10 Modern Pergola Ideas for Outdoor Living

There are so many unique design elements to consider for outdoor living spaces. From breeze block walls to balconies to pools, there are tons of ways to make your yard beautiful and functional. One of our favorite features to use in our exterior designs is a modern pergola. Not only do pergolas help enhance the look of an outdoor space, they also provide shade while still allowing the flow of fresh air and some sunlight from above. Check out some of our favorite ideas for using a pergola to create gorgeous, useful outdoor living spaces below.

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light colored home with a pergola over the front porch

#1 // Front patio pergola

Instead of adding an awning to cover the front patio in this rendering, our designers opted for a modern pergola, painted in the same subdued gray shade as the home’s trim (Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore). This pergola brings in some shade and works with both the home’s architectural lines and its cottage vibes.

light colored home with a wood pergola above the outdoor dining area

#2 // Outdoor dining beneath a wood pergola 

Our designers used a modern pergola to enhance the outdoor dining space in this rendering. While the dining area is its own separate hardscape, it showcases some intentional design elements that blend with the rest of the exterior, creating a cohesive aesthetic. The pergola itself brings out the wood accents on the home, and the pavers in the dining space coexist beautifully with the pavers used for the walkway. One of our favorite touches is the pergola’s built-in pendant light, perfect for evening dining al fresco.

virtual rendering with a white pergola above the patio

#3 // Pergola extended above patio

Not only does the pergola above the patio in this design offer shade and air flow like the first example on this list, it also gives the patio its own spotlight. Here, because of the privacy from the fence, the pergola covering, and the exterior lighting, the patio is transformed into an outdoor living room.

virtual rendering of a dark home with a pergola above the garage doors

#4 // Pergola with greenery

The pergola above the garage doors in this rendering is a beautiful design choice. Our designers chose to paint it white, like the home’s trim, so that it becomes a clear extension of the garage structure. Next, the greenery that wrapping itself around the beams of the modern pergola takes this home’s cottage aesthetic to the next level. 

light colored home with a white pergola in the entryway

#5 // Accentuate the entryway with a pergola 

This home exudes a whimsical-yet-elegant aura. From the light colored brick and stucco to the subtle copper and wood accents, the design is full of character. The white modern pergola emphasizes the entryway, and the purple wisteria hanging from it make it all the more charming.

backyard hardscape with a wood pergola above the outdoor lounge areas

#6 // Large backyard pergola

If your backyard includes expansive hardscaping, a layered look will make the design more dynamic. For this design, we suggested a modern pergola as part of the hardscape. The effect separates the three seating areas, all in close proximity, as distinct spaces.

backyard hardscape with a wood pergola above the outdoor cooking area

#7 // Modern wood pergola above outdoor cooking space

Outdoor dining and lounge areas are appealing; outdoor cooking spaces are next-level. Our designers gave this outdoor grilling area form and function with a gorgeous modern pergola that provides shade yet still allows smoke from the grill to escape up. Built-in lighting makes it easy to cook and entertain after the sun sets.

light colored coastal home with a white modern pergola above the garage

#8 // White modern pergola above the garage 

This coastal home is all things light and airy. With plenty of light colors on the exterior and lots of white accents, the white modern pergola is right at home above the garage. It serves both as a divide between the two exterior textures and to give some depth to a relatively flat façade.

Virtual rendering of the rear of a home with a screened-in porch, upper balcony, and pergola-covered patio

#9 // Pergola as one of many layers

If dimension is something that’s important to you when planning the design of your home’s exterior, this design should pique your interest. With such a sprawling landscape, our designers matched that energy in the exterior design. This home has it all: multiple balconies, a screened-in porch, and a patio area. But the silent star of the design is the modern pergola. Its placement is ideal for creating a staggered layout to the exterior, plus it provides shade for the patio.

virtual rendering of a home with white stucco and a wood pergola in the entrance

#10 // Asian-inspired pergola

This home has a simple, Zen-like exterior, and the modern pergola acts as its focal point. It offers a natural wood balance to the home’s simple stucco walls, and its lines complement those on the statement front door.

modern home with a wood panel balcony and a pergola

Considering adding a modern pergola to your home’s exterior design?

Whether you want to add a dash of contrast to an otherwise simple design or you’re looking for some more functional outdoor living space, pergolas are a great addition to your exterior. They supply visual interest and can create the feel of separate rooms outside, in your back or your front yard. 

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