneath it. (If you’re searching specifically for front door ideas related to painting yours pink, we love this blogger’s deep dive into her personal experience with the decision.)

VictoryMetalWorks IronDoor

#13 // A blast from the past

Midcentury modern is still all the rage. Stay true to your home’s style and honor its past with an MCM door. Accents like metal sunbursts or playful windows add personality.

#14 // Blue skies ahead

Make a statement with a bright blue door. The energizing color reflects sunny skies and really pops against cream or white brick exteriors. For extra impact, go with a glossy finish.

Revere Pewter

#15 // Like the French do

Really open up with French doors. These fully or near-fully glass double-door styles let in tons of light and create a seamless transition from outside to inside with chic style.

Going full glass on your front door doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice privacy. Options like rain, frosted, and stippolyte glass can maintain privacy without giving up precious light.

#16 // Royally red

Red is an energizing color inciting passion and excitement. Give your guests a burst of enthusiasm the second they step up to your front door with this vibrant, versatile hue. Red front doors work on homes of all styles.

As you can tell if you’ve read this far, we’re fans of boosting curb appeal and bringing some personality to your home’s exterior with a colorful front door. Here’s more info on how to do it well.

A transitional two-story stucco home

#17 // Rich blues

If you have a flair for the dramatic, celebrate it with rich, saturated shades of blue, teal, and gray. Jewel tones on a front door can bring an air of elegance without feeling stuffy.

wood door

#18 // Widen your footprint

Side panels allow for a wider visual footprint in entryways that don’t have room for double doors. Plus, panels with additional windows can let it more light when paired with solid doors.

Get more ideas for front doors with sidelights and transoms.

Closing the door

Swapping out your front door for a fresh style can make a lasting impression without a lot of effort. If all of these front door ideas leave you feeling like you don’t know where to start, the design experts at brick&batten can help. Their expertise means your new home design gives you unbeatable curb appeal down to the smallest detail — like the front door.