10 Small Deck Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

A deck can be a great addition to any home, often acting as a gathering place for friends and family. Even if your yard is on the small side, or if your budget is tight, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate a deck into your exterior design plan. Keep reading for some small deck ideas that will help you make the most of your space. 

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A before and after photo of the back view of a home

#1 // Updated Small Deck

Our designers gave this small deck — built off the lake house’s three-seasons room — a major facelift. They swapped the original railing for a more modern cable railing, recommended a walnut stain for the deck to match the back door and shutters, and updated the pathway leading to the deck with elegant stone pavers. Lush landscaping, multiple seating areas, and a grill also help transform this small deck area.

Before and after of a home's backyard featuring a small deck

#2 // Brand New Small Deck

With the addition of a seating area and a deck that didn’t previously exist, our designers gave these homeowners considerably more usable outdoor space in their backyard. The deck area might be small, but there’s plenty of room for a dining table and planters, plus the new steps make it easy to move from the deck to the backyard’s other outdoor spaces. The deck’s modern wood columns also match those used in the covered patio area, tying the two spaces together. 

A before and after photo of a home with a small deck

#3 // Elevated Deck and Outdoor Space

This home’s original deck was a bit underwhelming, but with a few smart design choices, our team elevated the space and created a cozy area to enjoy an al fresco meal or drinks. Light stone as deck skirting, warm wood, and a modern cable railing perfectly complement one another.

A before and after photo of the back of a home with a small deck

#4 // Indoor-Outdoor Living

This homeowner wanted a classic, chic design, and our team delivered with a cozy deck that feels like an extension of the home’s living room. A light paint color — Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak — on the home’s siding brings the entire backyard space to life and creates a welcoming environment to host friends and family or relax. 

Rendering of a backyard oasis featuring a small deck

#5 // Converted Sunroom

We love everything about this backyard transformation — from the seating area around the firepit to the covered deck that was previously a sunroom. While both spaces are well defined, our designers used the same stain and similar wood accents to tie them together.

Before and after photo of a small deck area

#6 // Minor Changes, Major Impact

This client had already done some work on their home and enlisted our team to help wrap things up. One of the most noticeable changes is the fresh coat of paint on the stucco and siding — Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain. The deck’s cable railing and lighter wood accents pop against this dark hue. New light fixtures, planters, and a firepit also help to update this small deck space. 

A rendering of a backyard transformation featuring a small deck

#7 // Covered Deck Space

Our designers took this existing backyard hardscape and created a more defined space with the cool, contemporary look the homeowner desired. A glass railing surrounded by landscaping helps separate the small deck from the rest of the backyard, and the sleek awning offers shade. New light fixtures, a large rug, and wood accents throughout make this area cozy and inviting.

Rear exterior of a brick home painted white and rendered with a whole new backyard outdoor living area, complete with pool

#8 // Multi-Level Deck

Here’s a fantastic example of how bringing your small deck ideas to life can transform your outdoor space. This home’s original deck was small and closed off. Our designers opened it up and expanded it so it spans two levels and offers plenty more space to relax. The new deck connects the home and the pool and provides multiple seating areas. The dark stain creates a nice contrast against the light brick and stone pavers around the pool.

Exterior rear view of a mid-century modern home with small deck and pool

#9 // Designed for Entertaining

This backyard design is perfect for entertaining, and the deck is positioned right in the middle of the action. Located in between the pool and dining area and just steps from the outdoor kitchen, the deck connects all aspects of this backyard oasis.

Exterior rear view of a mid-century modern home with a small deck

#10 // Small Deck With Mixed Materials

This homeowner wanted lots of wood and metal accents incorporated into their design, and our team delivered. This modern rustic home features dark wood on the siding, decking, and back door, plus a metal awning and light fixtures. The sofa offers a place to kick back. Plus, lush landscaping helps create a serene backyard environment that’s perfect for relaxing.

A rendering of the back of a home featuring a small deck

Turn your small deck ideas into reality

Adding a deck or updating your current one — no matter the size — is a wonderful way to spruce up your yard and create more usable space. Whether you want to create a defined outdoor dining space or an area to lounge in, a deck is a great option. 

Don’t delay bringing your small deck ideas to life. It’s easier than you think when you enlist brick&batten to help! Get started on your exterior design project today.