Limestone Veneer: How Our Designers Use It

Limestone veneer is a natural stone, cut thinner to function as a lightweight decorative covering over other building materials. The material — and its effect — is timeless. If your design goals include affordable elegance, it might be the texture you’ve been searching for. Plus, there are plenty of ways to use it. From skirting and cladding to trim and accents, here are some of our exterior designers’ favorite ways to use limestone veneer.

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white house with limestone veneer entryway

Enhance the Entrance

The off-white stucco on this home makes for a sleek and clean aesthetic. Our designers highlighted the entryway with limestone veneer. To draw the eye to the space even more, we used dark-colored pavers for the walkway. They provided some contrast against the home’s otherwise light, neutral color palette. 

white brick house with limestone veneer

Create Contrast with Different Materials

Contrast doesn’t always come from color. For this home, we opted for mixed materials to create distinction in the design. The neutral-colored limestone veneer provides light and slight contrast amongst the off-white brick and white trim and columns. 

Sprawling home with dormers and a classic white and black color palette

Textures as Visual Differentiators 

This home’s exterior is sleek and modern, with white siding panels and stucco. Our designers highlighted the patio area to the left and the portico to the right by adding limestone veneer to both exterior spaces. We like how this brings extra attention to these covered outdoor areas.

modern house with black siding and a limestone veneer fireplace

Limestone Veneer Outdoor Fireplace

Black exteriors are bold and striking, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also exude coziness. This home’s daring design embraces a warm and welcoming vibe with the outdoor fireplace, covered in limestone veneer. Here, the eye is drawn to the light texture amidst the other darker building materials.

neutral brick house with black doors

Natural Limestone Trim 

This example doesn’t feature limestone veneer, but we wanted to include it anyway! Rather, it highlights the use of natural limestone on the trim. Against the beige brick of this home, the texture of the limestone trim adds dimension. While most of the windows and doors are bordered by sharp, straight lines, the limestone trim brings curves to the façade, creating more visual interest.

modern house with black siding, limestone veneer skirting, and wood accents

A Contemporary Approach

Limestone pairs well with other natural elements like iron and wood, especially if a modern or contemporary vibe speaks to your design style. The black siding, iron accents, and wood paneling on this home create a strong contemporary aesthetic. Our designers used limestone veneer around the bottom of the façade, as well as some cladding to the right of the stairs, enhancing the modern feel with mixed materials.

modern home with black brick and limestone skirting

Limestone Skirting

For a modern take on the traditional row house above, our designers suggested dark brick, copper gutters, and wood and iron elements. The sleek, industrial touches are elevated by the limestone skirting, which brings welcomed contrast to the exterior and plays off the gray stone accents above and below the windows. 

sprawling home with siding, wood paneling, and limestone veneer

Sprawling Symmetry

This home’s sprawling layout is the ideal canvas for multiple textures. We focused on symmetry throughout the design, spacing out the gables and blanketing the exterior beneath the peaks in limestone veneer. We also used limestone veneer on the columns surrounding the entryway, which functions as a midpoint between the middle and right-side gabled areas.

stucco home with limestone portico

Portico with Limestone Veneer

This home’s design is unique and compelling, and the portico adds structural dynamism. Our designers accentuated the space with light gray limestone veneer, creating a focal point. We repeated the same limestone to clad the lower quarter of the rest of the home, adding another layer to the façade.

stucco home with limestone retaining wall and wood garage doors

Limestone Retaining Wall

For this design, we incorporated a sand-colored limestone veneer as part of the retaining wall as well as on the home’s exterior. The color of the limestone works well for this home’s tropical setting. It also plays off of the wood accents, creating a warm and welcoming effect. 

large home with limestone cladding and wood shutters

Limestone cladding, skirting, columns, and more

Whether you want to spruce up your exterior with extensive limestone cladding, or you want to make your entryway pop with a pair of limestone-lined columns, our designers know how to make the most of this beautiful building material!

Let us help you make your exterior design goals your home’s reality. Perhaps you have limestone on your mind, or you love your home’s natural red brick. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Get started today.