12 Modern Backyard Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces offer a place to rest and regroup, eat and entertain, and so much more. Whether you want a simple and functional layout or you’re after something more extensive, our designers have tons of modern backyard ideas to take your space to the next level. Check out some of our favorite designs below. 

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large home with a backyard fireplace and hot tub

#1 // Backyard Oasis 

Our designers can use a plethora of modern backyard ideas to turn your space into an outdoor oasis. See above for an example. Each section of this backyard hardscape is surrounded by beautifully curated landscaping, so no matter where you relax, the setting is serene. From the stone and plants to the dipping pool and the outdoor fireplace, this yard embraces the elements in a breathtaking way.

modern backyard with a firepit and hot tub

#2 // A Space for Everything

Organization is key when it comes to modern backyard ideas. For this outdoor space, our designers created zones by separating each area. There’s a fireside spot ideal for socialization, a lower deck curated toward lounging, and the upper balcony is fully equipped for outdoor dining.

modern backyard with multiple seating spaces

#3 // Room for Relaxation

If you want to use your backyard as a place to unwind and reset, you’re in luck: there are plenty of modern backyard ideas that make room for relaxation a top priority. In this rendering, our designers created three different lounge areas, perfect for resting along with entertaining and spending time with family and friends.

modern backyard with a pool and lounge area

#4 // Embrace the Environment 

Looking for modern backyard ideas with no grass? Here’s some inspiration for you. From its warm, neutral color scheme to the wood retaining wall and pergola and different types of stones used to cover the ground, this design exudes a peaceful desert vibe. We included plenty of plants amidst the hardscape, creating a southwestern sanctuary. 

modern backyard with an open layout

#5 // Indoor-Outdoor Flow

If you’re on the hunt for modern backyard ideas that embrace functionality when moving from indoors to out, look no further. Our designers crafted a seamless layout for this backyard, so each space can be easily accessed. 

A virtual rendering of the back side of a lake house

#6 // Layer the Landscape 

Our designers created a visually compelling layered look for this backyard. We filled the slope in with mulch, plants, boulders, and landscape lighting and used staggered stairs to connect the patio to the yard. 

A backyard featuring multiple outdoor living spaces

#7 // Cover the Ground

If lawn care isn’t your favorite pastime, modern backyard ideas with no grass might be better suited to your design goals. For this backyard, our designers covered the ground with several different materials. Mixing wood with stone, mulch, concrete, and pavers brings in just the right amount of contrast to elevate the aesthetic. 

Backyard oasis design with a low deck that runs the length of the home

#8 // Use Your Deck Space 

This low deck runs the length of the home, so there’s plenty of space to enjoy. Because the deck is so low, railings aren’t necessary for safety, which opens the layout. This backyard gives off a warm, welcoming aura ideal for both relaxing and entertaining.

An outdoor sanctuary with multiple levels of living spaces

#9 // Stagger the Layout

The layered flower beds, balcony spaces, and seating area in this yard all work together for an intentional modern space. Notably, opting for the same brick borders throughout the hardscape brings cohesion to this gorgeous backyard.

modern backyard with patio and balcony

#10 // Separate the Yard from the Patio

Dividing the grass part of this yard from the patio not only looks appealing, but it keeps the patio cleaner. Our designers used an elevated flower bed to keep the spaces separate.

A covered backyard patio that runs the length of the house

#11 // Optimize Landscaping 

This modern backyard illustrates a smart, appealing use of landscaping. While the covered patio is full of seating and dining areas, a great deal of the yard is filled with beautiful plants, planters, stones, and boulders.

modern backyard with a pool

#12 // Plan Around the Pool

If a pool is part of your backyard dreams, our designers will help you plan around it. Above, the pool isn’t just a feature, but is instead the central hub of the yard. The lounge and dining spaces are conveniently located around the pool, and the steps from the upper patio lead right to the pool area for easy access.

A beautiful backyard design complete with gorgeous hardscapes

Looking forward to looking back?

If your backyard is in need of a modern overhaul, there are countless ways to make it happen. Our designers can help you visualize your goals and make a plan to give you the backyard you’ve been longing for.

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