18 Modern Black Houses with Gorgeous Exteriors

The use of black or very dark exterior paint colors has been on-trend for a few years now. As such, we are boldly stepping into the darkness for 2022. Modern, minimalist design has all the calming elements of a neutral color palette and simplicity. However, the use of more saturated hues kicks up the drama. You’ll find several deeper shades in our latest roundup of on-trend modern exterior house colors. Now we’d love to introduce you to 18 modern black houses with gorgeous exteriors.

If you’re wondering whether black could modernize the exterior of your house, our designers can create a digital rendering complete with accessories, trim, and landscaping ideas to help you make the best decision for your home. Get started with our exterior design services.

digital before and after rendering of a traditional two story home painted in black with wood accents

#1 // ’90s Upgrade

The ’90s called and wanted their glass blocks back. Our designers modernized this home by expanding and simplifying the windows. To maintain visual interest, they used durable paneled siding with elegant vertical lines. The deep charcoal hue of Inkwell by Sherwin Williams blankets the entire surface of this new home exterior. A bold finish makes this home a stunner.

digital rendering of a ranch home painted in black with a large porch

#2 // Modern Ranch-Style Getaway

We love the soothing interplay between Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore and the warm gray steps on this home’s exterior. Our designers achieved the inviting feeling of warm minimalism (open space, clean lines, and warm comforting colors) by adding natural wood doors and patio ceiling panels. The effect is both classy and cozy.

before and after digital rendering of an exterior home design from a blueprint painted in black with dark walnut wood accents

#3 // Elegance in High Elevation

The dark walnut steps and accents make this modern black house exterior stand out. Our designers’ recommendation of natural wood touches warm things up. Layered with the black trim and richly saturated siding in Soot by Benjamin Moore, this home is will be a showstopper.

Before and after of a home in poor condition given a full facelift

#4 // Modern Meets Rustic

Our designers created an inviting retreat with this modern cabin redesign. The deep, earthy Onyx by Benjamin Moore provides a stunning contrast against the woodland setting. Beauty is combined with functionality by adding a new front porch and second-floor deck, effectively increasing the property’s livable space.

A home exterior rendered in Black Beauty, our top exterior house color 2022

#5 // Effortless Style

The contrast of the light, creamy tone of the natural stone against the warm near-black of the upgraded siding in Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore makes this new exterior design sing. As you can see, our designers attend to every detail. The dramatic new wood door, container plants, comfortable seating, and statement lighting make this sleek design seem effortless.

before and after digital rendering of a backyard house design with second story porch, new roof, patio and outdoor kitchen, home is painted black

#6 // Modern Backyard Renovation

We love how our designers transformed this dated and boring backyard into a fun and welcoming space. The newly defined outdoor kitchen, eating, and lounge areas will be hard to resist. Black Satin by Benjamin Moore provides the perfect backdrop for this modern getaway.

digital rendering of a home painted black with a long front walkway

#7 // Deep Tones Create Harmony

Our designers managed to evoke a light and spacious feeling with this dark-toned design. The bright shades of cement and stone play off of the full-bodied Black Beauty. The placement of the Corten steel planter and cool shades of green from the plants provide a sense of harmony and balance.

before and after digital rendering of an old victorian home in a near-black paint color

#8 // Backyard Minimalism

Black Beauty strikes again! No wonder it’s our top exterior house color of the year. This older home received a modern makeover with the pleasing combination of dark siding, black trim, and wood headers over the windows. To complete the look, our designers pared down the landscaping to highlight the minimalist-style fire pit. Its geometric theme is echoed in the chairs, frames, and pavers.

Modern exterior design of a home rendered in Caviar by Sherwin Williams with a double decker porch-patio

#9 // Modern Double Decker

There are so many delicious shades of black to choose from. Our designers selected Caviar by Sherwin Williams for this exterior redesign. The large windows and doors let in tons of natural light and help establish the modern feel. The cement pavers, natural stone accents, and wood columns are all a warm, neutral backdrop for the fun new furniture, complete with a porch swing below and fire pit on the upper deck.

Before and after of a rustic home rendered in Caviar by Sherwin Williams

#10 // Rural Drama

Our designers gave this simple home a bold and modern new face with the addition of a wraparound porch, a more open front entryway, and a fun suspended new porch roof. The moody tone of Caviar by Sherwin Williams, paired with strategically placed mood lighting, sets the stage for dramatic effect.

The same modern rustic home rendered in two different colors: Benjamin Moore's Deep Creek and Black Forest Green

#11 // Muted vs. Modern

Our clients often opt to see their home in two or three carefully selected color options. It provides them with a fantastic side-by-side to aid in making this huge choice! This comparison between Deep Creek (top) and Black Forest Green (bottom), both by Benjamin Moore, clearly demonstrates the modernizing effect of the darkest hues.

Before and after of a two-story home with a modern farmhouse update, rendered in Caviar by Sherwin Williams

#12 // Modern Farmhouse Redesign

This cozy farmhouse-style home from the ’70s looks great in Caviar by Sherwin Williams. Our designers redirected the patio with a clever new walkway and centered entryway. Upgraded railings and columns as well as the thoughtful wood window headers in place of shutters simplify the lines for a more modern feel.

Before and after of a home rendered with a new coat of paint: Iron Ore

#13 // From Faded to Flawless

Our designers rescued this home from the depths of the ’80s and gave it an enviable modern style. The new design centers on restructuring the porch and walkway, updating the stone siding, and painting the old siding in a sumptuous shade of dark gray (Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams).

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.

digital before and after from a blue print painted black with wood accents and a stone chimney

#14 // Transitional Reads Modern

This sprawling new home design could read as transitional, but, based on input from the homeowner, our designers elected to use dark siding, black trim, and elegant off-white stone for a modern effect. The siding color is Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore. The trim and roof are both rendered in nearly solid black to deepen the effect. The result is both modern and timeless.

before and after of a contemporary angular two story. home painted black with wood accents and new windows and garage

#15 // Energized Asymmetrical

Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore makes another appearance on this contemporary upgrade. While the fresh paint color provides a pivot point for this change, our designers also made several smart adjustments, including a new porch overhang and updated garage doors. Did you also notice the fantastic ultra-modern outdoor fireplace? Stunning!

before and after digital rendering of a home in the woods painted black with new windows

#16 // Woodland Renewal

This mismatched woodland estate received a major modern refresh with a few dramatic changes. Our designers cleared the walkway, exposing an inviting seating area. We also simplified the porch roofline that jutted out over the garage. Lastly, of course, we rendered the home in Sherwin Williams’ Caviar.

before and after digital rendering of a two story home with large garage, siding painted black with new wood garage door

#17 // Modern Refresh

What a difference a few shades makes! This home was already a dark gray. However, the combination of an even more saturated siding color (Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams) with wood accents and new windows and doors gives this home a modern refresh.

digital before and after with a blueprint of a rustic stone lodge house with black paint color and stone with wood accents

#18 // Rustic Lodge Gets an Edge

Finally, this rustic lodge gets much of its cutting-edge look from the porch gables and central chimney. However, the designers chose to underscore the effect by choosing Inkwell by Sherwin Williams for the siding. It is the perfect near-black paint color for this modern black house.

modern rustic home rendered in Black Fox paint with wood and stone accents

Black Paint Brings the Modern Vibes

When you want to create a stunning, show-stopping effect for your home, using black paint is a great option. You’ll be turning heads with your fresh, bold, and richly saturated color palette. These modern black houses are big on style while offering the bold simplicity of the clean lines and comfortable, open spaces that make modern houses so appealing.

Our brick&batten designers are happy to provide you with multiple color choices if you are interested in stepping into the dark side for your home exterior remodel. Learn more about our services and how we can help you design the home of your dreams, and get started today.