15 Exterior Paint Colors That Are On-Trend for 2021

Like many of you, we’ve been busier than ever thinking about home improvements. We’re always researching and dreaming up plans for on-trend virtual exterior redesigns that will make our clients’ homes feel fresh and inviting. Part of the design process includes trend forecasting. While we can’t really see into the future, we’ve been in the business long enough to make some pretty accurate predictions as to what styles are on-trend and have staying power. These top exterior paint colors for 2021 get us excited to started designing. Fair warning: This article may want you to pick up a brush and paint this weekend.

At brick&batten, we offer specialized virtual home exterior design services. Whether you want to take on the project as a DIY or use local contractors, we can help. After learning your personal preferences and project goals, we’ll design your home exterior with a realistic rendering and provide a helpful shopping list, so you know exactly what you need to bring it to life.

15 Exterior Paint Colors That Are On-Trend for 2021

Before and after of a home's exterior. Before = under construction home. After = a modern farmhouse style ranch painted in Shoji White
Before and after of a home's exterior design. After = Rustic two-story house painted in Swiss Coffee with a wooded gate garage

#1 // Warm, Creamy Whites

You heard it here first. Off-white is one of the on-trend exterior paint colors now, and it is still here to stay in 2021. However, to really nail this trend, opt for a warm, creamy white. We especially love Swiss Coffee and Seapearl by Benjamin Moore. Both of these colors are warm off-whites, but Swiss Coffee is slightly brighter than Seapearl. We typically never suggest a stark, true white for our virtual design clients, so to see these warm whites paired with wood accents is a definite trend to follow.


Before and after of a traditional brick home. The after shows the brick painted in Repose Gray with Simply White trim and Onyx shutters

#2 // Pale Gray

We, for one, are super happy that gray has been slowly starting to diversify streets, as it provides an alternative to beige. Though we saw a decline of stark gray with cooler undertones in 2020, begin thinking about grays with warm undertones and hints of green. Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams has warm undertones, but it can read as cool in certain lighting, like on cloudy days. It creates such a zen look, and who doesn’t want to feel that way when they arrive home?

Bungalow with brick and siding painted in Accessible Beige

#3 // Beige (Yes, You Read That Right)

If you thought we were straying away from beige earlier, think again. A beautiful beige is hard to beat! The 2021 beige is still warm but without the tendency to turn yellow. It is subtle and almost off-white in different lighting. For this reason, we will be recommending Accessible Beige in 2021 as a go-to color. And when you scroll through Instagram, you might notice that almost every blogger is using a warm, beige filter right now. Coincidence? We think not.


Before and after of a traditional two-story home. The after is painted in SeaPearl with dusty blue shutters.
Before and after of a tradition home's exterior design. The after home is painted in Simply White and has pale green shutters added, as well as an extended front porch.

Before and after of a traditional brick home. The after features the brick painted white and shutters updated in a pale greenish gray.

#4 // Pale Blue and Green as an Accent Color

We are seeing it rise in popularity with pale blue and green as an accent color. Colors like Boothbay Gray and Pearl are calming, yet interesting. We are certainly here for this trend. Use these hues on your shutters or door. Pair them with a creamy white base paint and lush green landscaping, like topiary trees.


A two story home with updated paint colors: Revere Pewter brick, Urbane Bronze siding, Onyx shutters, and Simply White trim
Before and after of a two story home. The after features siding in Urbane Bronze with trim in a creamy white, as well as an updated deck and patio and an outdoor fire pit.

#5 // Bronze, Baby!

While it’s truly impossible to bottle up a metallic, we think Sherwin Williams does a pretty good job of it with Urbane Bronze. This on-trend exterior color looks even better when you pair it with actual bronze metal accents, like bronze porch lights or patio furniture.


Before and after of a two-story home. The after features a two tone color palette of charcoal and slate-painted brick with wood accents.
Before and after of a traditional ranch home with a large porch. The after features a two tone color palette of charcoal and white brick.

#6 // Two-Tone

We’ve seen a rise in split-level, ranch, and contemporary designs recently. The forecasted trend is pointing in the direction of a design with two complementary colors. Think two-tones, that work well together… maybe it’s one on the top and one on the bottom, or one on the side and one in the middle.  In 2021, you’re going to see more houses embrace the look.


An updated exterior design of a farmhouse-style home painted in Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore with white trim and accents.

#7 // Dark Gray

There has been a rise in dark gray, almost black, home exteriors recently. Who isn’t a fan of dark, charcoal, moody gray? This trendy color is having its moment but is also such a classic. Some of our favorite dark grays include Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore and with a blue undertone, Bracken Slate by Benjamin Moore.

Before and after of a two-story mid-century style home. The before photo features natural brick and red siding. The after is in a dark gray color palette.

#8 // Black as an Accent or Main Color

While using black as an accent color is certainly not a new trend, it is still popular. However, a few of the bolder homeowners out there are starting to use it as their home’s main color. In the home above, a dark gray and black color palette is used: Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore on the brick and shaker siding, Onyx by Benjamin Moore on the vertical siding, and Black by Benjamin Moore on the trim and facia. Going dark on your home’s exterior will give you that edge over the neighbors.

The exterior design of a coastal bungalow with a large porch featuring James Hardie siding in Aged Pewter, wood accents, and stone.

#9 // A Perfect Pewter

Not everyone can instantly envision what the color pewter looks like, but we think after 2021, that could change. This color is starting to become one of the on-trend exterior paint colors. While we don’t know what has sparked its sudden rise in popularity, we do know it looks great with natural wood accents, which are also here to stay. The home above uses two types of James Hardie siding, both in Aged Pewter.


Before and after of a home with updated lighter brick, wood accents, and dark gray siding.
Before and after of a mid-century modern ranch home with a carport. The after features the home painted in a soft gray and wood accents added.

#10 // I’ll Take the Wood

Don’t get us wrong, paint is a game changer; however, if you can stain or add some wood to your home’s exterior definitely do it! In 2021, there’s going to be push toward earthy shades and natural elements. Wood is a perfect way, in big or small doses, to embrace the trend.

Before and after of a transitional home. The after image features slate siding, expanded creamy white, and an updated three-car garage.
Before and after of a lake home featuring updated white trim, a front patio overhang addition, and wood accents, including updated garage doors.

#11 // White Trim

Looking for a way to add a little flair in 2021? Add some extra trim around your windows and paint it a beautiful white. A soft white trim can look gorgeous on a dark color home or even a lighter color for a more monochromatic look. Don’t be nervous to use this look around white or black windows.

Before and after of a farmhouse style home featuring new slate blue siding in Esquitin Titanium by James Hardie.

#12 // Slate Blue

When blue and gray come together, great things happen. A slate blue is tranquil, and it reads like a unique neutral. This color is perfect for the homeowner who wants to show a little personality without straying too far from traditional neutrals. Slate blue is one of those colors that comes in so many different varieties, so we highly suggest swatch testing multiple options. Pay attention to how the slate paint varieties look during different times of the day and under different levels of cloud coverage.

A coastal modern home exterior design featuring siding painted in Hale Navy, wide trim, wood accents, and copper gutters.
An updated exterior home design for an historic cottage featuring siding painted in Haley Navy, white trim and accents, and shutters painted in Willow Creek.

#13 // Navy Blue

Just like slate, navy is one of those colors that ranges greatly. Some of them appear bluer and even traverse into the royal blue territory. For exterior purposes, we suggest a navy blue that is more of a neutral, like Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. It works on coastal bungalows, historic cottages, and midcentury modern homes alike. There really aren’t too many rules when working with a good navy blue!

Before and after of a three-story home. The after features an earthy green James Hardie paneling.

#14 // Earthy Green

Green is a color that takes some envisioning before committing, so we suggest hiring a virtual exterior designer, like brick&batten, to create a realistic rendering of what your home would look like with this mother-nature-inspired hue. Earthy green especially works as an accent color, but we’ve also seen some houses pull it off on the body. James Hardie has perfected the look with Neighborhood Park above.


Before and after of a ranch house with a new entryway featuring a colorful painted door, new windows, and shutters
Before and after of a brick home with white-painted brick, a new colorful door painted in Antique Coral, new garage doors, new windows, and stylish Bahama shutters
Before and after of a stucco home with a clay tile roof. The before photo shows a beige home. The after exterior design features white paint, wood accents, tile, a fountain, and a colorful front double door painted in Greyhound

#15 // Colorful Door

For clients who want to show a little personality on their home’s exterior, pinks and greens seem to be trending colors for front doors. Lately, we’ve been seeing more homeowners opt for pink as a statement door color rather than yellow or red. If you’re going for green, we highly suggest a color like Greyhound by Benjamin Moore, pictured on the door above.


Before and after of a brick ranch home. The after photo features white-painted brick, a new garage door, and a new front porch and entryway.

It’s truly amazing what a difference paint can make to a home’s entire look! If you’re wanting to update your home’s curb appeal, check out our exterior design service to unlock your home’s full potential. We’ll help you choose on-trend exterior paint colors that will remain timeless, and then provide you with a helpful shopping list to get your project started. We’d love to give your home an exterior makeover!