16 Backyard Pool Ideas Visualized

Pools are multi-purpose: they’re fun, they provide a space to exercise, and they offer relaxation. It’s no wonder so many of our homeowner clients envision including a pool in the design of their backyard. And backyard pool ideas aren’t one-size-fits all. There are plenty of ways to put a unique spin on your own personal outdoor oasis. Here are some of our favorites to get you inspired.

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rustic modern home with a narrow pool

#1 // Plunge pool with surrounding deck

Rather than taking up all of the space on the backside of this home with the pool, our designers suggested a narrow plunge pool. Surrounding the pool with decking and lounge furniture creates plenty of room for relaxation.

before and after of a pool with a cabana

#2 // Cabana and lounge space 

Backyard pool ideas don’t begin and end with the design of the pool. The cabana in this rendering provides a cozy spot to relax out of the sun — and with a cozy fireplace to warm up beside after a dip or on cooler evenings. We also love how the black and white color scheme is incorporated throughout the entire space for a cohesive look.

before and after of a large home with a backyard pool surrounded by landscaping

#3 // Landscaping around the pool

What better way to fill in the space around a pool than with plants? Landscaping is one of the best backyard pool ideas if you want to create a relaxing oasis. Combined with the nearby seating area and the outdoor dining and kitchen area on the upper level deck, this backyard pool space has an incredibly inviting design.

before and after of a backyard pool space with a big patio

#4 // Subtle separation between the outdoor lounge space and pool

While we often gravitate toward backyard pool ideas with a layout that blends seamlessly from one space to another, we really love the subtle retaining wall between the pool and the patio area in this design. It creates a simple-yet-effective divide between the two areas.

before and after of a backyard pool surrounded by patterned flagstone

#5 // Patterned flagstone around the pool

There are tons of different options for hard surfaces around a pool: concrete, tile, wood decking — but one of our favorites is patterned flagstone. The before and after above shows how much dimension it can bring to a pool area.

before and after of a modern farmhouse with a backyard kidney shaped pool

#6 // Kidney-shaped pool

Rectangular pools — with their sharp corners and symmetrical layout — don’t have much resemblance to natural bodies of water. But there are backyard pool ideas that can draw inspiration from ponds or swimming holes. Kidney-shaped pools have rounded corners and a slight bend, making them feel a little closer to nature. Our designers accentuated this one by surrounding it with hardscaping and functional outdoor living spaces.

back of a home with tall windows and a pool

#7 // Combining fire and water

There are a handful of backyard staples that come to mind when thinking of outdoor relaxation — pools and firepits are two of the most prominent. Our designers included both in this design along with plenty of greenery to make the vibe rich with natural elements.

before and after of a home with a large backyard pool

#8 // A patio that melts into the pool area

While we always recommend safety barriers if you plan on having small children visit your pool, when that is not a factor, a layout where the patio space melts right into the pool area cultivates a truly inviting vibe. 

back of a home with a pool surrounded by wood decking

#9 // Wood decking around the pool

You can’t go wrong with a wood deck when considering backyard pool ideas. In this design, the decking works particularly well because it brings out the wood accents on the home. We especially love the plants and planters that our designers added in for colorful contrast.

small modern home with a narrow backyard pool

#10 // Modern accents and layout 

For a more modern feel on this home, our designers suggested a narrow rectangular pool surrounded by black and white accent pieces. From the black planters to the sleek outdoor dining space, everything about this design feels fresh.

backyard pool with outdoor kitchen and dining under pergola

#11 // All the outdoor living spaces

Who says you have to keep backyard pool ideas scaled back? For this visualization, our designers created an outdoor dining space beneath a wood pergola, multiple lounge spaces, and a spot to cook outside, all surrounding the star of the show: the pool.

backyard pool surrounded by stone, pavers, wood decking, and patterned flagstone

#12 // Create a layered look with different materials

This backyard pool is accompanied by multiple textures and materials including stone, pavers, wood decking, and flagstone, creating a dynamic, multi-dimensional aesthetic.

before and after of a pool bordered in thick black trim

#13 // Thick black trim around the pool

Some of the best backyard pool ideas are just enough to be unique without being over-the-top. Despite all of the details and accents included in this backyard layout, the pool stands out thanks to the thick black trim surrounding it. The in-ground lighting also accentuates the pool and is a safety feature for when the homeowners want to hang out poolside at night.

deck steps leading to a backyard pool

# 14 // Stairway leading from the deck to the pool area 

Backyard pool ideas that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional are our wheelhouse. We love the way this design flows — the deck has so many different areas to sit back and relax, plus the stairs coming off of it lead right into the pool area. Talk about a fluid, efficient layout.

large white home with a pool and hot tub

#15 // Including a hot tub in the pool layout

Pools are an excellent way to cool off on a hot day, but if you’re looking to unwind and ease tension, a hot tub is the way to go. This is one of our favorite backyard pool ideas since both the pool and hot tub are laid out in a way that allows you to step right out of the hot tub and into the pool, or vice versa.

large, luxurious home with a backyard pool

#16 // Large backyard, big pool

This design exudes luxury. There is so much space in the back, so there’s plenty of room for this larger pool. One of our favorite things about this space is how the stairs from the entry door lead right down to the water.

backyard pool area

Ready to dive in?

Whether you want to put in a pool or you already have one and want to re-design the space surrounding it, our designers are always coming up with new ideas to take your outdoor space to the next level. From the materials used around your pool to the layout of all your backyard exterior elements, we’ve got you covered.

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