The 14 Best Exterior House Colors for 2024

We’re thrilled to share our list of the best exterior house colors 2024 has to offer. Why? Well, we know that when it comes to updating your home’s curb appeal, the right paint colors can have a powerful impact. Picking paint colors is a huge decision — and one of the biggest reasons homeowners turn to brick&batten.

Plus, as the leaders in virtual exterior design, it’s our job to stay on top of industry trends.

At the end of each year, we share some of the trending hues and color palettes we expect to use more of in the year to come. (Check out our roundups for 2023, 2022, and 2021.) Whether you plan to overhaul your exterior in 2024 or simply want to stay in the know about exterior design trends, this year’s roundup is a must-read. Read on to learn all about the best exterior house colors for 2024.

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Benjamin Moore’s Best Exterior House Colors 2024

Benjamin Moore is one of our go-to companies for exterior paint colors, so it’s only natural that many of their hues made our roundup of the best of the best for 2024. We’ve already shared our favorites from their collection for 2024, and now we’re narrowing things down further. Keep reading to see which Benjamin Moore colors are our absolute favorite for 2024.

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace — one of our best exterior house colors of 2024

#1 // Chantilly Lace

If a bright exterior is what you’re after, Chantilly Lace should be at the top of your list. With an LRV of 92.2, it’s a nearly pure white with virtually no undertones. (Wondering what LRV means? We explain everything you need to know, including why it’s crucial to understand LRV when selecting a paint color for your home, here.)

The design above features Chantilly Lace on the brick with Benjamin Moore’s Barren Plain, a gray with a touch of warmth, on the accents. We also love pairing Chantilly Lace with black hues for a classic black-and-white palette or incorporating wood elements for warmth.

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Cloud White — one of our best exterior house colors for 2024

#2 // Cloud White

If Chantilly Lace is a bit too bright for your taste, consider Cloud White instead. With an LRV of 87.35, Cloud White Falls into the off-white category and can read slightly creamy because of its yellow undertones.

We love Cloud White for its versatility. It works on all sorts of home styles, can be used as a main or accent color, and plays nicely with a wide range of other shades. Above, it’s used on the home’s siding along with black and wood accents.

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Cape May Cobblestone — one of our top exterior house colors for 2024

#3 // Cape May Cobblestone

Cape May Cobblestone is a classic paint color with an LRV of 40.14. This warm greige is great for homeowners who desire a timeless look for their exterior.

We frequently use Cape May Cobblestone as a field color with a lighter hue on the trim, as demonstrated above. It looks lovely on just about any cladding material, from brick to stucco.

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Cheating Heart — one of our top exterior house colors for 2024

#4 // Cheating Heart

Those looking to make a dramatic statement with their exterior should have Cheating Heart on their radar. Since making our list of the best black and dark gray paint colors for exteriors in 2021, our love for this bold black hue has continued to grow stronger.

Cheating Heart is a beautiful blend of black, gray, and navy, and you’ll notice different undertones depending on the amount of light your home is exposed to. Pairing Cheating Heart with a lighter color, like Benjamin Moore’s Simply White (above), will create a crisp contrast. But we also love how the hue looks when used in conjunction with red brick or warm-colored stone.

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Ashwood Moss — one of our best exterior house colors for 2024

#5 // Ashwood Moss

Earth tones and natured-inspired hues like Ashwood Moss continue to be popular with homeowners. This graphite-green is dark, with an LRV of 10.46, and can work with both traditional and modern homes (and everything in between).

In the design above, our team used Ashwood Moss on the majority of the home’s siding with Benjamin Moore’s Bruton White around the entry, making the area of a focal point.

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Desert Twilight — one of our best exterior house colors for 2024

#6 // Desert Twilight

Desert Twilight is another earthy hue we can’t get enough of (it’s also one of our co-founder’s go-to colors). With an an LRV of 26.6, it’s not too light or too dark. Desert Twilight looks right at home among natural elements like wood and stone, and it pairs equally well with light and dark colors.

A rendering of a home with trim painted with Benjamin Moore's Desert Twilight

If you want to experiment with earth tones but aren’t ready to paint your entire exterior with a shade of green, try Desert Twilight on your trim instead. It offers the perfect pop of color to the home above, which has siding and brick rendered in Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl.

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Polo Blue — one of our best exterior house colors for 2024

#7 // Polo Blue

While we love super dark exteriors, a true black paint color might be too extreme for some. Enter: Polo Blue. This dark navy can read near-black in certain lighting and is perfect for homeowners who want to make a striking statement with a moody exterior. This rich hue can really anchor a home and make accents like light stone and trim pop.

A painted brick home with shutters rendered in Benjamin Moore's Polo Blue

Polo Blue is also a fantastic accent color. Here, it’s used on the shutters and really stands out against the painted brick.

Sherwin Williams’ Best Exterior House Colors 2024

Sherwin Williams is our other tried-and-true paint vendor we use for our virtual exterior designs. From our list of the 14 best Sherwin Williams paint colors for 2024, we’ve selected the following seven shades as top contenders.

A home with brick and stucco rendered in Sherwin Williams' Amazing Gray — one of our best exterior house colors for 2024

#8 // Amazing Gray

Amazing Gray — a neutral greige with an LRV of 47 — is beloved for its versatility. The color pairings are seemingly endless, and the hue works well on everything from contemporary to traditional homes. Above, it acts as a beautiful backdrop for the home’s wood and stone elements.

A rendering of a brick home with painted trim

Amazing Gray also looks amazing as a complementary color to red brick, as shown in the rendering above.

A home rendered in Fawn Brindle — one of our favorite exterior house colors for 2024

#9 // Fawn Brindle

Fawn Brindle is another one of our go-to grieges. It’s warm with subtle green undertones and a medium depth. Darker grieges like Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze and Porpoise are smart color pairings, but, as demonstrated above, lighter hues work well too.

Fawn Brindle looks especially pretty on homes surrounded by lush landscaping or set in the mountains.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.

A home rendered in Sherwin Williams' Pure White — one of our favorite exterior house colors for 2024

#10 // Pure White

If you’re searching for a bright white and prefer Sherwin Williams over Benjamin Moore, allow us to introduce you to Pure White. It’s a popular white — and for good reason. It’s super versatile and soft — not stark — thanks to its subtle yellow undertones.

On the home above, we used Pure White on the siding, trim, and windows for a monochromatic look with a black front door and garage doors for a bit of contrast.

A home rendered in Sherwin Williams' Greek Villa — one of our favorite exterior house colors for 2024

#11 // Greek Villa

With an LRV of 84, Greek Villa is quite bright but has a softness to it as well. This warm off-white is a favorite of ours for traditional, transitional, and Mediterranean-style homes. Greek Villa is a great partner to other warm hues like Sherwin Williams’ Dorian Gray, used on the doors and shutters in the rendering above.

A home rendered in Sherwin Williams' Rock Bottom — one of our favorite exterior house colors for 2024

#12 // Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom is a decidedly dark green-gray with an LRV of 7 and mossy undertones. Cabins and lake houses look great painted with Rock Bottom, but Craftsman-style homes and contemporary dwellings could benefit from this cool color too.

A home rendered in Sherwin Williams' Dark Night — one of our top exterior house colors for 2024

#13 // Dark Night

Dark Night is dramatic, dark (but not too dark), and rich. This blue hue has green undertones and can appear almost teal in the right lighting. Create a moody color palette by pairing Dark Night with a shade of black or go for a high-contrast look by using it with a soft white.

The home above’s natural stone complements Dark Night nicely, and the wood elements add some warmth.

A home rendered in Sherwin Williams' Cyberspace — one of our top exterior house colors of 2024

#14 // Cyberspace

Cyberspace is a cool charcoal black that’s a calmer alternative to strong navy hues like Sherwin Williams’ Naval and Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy. We love using Cyberspace on contemporary and modern homes, though it can elevate a number of other house styles too.

We often use stone and black windows in our designs featuring Cyberspace, but wood shutters and accents and white windows (above) work well too.

A home rendered in Cloud White, one of the best exterior paint colors 2024 has to offer

The best exterior house colors 2024 has to offer

That concludes our list of the best exterior house colors for 2024. Whether you desire something dark and moody or light and bright, there’s a designer-approved hue here for everyone. We’re excited to start using more of these shades in our designs and can’t wait to help more homeowners find their perfect exterior paint color.

Picking paint colors is easy when you partner with the pros. But our expertise doesn’t end with paint. We also provide recommendations for porches, siding materialsgarages, and more. Begin your exterior design project with brick&batten today.