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Stepping Stones for Garden, Yard, and More: Inspiration

Stepping stones function for way finding, creating paths through yards, gardens, or simply from one thing to another. But they can also be beautiful. Choosing a particular type of stone will inject personality into your home’s exterior. Large rounded slabs, small mismatched pieces, or rectangles placed in a pattern all say something about your style. ...

10 Front Yard Fence Ideas

A fence can be just as beautiful as it is functional. Whether your goal is privacy, pet containment, aesthetics, or some combination thereof, there’s a fence out there for you. Read on for some of our designers’ favorite front yard fence ideas. At brick&batten, our expert designers will suggest the best design elements to use ...

12 Hardscape Ideas for Your Front Yard

Designers use the word ‘hardscape’ to describe non-living landscaping elements like fountains, walkways, patios, and breeze block walls. Hardscapes create areas that are often used as a spot to relax and enjoy being outdoors, typically with some sort of seating option. Hardscape plans can be simple or complex, so updating (or adding) hardscaping to your ...