3-Car Garage: Exterior Design Recommendations

While a 3 car garage is aimed at providing maximized storage solutions, this common residential exterior element can also elevate curb appeal with the right design choices. From door colors and designs to positioning and accents, check out some of our go-to 3 car garage ideas below.

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contemporary home with a 3 car garage

Bring balance 

This contemporary home showcases distinct architecture characterized by sharp lines. The doors of the 3 car garage lean a bit more traditional but still emphasize geometry, with their rectangular details and thick trim. Furthermore, we suggested painting them in the same color as the home’s thick trim. This helps them blend in visually.

white house with a three car garage with wood doors

Draw the eye with mounted lighting

Above each door of this 3 car garage, our designers added mounted barn lights. The strategic positioning of these lights ensures that each door stands out individually and provides dramatic lighting in the evening. The light fixtures also complement the subtle black accents throughout the design, while the wood doors provide warm contrast against the white exterior. 

modern rustic house with a wood three car garage

Keep it cohesive

The inspiration for this garage came from the gabled entryway. The garage’s right side features the home’s only other gable, so we echoed the design, adding wood siding at the peak. The intentional accents give the design symmetry and visual interest.

house with neutral siding and wood three car garage

Visual dividers

Each side of the garage doors in this design is defined by cornice returns and sections of brick. To accentuate these dividers further, we added wall lanterns with planters on the ground beneath them.

dark blue split level home with a three car garage

Elongate the layout 

The mix of stone and wood on the exterior alongside the deep blue siding creates a compelling aesthetic for this split level house. Our designers mimicked the materials on the 3-car garage, which elongates the feel of the home. This  is enhanced by the long, narrow windows on the garage doors.

A rendering of an industrial home

Staggered garage doors 

This industrial home exudes an elevated sense of height, thanks to its unique accents and remarkable architecture. With Ipe siding on the deep soffit and a limewashed stone section, along with tall black columns and large windows, this design is all about drama. The staggered 3 car garage provides even more depth, but we kept the garage doors simple so as to not compete with the other design elements.

Mediterranean style split level home with a three car garage

Consider the design style

This Mediterranean style home highlights a variety of unique characteristics including a fountain, multiple balconies, and interesting windows. Our designers added striking wood garage doors with subtle hardware that fit the design style perfectly. 

house with brick, stone, and siding, and a three car garage with an awning

Add an awning

Garage awnings and pergolas are beautiful, plus they provide a touch of extra protection from the elements. The functional left-side awning on this 3 car garage offers shade and increased usability — a great setup for working on cars or carpentry projects in the garage with the door open.

neutral house with a three car garage with wood doors

Front loader

Next, this 3 car garage covers a lot of real estate on the façade. Because of its positioning, the garage is the focal point of the house, so we added some thoughtful accents to elevate curb appeal. The garage doors and lighting are high-end, and the planters bring some greenery to the area. 

desert-style home with a wood three-car garage and a flat roofline

Flat roofline

This desert-style home features a low-pitch tiled roof in the back and above the patio, but the roofline is flat above garage, entryway, and right front side. The wood doors add contrast against the white stucco and draw the eye to the garage.

modern rustic house with a three car garage

Mix-and-match textures

We suggested a modern rustic aesthetic for this home. The combination of stone, wood, and lap siding add depth to the garage section of the façade. We weaved these same materials throughout the rest of the design for a coordinated look.

house with wood and white siding with a three car garage with recessed lighting

Recessed lighting

On this 3 car garage, we embedded recessed lighting in the soffit above the doors, cultivating a dramatic look. Our designers also added hanging light fixtures on the columns surrounding the garage doors, along with house numbers on the column on the right, for added aesthetic appeal and functionality.

warm neutral house with white trim and three car garage

Match the garage doors to the trim

For a seamless design, we matched the garage doors to the white trim, brackets, eaves, and gutters on this house. Against the warm, neutral siding color, the pure white accents make for a crisp, clean, and classic look. 

house with brick and brown siding with wood garage doors

The best 3 car garage ideas for your home

Your garage is more than just storage space; it is a functional design element that can transform your home’s entire aesthetic. Whether you want your 3 car garage to blend with the rest of your exterior or you want it to stand out, our designers know all of the right ways to enhance your space.

Are you ready to bring your exterior design dreams to life? Let’s work together to transform your vision into reality. Get started on your exterior design journey today!