How to Achieve an Organic Modern Aesthetic for Your Home Exterior

Modern design is undeniably popular, and one of the most frequent requests we get from clients is that we help them modernize their existing exterior. Whether they have a farmhouse, a rustic mountain home, or a ranch, a modern exterior is at the top of many of our clients’ wish lists. And recently, we’ve seen a major uptick in requests for a very specific style of modern design — organic modern. 

Organic modern style has become so popular, in fact, that we even included it in our roundup of the top home exterior trends of 2024. Keep reading to learn all about organic modern design and how you can incorporate the style into your home exterior. 

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A rendering of a home with an organic modern style exterior

What is organic modern style?

Organic modern design takes traditional modern design and infuses it with warmth and comfort. We like to describe the style as “modern design with a cozy twist.” 

Natural elements, such as wood and stone, and organic materials are hallmarks of this design style. Many organic modern homes feature a soft neutral color palette and a variety of textures. Floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors, and organic accents like woven furniture and planters are also common.

The home above is decidedly modern but features some warm touches that create the organic modern look the owner desired. For example, the main paint colors used on the exterior — Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl and Edgecomb Gray — are both soothing and warm. The design also incorporates stone (to the left of the entrance) and copper gutters.

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A before photo and a design featuring organic modern style

Add warmth with wood

This client loved the bones of their home but wanted to give it a modern update. She said the interior of the home had a modern organic feel and wanted the exterior to match. 

To achieve her desired look, we suggested a warm greige color — Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray — on the stucco. We added more warmth to the exterior by incorporating several wood design elements throughout. The modern garage door, lintels, column, and accent walls surrounding the entrance are all rendered in wood. The brightly colored front door makes the entrance a focal point and adds a fun modern touch to the façade.

A modern organic design for the back of a home

We also designed the back of this client’s home and carried the organic modern vibes through to this side. Again, we used plenty of wood in our design, from the deck and the pergola overtop of it to the fence and the underside of the awning above the glass doors.

String lights on the pergola add a whimsical touch and ensure the owners can utilize the space at night. We also suggested a large outdoor rug with a Southwestern-inspired pattern and earthy color palette.

An organic modern home design

Incorporate organic elements

This client told us they “like an organic modern feel” and wanted to soften up the exterior of their home and add some warmth to the façade. We used plenty of organic design elements to meet her request. We suggested wood columns for the carport and a Corten steel planter near the entrance.

We also designed a cozy seating area with a wood fence, a wood lattice privacy panel, lounge chairs, and more planters. The stone and paver walkway adds another natural element to this design. A water fountain surrounded by shrubs and greenery completes the look.

A rendering of a home with an organic modern exterior

Pay attention to your surroundings

For this new build home, we created an organic-looking design with subtle mid-century modern touches, per the owner’s request. The earthy neutral paint color, plus the plethora of wood and stone accents help this home blend into its natural surroundings. 

We also incorporated plenty of outdoor seating options into our design so the homeowner can enjoy their environment and beautiful views. The large windows on the second floor also make enjoying the home’s views easier and create a coveted indoor-outdoor floor. 

A before photo and rendering of a home with organic modern style

Combine cladding materials for added texture

This home’s exterior felt pretty one-note before, but a clever combination of cladding materials added some much-needed dimension and textural interest. Our design features vertical wood siding, horizontal siding rendered in a dark and moody hue, a metal roof, and light stone siding along the deck. 

Choosing a dark color for the horizontal siding gives this A-frame a modern aesthetic, but all the wood elements keep it from looking too modern. A modern cable railing and sleek light fixtures further elevate the design. Finally, large glass doors create good indoor-outdoor flow and connect the home to its lush surroundings.

A before photo and rendering of a home with an organic modern exterior

Paint your brick

We infused some organic modern style into this brick home’s exterior with some smart paint color choices. We selected Sherwin Williams’ Mountain Road, a warm green-gray, for the brick and Benjamin Moore’s Olympic Mountains, a warm off-white, for the stucco. A wood fence adds even more warmth to the design and offers the owners some privacy.

A rendering of a home exterior with an organic modern aesthetic

Embrace a neutral color palette

As we mentioned earlier, a neutral color palette is a key component of organic modern design. This home features warm white siding and black trim — a classic color combination.

Additional warmth is provided by the wood siding and front door. Wood isn’t the only natural building material featured in this design though. Light gray stone siding further connects the home to nature and enhances its organic aesthetic. A water feature and plenty of planters and shrubs, plus a cozy seating area complete this organic modern inspired design.

A rendering of a home with a neutral color palette

The owner of this home described their style as “mid-century organic modern.” With that in mind, we suggested a neutral color palette. We used Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl, a creamy off-white color, on the brick. We also incorporated light stone and wood elements throughout our design.

A modern cable railing and a cool, contemporary front door and light fixtures keep the exterior from looking too traditional. Plenty of lush landscaping connects the home to its surroundings.

A rendering of a home with an organic modern aesthetic

The bottom line on organic modern design

Organic modern style beautifully blends the sophistication of modern design with warmth and coziness that make a house feel like home. If you’re after an exterior that’s both elegant and inviting, incorporating some aspects of organic modern design might be the solution. 

As demonstrated in the examples above, an organic modern aesthetic can be achieved no matter your home style. From sprawling ranches to cozy brick dwellings, any home type can benefit from an organic modern makeover. 

Ready to give your home an organic modern makeover? Perhaps you have other updates in mind. Whatever your design goals are, we can help you visualize them before you start making costly changes to your exterior. Begin your exterior design project today.