Top Home Exterior Trends of 2023: Forecasting

We’re excited to share our favorite home exterior trends for 2023. To compile this list of trending design elements and ideas, we reflected on the top trends of this year and considered what we plan to recommend more of in the year to come. Some of these updates are fairly simple, while others will require more time and effort. They all have one thing in common though: They’ll transform your home and boost its curb appeal.

Keep reading to learn more about the top home exterior trends for 2023.

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A virtual rendering showcasing one of the top home exterior trends of 2023

#1 // Sustainable Materials & Landscaping 

Sustainable materials and landscaping are becoming increasingly popular — and for good reason. For starters, when you invest in a home, it’s important that it’s made with materials that will last for years to come. And while a yard full of lush green grass might look nice, with droughts becoming more prevalent, it’s not exactly practical. 

For these reasons, many of our designs feature sustainable building materials, such as James Hardie siding and wood composite, as well as drought-resistant landscaping. Next, a xeriscaped front yard like the one above, which is covered with gravel, rather than grass, and low-maintenance plants is not only sustainable — it also looks stunning.

A contemporary home featuring various siding materials

#2 // Mixing Textures 

Using a mixture of different textures on a home, such as siding, wood, and stone, is a smart way to create depth and visual interest. We frequently do this on contemporary homes, like the one above, but we’re getting an increasing number of requests for this treatment from clients with other home styles, too. 

A Cape Cod style home with multiple textures

This more traditional-leaning, 70-year-old home features a combination of limewashed brick, shingle siding, and shiplap siding. The various cladding materials create visual interest but still feel cohesive.

A home featuring various textures and colors

We also love using a combination of textures to mimic a color-blocked look, as seen above. 

A home with great indoor-outdoor flow, one of the top home exterior trends of 2023

#3 // Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Well-designed outdoor spaces are in high demand, and home designs that make it feel like the interior flows right into the exterior are something we expect to see a lot more of in 2023. Sometimes our designers create this feeling by using outdoor flooring material that matches the interior, whether it’s a similar material or color. Other times, we’ll use a design element like a folding glass wall (see above) that completely opens a home’s interior up to the outdoors. 

A virtual rendering showcasing one of the top home exterior trends of 2023

#4 // Windows That Emphasize the View

Selecting the right windows can also make your indoor space feel more connected to the outdoors. Windows with minimal grid patterns, or no grid patterns at all, make it easier to enjoy the view of your outdoor space. 

We’re also leaning more toward windows that are super functional, like awning windows with transoms that pop out to get more air and ventilation. Our clients are seeking more savvy window options in lieu of the more traditional double-hung styles, and we’re happy to help them visualize these more modern styles on their homes. 

A backyard featuring multiple outdoor living spaces

#5 // Outdoor Rooms

In addition to mixing textures on a home, we’re also using this technique on the ground. Our designers like to use different flooring textures and materials to create “rooms” in a homeowner’s yard. Check out the home above for one example. We used wood for the deck and patio off the home, flagstone for an open-air patio space, and stone-and-pavers for a walkway between the driveway and the open patio. In this way, it’s easy to make separate spaces throughout your backyard that feel like distinct rooms. 

A rendering showcasing one of the top home exterior trends of 2023

#6 // Earth-Tone Paint Colors

Our designers love earth tones and expect to use them a lot more in the coming year. Both our roundups of the best Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors for 2023 feature several earthy shades. Earth tones can create a warm and cozy vibe and help a home’s exterior feel more connected to its natural surroundings. 

A home rendered in Dried Thyme

The design above features siding painted with Sherwin Williams’ Dried Thyme, one of our favorite green exterior paint colors. We love how this gray-green hue complements the lighter trim — Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl — and the home’s wood and stone accents

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.

A garage with an awning, one of the top home exterior trends of 2023

#7 // Garage Door Awnings 

Garage doors are so much more than a place to park your car and store your stuff. They can also have a major impact on curb appeal — especially the front-load varieties, which tend to cover a large portion of a home’s façade.

While using gorgeous materials, hardware, and windows will certainly elevate your garage door, our designers often take things a step further by adding an awning or pergola over garage doors in our renderings. Awnings can offer shade, but they also make your garage door a pretty focal point rather than an overlooked aspect of your home’s design. 

A design featuring a garage awning, one of the top home exterior trends of 2023

In the design above, the home’s metal roof is carried through to the awning above the garage door, which helps tie everything together and create a cohesive look. 

A house with colorful shutters, one of the top home exterior trends of 2023

#8 // Colorful Shutters

Incorporating a pop of color into your home design is a fun way to boost curb appeal and add personality. We’ve written before about how much we love a colorful front door, but that’s not the only design element that allows for experimentation. Colorful shutters can also add dimension and personality to your home’s exterior. 

A house with a rooftop deck, one of the top home exterior design trends of 2023

#9 // Rooftop Decks 

A rooftop deck is an excellent way to add more outdoor living space to your property. This design solution is especially effective for homeowners in urban areas who don’t have as much yard space. A glass railing, like the one above, provides safety without obstructing the view. Fill the space with a dining table, lounge chairs, a Sunbrella, or anything else you’d put on a deck in your backyard. 

A virtual rendering of a barn with living space

#10 // Reimagining What Home Looks Like

From tiny homes to barndominiums, people are reimagining what home looks like. We loved helping a client add an apartment to the upper level of their barn (pictured above) while keeping the main level as a functioning horse stable.

A home showcasing some top home exterior trends of 2023

Our Top Home Exterior Trends for 2023

From major updates like new siding to small additions such as an awning over your garage, we hope our roundup of home exterior trends for 2023 has offered you plenty of inspiration. Now it’s time to bring your ideas to life! 

Are you ready to transform your home’s exterior and increase its curb appeal? Get started on your exterior design project today.