12 Front Porch Addition Ideas with Before and After Photos

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Porches not only serve as entryway amplifiers, they can also provide the optimal spot to relax outside. There are plenty of different approaches to these spaces, whether you want a wide open place to unwind or a screened-in porch is more your speed. Check out some of our favorite front porch addition ideas below.

If you want to add on to your existing porch or create an entirely new one but don’t know where to begin, our expert designers are ready to help. All we need is a photo (or blueprint) of your home and your answers to a short survey that helps us understand your design style and goals. Learn more about our process.

#1 // New porch overhang

At first glance of the before photo above, it’s almost hard to tell that there is a porch. The low retaining wall uses the same brick as the home’s exterior, so everything blends together. There isn’t much contrast to make the porch stand out. Plus, there’s no porch awning to protect homeowners or guests from rain or the sun. Our designers opened the space up, removing the brick retaining wall and adding a porch overhang supported by wood columns. Incorporating different building materials and more elaborate landscaping draws the eye to the front porch addition.

#2 // Make the most of smaller spaces

Just because a home doesn’t have a lot of room to work with doesn’t mean a smaller front porch addition can’t make a statement. In this before-and-after, our designers gave the entrance area a facelift with a quaint porch. This area might not be very big, but it works perfectly for an outdoor seating area while adding another layer to the exterior.

#3 // Fill in open spaces

This home offers so much room to work with. Our designers brought the open area to life with a front porch addition. We added a whole new outdoor living space complete with an overhang, steps up to a new raised stone porch floor, railings, and columns to draw in some more dimension. The seating, lighting, and plants all create a cozy ambiance that makes this a great porch for relaxing.

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#4 // Use wood accents to accentuate the porch

Porches should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our designers used a front porch addition to revamp the face of this home. Not only does the addition allow for more room to unwind outside, the wood accents in the form of columns and exposed truss supports on the porch overhang draws the eye to the front door.

front porch

#5 // Incorporate a gable for an eye-catching design

Ranch-style homes are typically laid out in a long straight line. Our designers used a gable with this front porch addition to create more interesting geometry. The white trim on the gable makes the porch stand out even more, so it functions as a design element as well as a good spot to watch the world go by.

#6 // Mold the porch around the home’s midpoint

The front door is right at the center of this home. In the before photo, the door was hidden behind a tree, and the exterior design was completely symmetrical. Our designers maintained some of the symmetry, but used an asymmetrical modern porch overhang to provide both visual interest to the façade and a covered seating area. 

#7 // Enhance visibility to elevate curb appeal

In this before-and-after, the front door was set off by a small portico. A front porch addition allows for more outdoor living space and draws more attention to the front door as a focal point. This new cozy porch has a welcoming vibe that is enhanced by the fluid layout from the walkway and surrounding landscaping.

#8 // Combining a balcony with a porch

The balcony on the upper level of this home is a unique design element. Our designers brought more intention to the design by including a front porch addition beneath the balcony. The wood columns used on the porch match those on the balcony, creating a cohesive design.

before and after addition

#9 // A new front porch brings function & dimension

A simple exterior doesn’t necessarily have to be plain. In this before-and-after, our designers maintain a simple design for the home while adding in some interesting design elements and a front porch addition. The metal awning with decorative exposed rafters and thick rustic columns with stone bases bring dimension to the home’s exterior design and create an inviting aesthetic.

#10 // Maximize coziness and comfort

This front porch addition includes a more open layout and plenty of room for comfortable outdoor seating. Our designers created a porch that stays true to the farmhouse style of the rest of the exterior while expanding its livable outdoor space, cultivating an inviting area to recharge.

#11 // Add a porch swing

The elevated, extended layout of this front porch addition gave our designers room to add a porch swing for a unique, interesting seating option. Here at brick&batten, we’re all about porch swings.

#12 // Offset porch layout

This barn-style home has a striking look. Our designers amplified it by bringing in different building materials for texture. Offsetting the porch rather than spreading it across the length of the home results in an interesting design that accentuates what makes this home so special. We also extended the porch beyond the overhang, to the left, offering easy access to a side entry door.

Thinking about adding on to your front porch?

A strong exterior design consists of all sorts of elements, small and large. From shutters and doors to paint and porches, at brick&batten we know the importance of every detail. Our designers are experts at making design choices that maximize the functional and aesthetic aspects of your exterior. If your home doesn’t have much outdoor living space, a front porch addition may be something to consider. Or, if you have a front porch that isn’t quite big enough and you want to enhance things, we’d love to work with you! 

Brick&Batten’s expert designers are laser-focused on taking your design goals and dreams and bringing them to life. Get started today!