10 Front Yard Fence Ideas

A fence can be just as beautiful as it is functional. Whether your goal is privacy, pet containment, aesthetics, or some combination thereof, there’s a fence out there for you. Read on for some of our designers’ favorite front yard fence ideas.

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ranch home with a wood fence

#1 // Safety first

Yes, the fence on this rendering adds to the design because it meshes beautifully with the other wood accents, but the purpose it serves for safety and privacy is also noteworthy. This house is elevated, complete with a short brick retaining wall to the right of the front steps. Our designers added a wood fence above this short retaining wall. This fence provides an added layer of safety and offers some privacy for anyone working in the flower bed behind it.

black home with an iron fence and stone columns

#2 // Add light fixtures

Light fixtures are a great way to make your front yard fence stand out. For this fence, our designers used black horizontal fence rails with light gray stone columns splitting up the fencing. The columns’ built-in light fixtures are functional and elevate the overall feel of a design element that is often an after thought. We also love how the fence materials coordinate with those on the exterior of the home.

#3 // Elevated fencing

Fences on top of retaining walls are multipurpose, providing both visual appeal and functioning as a safety feature. This one will keep children or well-behaved pets in the upper level of the front yard when playing, keeping them from toppling over the retaining wall down to the sidewalk. Plus, it adds another design element to spruce up the otherwise plain wall.

wood fence around a gray home

#4 // Layered fencing

To the right of the home, this front yard fence is placed on top of a short concrete wall, which prevents water run-off and erosion. The same fencing is used in front of the landscaped area, level with the ground. The intentional change in elevation for the fence creates a layered look and helps the front yard hardscape look more dynamic.

concrete and wood fence outside a black home

#5 // Concrete fence

Your front yard fence doesn’t have to be traditional. For this home, our designers used a concrete fence, good for withstanding the elements of nature. The horizontal wood detail and gate add some dimension to an otherwise solid design element, making this fence both useful and interesting to the eye.

white home with wood fence

#6 // Use natural elements

To amplify the striking landscaping and environment, our designers pulled in some natural materials for this front yard fence. Iron and wood are ideal companions when it comes to fencing, especially when paired with other wood accents and stone pavers.

black home with concrete and wood fence

#7 // Low front yard fence

If privacy isn’t your goal, you can do a lower front yard fence. This concrete and wood fence is sleek and simple, allowing for a more eccentric design for the gate. In this rendering, the fence is an intentional design choice that supports the overall curb appeal aesthetic.

white house with a breeze block wall

#8 // Breeze block walls

If your front yard fence is more for privacy than it is for keeping in pets, you could consider a breeze block wall. Perfect for letting in fresh air and sunlight, these alternatives to standard fencing often feature eye-catching, intricate designs that are ideal for elevating curb appeal. Breeze block walls are hallmarks of mid-century design but our designers like to play with using them in unexpected ways, such as with more contemporary homes. 

dark home with a grid fence

#9 // Go for a fun design

Our designers gave this two-story home all sorts of interesting lines and geometrical features — including a grid-style fence separating the front and back yards. This bold fence design meshes well with the home’s other playful features, such as the colorful front door. 

modern home with wood fence

#10 // Long wood fence

We brought in plenty of natural elements for this design, and the front yard fence is no exception. The horizontal wood planking works well for this longer stretch of fencing because it creates a sleek aesthetic ideal for a modern exterior.

white home with concrete and wood fence

Still on the fence?

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