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Outdoor Entertaining Essentials Our Designers Love

A functional and beautiful outdoor entertaining space is often one of the top priorities for our clients. Whether they want to maximize a small space or have a large yard they aren’t sure how to fill, we get tons of requests from homeowners for a well-designed outdoor entertaining area.  From landscaping to layout, we consider ...

10 Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Your backyard might be in the back of your home, but that doesn’t mean it should be at the back of your mind. The yard behind your house should add to the overall appeal of your exterior, but it should also function as your own personal paradise. Whether you’re after a peaceful outdoor sanctuary meant ...

18 Pool Furniture Ideas: Designer Picks

Turn your backyard pool and its surroundings into the oasis of your dreams with these designer-selected pool furniture ideas. We’ve rounded up chaises, chairs, side tables, and umbrellas so that you can lounge in style. From traditional to ultra contemporary, boho to nautical, this list has a piece for every pool setting imaginable. Enjoy! Our ...

12 Modern Backyard Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces offer a place to rest and regroup, eat and entertain, and so much more. Whether you want a simple and functional layout or you’re after something more extensive, our designers have tons of modern backyard ideas to take your space to the next level. Check out some of our favorite designs below.  Dreaming ...