Top Home Exterior Trends of 2024: Forecasting

If you’re planning to renovate your home and are in search of ideas and inspiration, you’re in the right place. In this roundup of the top home exterior trends of 2024, we highlight design styles and elements, paint colors, and more that will be popular in the year to come.

To compile this list, we reflected on the top trends of this past year and considered what we plan to recommend more of moving forward. We also took into consideration what requests we’ve been getting more of from clients. Finally, we took note of what’s been gaining momentum in the industry. Some of the trends are simple and straightforward, while others are more abstract and leave room for creativity. 

Keep reading to learn more about the top home exterior trends 2024 has to offer. 

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A rendering of a home featuring lots of natural materials and a dark color palette

#1 // Brutalism

Brutalism, an architectural style that emerged in the 1950s, is making a comeback. Brutalist buildings are known for their lack of decoration and use of simple geometric forms. This utilitarian design style celebrates raw materials, such as concrete, brick, and steel and most often utilizes a neutral color palette.

The design above features a dark gray neutral hue on the siding, which has a rough, textured appearance. The stone is rendered in another neutral gray shade, and black accents and wood elements are used throughout. We removed the shutters to keep the façade looking sleek and simple.

A rendering of an organic modern style home exterior

#2 // Modern design with a cozy twist

If brutalism seems a bit too cold or uninviting for your taste, don’t worry. Another softer, more welcoming design style is poised for popularity in 2024 too. Organic modern design is an offshoot of traditional modern design that’s decidedly more cozy and warm. 

As you might have guessed, organic materials and natural elements, such as wood and stone, are hallmarks of this design style. Color palettes typically consist of soft neutrals and earth tones, and curves and arches that mimic the soft edges found in nature are common.

Many homes designed in the organic modern style will have floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors to create a connection between the indoors and outdoors. Organic accents are also key and can include items such as planters or woven furniture. 

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A small home rendered in a blue paint color, one of the top home exterior trends 2024 has to offer

#3 // Bet on blue

From light, beachy hues to deep, dark shades, we expect to see an array of blues used on home exteriors in 2024. Three of our 14 best exterior paint colors for 2024 are shades of blue, and our top pick for the new year is a cool charcoal that has a blue appearance. 

Additionally, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both selected a blue hue as their 2024 color of the year (Blue Nova and Upward, respectively).

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A rendering of a backyard with a lounge area and ping pong table

#4 // Customized outdoor living spaces

Well-designed outdoor spaces have been highly desirable for years now, but it’s no longer enough to have just a deck with a grill or a fire pit in your backyard. Today’s homeowner wants an outdoor living space that’s customized to their specific needs and lifestyle. We’ve seen requests from clients for designs featuring pickleball courts, tree houses, boat docks (below), and more. 

A rendering of a home on the water with a boat dock

In addition to the lounge area, fire pit, and dining table, the backyard below features a detached building that acts as an art room.  

A rendering of a backyard with a small art room

A rendering of a home with a plunge pool, one of the top home exterior trends 2024 has to offer

#5 // Plunge pools

We’ve also experienced an increase in requests for backyard designs featuring plunge pools. Plunge pools, also known as splash pools, are a smaller alternative to traditional pools, so they’re perfect for homeowners with limited outdoor space. They’re also more economical and easier to maintain but still provide all the fun and benefits of a normal-sized pool. 

A rendering of a backyard with a plunge pool, one of the top home exterior trends 2024 has to offer

Considering how popular cold plunge tubs have become among wellness and fitness influencers online, it’s no surprise we’re seeing an increase in interest for these smaller style pools. 

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A rendering of a backyard with a pool, fire pit and outdoor dining area

#6 // Wellness at home

The wellness real estate market is poised for astronomical growth in the coming years. (According to the Global Wellness Institute, it’s expected to grow from nearly $400 billion in 2022 to more than $887 billion in 2027.) Homes that are designed to support the health and wellness of the people that live in them are being built left and right — and this is only the beginning.

Rain showers, sensory gardens, and cold plunge pools (mentioned above) are just a few of the wellness features and amenities people are incorporating into their homes. We’re getting all sorts of wellness-related request from clients too. The design above features a screened-in area the owner plans to use as a yoga room.

We’ve always believed your home should be your happy place, and we’re thrilled to see people making wellness an exterior design priority.

A rendering of a home with weather proof siding, one of the top home exterior trends 2024 has to offer

#7 // Weather proofing 

From hurricanes and wildfires to snow storms and tornadoes, there are a slew of natural disasters that can threaten your home. As we experience an uptick in these devastating environmental events, many homeowners are taking steps to protect their properties. 

A lot of our clients who live in areas prone to wildfires, for example, are requesting we use fire-resistant siding in their exterior design. We’re big fans of fiber cement siding (seen above), which is typically impact, moisture, and flame-resistant. Concrete and steel are also great weather-resistant building materials. 

A rendering of a home with Bahama shutters

There are other ways you can help your home defend itself against the elements that don’t involve replacing all your siding. Bahama shutters, like the ones used in the design above, are a smart choice for homes in hurricane-prone areas. 

A rendering of a home with unique colored trim, one of the top home exterior design trends 2024 has to offer

#8 // Fun accent colors

If you want to experiment with color in 2024 but don’t want to repaint your entire exterior, consider using a fun hue on your trim instead. Black and white are classic trim colors and will always be a safe choice, but in the new year, we expect to see a rise in less traditional colors used for trim.

The Tudor-style home above features an off-white hue on the stucco and German smear on the brick with a pop of color — Benjamin Moore’s Carolina Gull — on the trim, soffit, fascia, and windows. 

A rendering of a home with a pink front door

Similarly, we’re seeing more homeowners opt for a pop of color on their front door. We love blues, greens, and yellows. We’ve even designed homes with pink front doors. The home above has a front door rendered in Sherwin Williams’ Coral Perfection. The design below features Benjamin Moore’s Conch Shell on the door. 

A rendering of a home with a pink front door

A home exterior featuring a maximalist design

# 9 // Maximalism makes its mark

The minimalism trend has been going strong for years — but all good things must come to an end eventually. While we don’t foresee this pared-back aesthetic falling out of favor completely, we do anticipate many homeowners taking a more maximalist approach to exterior design in 2024.

We’re seeing clients infusing personality into their home exteriors with unique paint colors, as well as fun fixtures and decor. As more people resume their travels post-pandemic, many vacationers are bringing home inspiration from their getaways, too. 

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A rendering of a house with walls of glass windows, one of the top home exterior trends 2024 has to offer

#10 // Walls of glass

We’re going to be seeing a lot more glass in 2024 — from full walls of glass to floor-to-ceiling windows to mostly glass doors. As people continue to prioritize good indoor-outdoor flow (one of our top trend predictions for 2023) and a strong connection to nature, glass will grow in popularity as a building material. 

The back of a house with floor-to-ceiling windows, one of the top home exterior trends 2024 has to offer

Big picture windows and folding glass walls blur the lines between the outdoors and a home’s interior. This can make a space feel larger — no additions necessary.

A Japandi style home exterior

# 11 // Mixing design styles 

As we discussed with the organic modern trend earlier, many homeowners are blending design styles to better fit their preferences. For example, Japandi, which combines the rustic minimalism of Japanese design and the functionality that Scandinavian style is known for, is a relatively new trend that we’ve seen an increasing number of clients reference. 

Why settle for one design style when you can have multiple? In 2024, you won’t have to!  

A beauty mid-century modern home

We often see clients describe their design style as a mix of multiple styles. The owners of the home above wanted a mid-century-modern-meets-beach aesthetic for their vacation property. The dwelling’s clean lines and wood paneling are decidedly mid-century modern, while the color palette is quintessentially coastal. 

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An organic modern farmhouse style exterior

The best home exterior trends 2024 has to offer

That concludes our list of 2024’s top home exterior design trends. From practical ideas like protecting your home from inclement weather to leisurely items like plunge pools, we’re excited about all the exterior trends poised for popularity in the year to come.

Eager to incorporate one — or several — of these trends into your exterior design? You don’t have to wait until 2024. Begin your exterior design project with brick&batten today.