10 Wall Cladding Combination Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

From vinyl siding to cultured stone, there are so many exterior wall cladding options to choose from. And the choice is not always one-note. You might want to switch up your cladding to highlight a certain section of your home. Or maybe you gravitate toward designs with a multi-dimensional approach. At brick&batten, our designers know how to combine textures and materials to achieve a beautiful design. Read on for some of our favorite examples to get you inspired!

Whether you want to change the cladding on your exterior or focus on a different element entirely, our designers have you covered. We pay attention to every detail (and how they play together!) to give you the exterior you’ve been dreaming of. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services!

What is cladding?

Cladding is the protective and decorative outermost layer that’s applied to a building’s exterior. Think of it as the winter coat of the exterior design world — it provides protection from the cold, wind, and rain, and it’s also stylish. Materials like wood, metal, vinyl, stone, brick, or composite panels are commonly used for cladding, providing varied styles and textures to enhance appearance and durability. 

Want to learn more about cladding or other design terms? Check out our exterior design dictionary

contemporary exterior with black and natural wood siding and cultured stone near the entryway

#1 // Black & natural wood siding with cultured stone

Wood siding pairs beautifully with other natural materials, like the cultured stone on this exterior. This striking contemporary design combines black-painted wood siding (rendered in Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore) with natural pine wood siding. The pine section near the midpoint of the home adds a dollop of warmth that draws the eye and accentuates the sharp lines and eclectic architecture. The cultured stone wall cladding near the entrance anchors the design with a touch of texture for added contrast. 

modern farmhouse with white brick and shake siding and cultured stone

#2 // White shake siding, painted brick, & existing stone

Natural materials and warm whites are ideal for modern farmhouses. While our designers used the same shade of creamy white — Sherwin Williams’ Westhighland White — for both the brick and the shake siding on this exterior, the mix of materials provides some intriguing textural contrast. We kept the home’s existing stone wall cladding and complemented it with wood porch columns for a warm and inviting look.

house with greige stucco and brick with indiana limestone

#3 // Indiana limestone with greige stucco & brick

This client wanted to embrace a neutral palette without compromising dimension. Greige was the ideal paint color because of its complex and dynamic nature, and we recommended Sherwin Williams’ Alpaca. Our designers used a mix of exterior wall cladding materials to act as visual differentiators. We covered the midsection and entryway with limestone veneer, incorporating wood lintels above the windows to set the space apart. The right and left sections of the façade are both rendered in stucco. Brick spreads along the bottom portion of those sections and flows up the chimney. We also rendered some of the stucco on the upper portion of the house and the dormer in Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal to create even more contrast.

modern house with white siding, wood panels, and concrete panels

#4 // White siding with wood & concrete panels

White is one of the most transcendent exterior paint colors there is. From bright shades to creamy hues, it works well on any style of home, from traditional to modern. Tapping an industrial vibe, we paired the large white siding panels on this exterior with wood siding and faux concrete panels. The combination of the siding panels with natural materials cultivates a sleek, modern aesthetic. 

modern home with black siding

#5 // All-black board-and-batten siding & lap siding

Combining board-and-batten siding with lap siding is a great way to achieve a multi-dimensional appearance. Here, our designers created a bold monochromatic design using Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty. The mix of vertical and horizontal exterior wall cladding, along with a lighter paint color on the trim and around the garage door, creates just enough visual interest. 

red brick house with dark greige siding on the bay window and dormer windows

#6 // Red brick & dark greige siding

For this Cape Cod-style home, our designers switched up the wall cladding to emphasize some of the more architecturally compelling features. While most of the house is blanketed in red brick, we covered the bay window and dormer windows with siding, rendered in Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze

gray house with white trim and eldorado stone around the garage

#7 // Gray siding & stone

The gray siding and white trim on this home cultivate a cool aesthetic. To ground the design and add a little warmth to the entryway, we accentuated the peak with wood panels and a mounted lantern and used creamy white double doors. We added some stone wall cladding around the garage to add more texture to the design.

#8 // Red siding & stone

Our designers don’t shy away from bold paint colors. The siding on this modern farmhouse is rendered in Benjamin Moore’s Country Redwood, an earthy red shade. To enhance the farmhouse style, we incorporated natural elements including stone, wood, and copper. The stone along the skirting ties in beautifully with the wall of the entryway, which is also covered in stone.

#9 // Gray stucco & Ipe siding with metallic panels 

Some exterior wall cladding options are straightforward, while others are more eccentric. For this contemporary design, we used a fiber cement panel system on the upper and right sections. The panels are covered with a metallic finish, resulting in an aluminum appearance that’s more cost-effective than the real thing. To add dimension, we covered the garage and crowning balcony with gray stucco and used Ipe siding around the entrance.

#10 // Cedar shake siding & white stucco

Cedar shake siding is not exclusive to rustic exteriors. In this traditional design, we divided the upper and lower levels of the home with different exterior wall cladding materials. On the bottom portion, we used a bright white stucco for a sleek and clean appearance. We covered the upper level with cedar shake siding, which achieves a layered, texturally interesting appearance.

house with gray brick and dark gray shake siding

Considering cladding combinations?

Whether you’re looking to cultivate contrast or you want to tap an earthy vibe by using different natural materials, our designers know how to combine cladding options to create a unique and stunning exterior. Let us help you make the right cladding choices for your design goals!

Feeling inspired to tackle an exterior overhaul? Partner with us and we’ll leave no detail unturned as we help bring your dream exterior to life. Get started today!