10 Screened-In Porch Ideas

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Screened-in porches create spaces to hang out and relax while enjoying the breeze and sunshine — yet with protection from some of the elements of the outdoors we want to avoid. (Depending on your climate and the time of year: mosquitoes, biting flies, bees, wasps…) Open air porches and decks are great, too, and breeze block walls can split the difference. But sometimes that screened-in space is just what you need. Check out some of our favorite screened-in porch ideas below.

If you’re interested in creating or updating a screened-in porch but aren’t quite sure how to do it, our expert designers are ready to help. We have a knack for looking at outdoor spaces and determining the best ways to optimize the spot for entertaining, relaxation, or both. All we need is a photo of your home and your answers to a short questionnaire that helps us understand your design style and goals. Learn more about our process.

#1 // Spruce up the screen

This rendering features a screened-in porch with three panels of screens that are nearly floor-to-ceiling. Our designers included decorative trim at the base of the screens. The trim elevates the design of the screened-in porch and also serves as a protective barrier. Because screens are not indestructible, the trim at the bottom reinforces them and prevents tearing, especially if animals or kids are involved.

screened porch with fireplace on upper deck

#2 // Screened-in porch with a fireplace

As far as screened-in porch ideas go, it doesn’t get much cozier than incorporating an outdoor fireplace. This upper-level porch is already a unique outdoor lounge space. The seating spaces and fireplace drive home the relaxing vibe, making it the perfect spot to wind down.

#3 // Separate outdoor areas with screens

There’s nothing quite like fresh air and a little bit of sunshine to recharge the spirit. Our designers embraced outdoor spaces for this home. The patio (to the left on the home’s back view, center) is a great space to lounge with both a firepit and outdoor seating. Next to the patio, our designers included a screened-in porch, ideal for dining with an outdoor breeze but without munching on bugs with every bite. The screens also provide a division between the patio and porch, keeping the two outdoor areas separate yet accessible.

#4 // Screens with doors

Screened-in porch ideas should focus on function as much as aesthetics. This porch embraces a warm and welcoming vibe that brings charm to the exterior. With a dining area and a seating space complete with an outdoor fireplace, this porch is the prime location to entertain friends and gather with family. And, of course, the doors allow access to and from the screened-in porch from the open-air deck below.

#5 // Keep it simple

This home has an incredible backyard hardscape with so many beautiful details that take it to the next level. From the upper level balcony to the firepit, the design offers different opportunities to unwind outside. Although the screened-in porch is a smaller detail on this home, it is still an impactful part of the design, and a functional one to boot. It offers the chance to enjoy the great outdoors in certain times of day (or year) when the family may want to avoid direct heat, bugs, and sunburn. This design proves that screened-in porch ideas don’t have to be elaborate to be impressive.

Virtual rendering of the rear of a split-level home with a raised screened-in porch

#6 // Lead one space into another

Next, this design is not one of the more typical or traditional screened-in porch ideas. This raised screened porch opens to a stairway that leads down to a built-in outdoor firepit. A walkway leads to another inviting seating area and past that to stairs up to an open deck. The layout is as accessible as it is visually appealing.

Virtual rendering of the rear of a home with a screened-in porch, upper deck and balcony, and pergola-covered patio

#7 // Staggered spaces to create a layered look

This design is one of our favorites. With so many outdoor spaces on this home, all on different levels, our designers used a variety of design elements to create a layered look. The balcony at the highest level has wood and iron rails, while the deck on the level beneath it has a glass barrier with wood posts. With a fully outdoor patio area on the ground level, the screened-in porch beside it stands out as a separate space — and serves a different function, too.

#8 // Connect a screened-in section with an open one

Screened-in porches don’t always have to cover an entire patio area. In this rendering, part of the patio is screened-in while the other portion is open-air. Combined with the firepit area, this fluid layout embraces all of the best functions of a patio space.

#9 // Extra breeze, please

Screened-in porch ideas are often born out of a desire to enjoy some fresh air without getting too much sun or being bombarded by insects. This porch takes things a step further with an outdoor ceiling fan, allowing for an even more refreshing spot to kick back.

#10 // Screens and sliding glass doors

There are plenty of screened-in porch ideas that incorporate other design elements to elevate the entire aesthetic. Our designers often use sliding glass doors as an accompaniment for screened-in porches. The sleek design above features sliding doors that open directly into the screen porch and another set that leads out to the patio. The vaulted ceilings of this screened-in porch make the design even more unique and interesting, especially since they are accentuated by the white trim.

Side view of a home with an entrance and a raised screened-in porch alongside

Ready to see a screened-in porch on your new home design?

At brick&batten, we believe every last detail matters. We leave no stone unturned in giving you the most use and curb appeal out of your home. If your porch exposes you to too much sun, heat, or pests, screening it in is an excellent way to make the most of the space in a way that will keep you comfortable. Or, if you already have a screened-in porch and are looking for ways to improve its aesthetic, we’d love to help!

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