Exterior Double Doors: Before & After Entryway Transformations

Transforming your home’s entryway can have a dramatic impact on its curb appeal. We often recommend clients incorporate exterior double doors into their updated entry because of their ability to enhance the look and functionality of the space. Read on to see some entryway transformations we’ve made featuring exterior double doors, complete with before and after photos. 

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before-and-after rendering of a navy home with exterior double doors

Welcome warmth

At first glance, the front door shown in the before photo of this home could almost pass for double doors. The door was flanked by sidelights, yet the privacy glass didn’t let in much light. Our designers opened the space up with a peaked ceiling and recessed lighting.  We also brought more warmth to the entrance with paned mahogany double doors. These doors fill the same space as the original layout, but the shift to double doors with large glass panels allows more natural light to flow through.

before-and-after rendering of a brick house with exterior double doors

A calming color palette

After renovating the interior of their red brick home, this client enlisted our help to update the exterior. Our designers recommended painting the brick, columns, and eaves with Sherwin Williams’ Spare White, a tranquil hue with subtle green undertones. The shutters, rendered in a soothing gray, also have slight green undertones. The wood exterior double doors blend beautifully with the new color palette and add warmth to the design. Finally, copper lanterns and planters on each side of the door frame it nicely. 

before-and-after rendering of a house with a white trim portico and exterior double doors

An entrance that stands out

The paned front door on the original exterior echoed the home’s windows, which, combined with the exposed beams, caused the door to get lost in the shuffle of the overall design. We transformed the doorway into the home’s focal point, introducing a curved arch on the bottom beam of the portico to mirror the curvature on the exterior double doors and arched dormer window. We also replaced the column with a much thicker white one. 

rendering of a modern house with black double doors on the balcony

Upper-level exterior double doors 

Exterior double doors aren’t exclusively for main-level entrances. For this design, we brought contrast to the neutral siding on the balcony by including black double doors. These doors mesh well with the other black accents on the exterior, and because they are juxtaposed by mostly glass doors on the rest of the home, they really pop. 

before-and-after rendering with a modern contemporary design

Contemporary flare

This client desired a more contemporary look for their dated home’s exterior, and our design team delivered. To start, we embraced a bold exterior palette with navy siding and wood paneling. We also replaced the bay window with floor-to-ceiling windows, accentuated by thick black trim. To complete the new look, our designers replaced the white front door with black exterior double doors featuring slender glass panes and bar handles.

before-and-after rendering of a modern rustic house with exterior double doors

Custom exterior double doors

This entryway’s unique positioning requires the right door to make a statement. In the before photo, the wood door blended in with the nearby wood siding. In our rendering, we used custom double doors with a unique geometric design, which we carried through to the window above. The intricate pattern and glass make the doors stand out rather than get lost.

before-and-after rendering of a white house with wood three car garage and exterior double doors

Modern exterior double doors

The roofline above the entrance in this before photo deviated from the peaks on the rest of the façade. To make the exterior feel more cohesive, we implemented another gable above the entry. We also replaced the dated white door with sleek, modern exterior double doors that really pop against the painted brick

before-and-after rendering of a modern farmhouse

Match the doors to the accents 

In the before photo, this home embraced a traditional aesthetic with neutral siding and white trim. Our designers tapped a farmhouse vibe with mixed materials and plenty of beautiful wood accents. To match the wood porch columns, garage doors, planter boxes, and soffit, we introduced wood double entry doors to the façade. 

before-and-after rendering of a red brick ranch with exterior double doors

Elevate the entryway

Our designers executed a substantial overhaul to the front entryway of this red brick house. Not only did we create an elevated front patio, but we also included a portico with grandiose white columns and beams. To replace the single white front door in the before photo, we used wood exterior double doors bordered with white crown molding for an elegant entrance.

before-and-after rendering of a modern house with exterior double doors and a rain chain

Total transformation

This home already had double doors, but our designers completely transformed the entryway. While the original design leaned traditional, we tapped a more modern style for our overhaul. We removed the small balcony space above the doorway to make the entry feel more open. We also replaced the old columns with black ones and a wood accent that runs across them, bringing attention to the entry and new black double doors.  

ranch with gray steel hip roof, white siding, and exterior double doors

Seeing double?

Exterior double doors have proven to be the ultimate game-changer in entryway transformations. From enhancing curb appeal to flooding entrances with natural light — whether you seek a modern update or a classic touch, these doors offer endless possibilities for reimagining the gateway to your home. 

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