10 Driveway Landscape Ideas for Maximum Curb Appeal

When it comes to curb appeal, your driveway is one of the first opportunities you have to make a statement. And landscaping is one of the most reliable ways to add to your driveway’s aesthetic. Our designers know all of the best driveway landscape ideas to elevate any home exterior.

From the materials we use to the accents we suggest, our designers consider every element from the driveway pavers to the plants and textures used in the complementing landscaping to ensure the space meets its full potential. Read on to discover some of our favorite ideas to consider when landscaping your driveway.

Whether you’re interested in landscaping your driveway, revamping your backyard hardscaping, or simply changing the paint color on your exterior, our designers have your back. We will work with you every step of the way to achieve your ideal exterior. Find out more about what we do.

modern ranch with dark grayish blue siding with wood accents

#1 // Make use of landscape lighting

When we think of driveway landscape ideas, we often implement landscape lighting, both as a safety feature and an aesthetic element. In this design, we outlined the curve of the driveway with a bed of pea stones and plants, which extend to the walkway. Between the plants, we embedded in-ground light fixtures.

Here, the lighting allows the landscaping to be visible in the dark, which enhances the visual allure and doubles as a safety feature. With lighting defining where the driveway ends and the yard begins, it makes it easier for drivers to keep their tires on the pavement and out of the grass.

house with black shake siding and white and wood accents

#2 // Divide the driveway from the walkway

At brick&batten, our designers keep intentionality in mind for every design. To differentiate the walkway from the driveway, we separated the spaces with landscaping. We used the same mix of plants for each landscaped space to breed a cohesive aesthetic. The landscaping is also present on the outer edge of the driveway and walkway, which creates some symmetry.

Driveway landscape ideas don’t begin and end with plants. Our designers also switched up the pavers for the walkway and driveway to further define each design element. 

large house with stone and landscaped circle driveway

#3 // Define the driveway’s shape 

When it comes to driveway landscape ideas, our designers know how to think of them as a tool rather than just an aesthetic enhancer. Here, we used landscaping to create a circular driveway. By carving out a space and filling it with stone, plants, and landscape lighting, we were able to form the driveway’s concrete around the landscaped area, achieving the desired circle shape.

And while the landscaped space in the middle of the circle drive is eye-catching on its own, we added subtle landscaping touches in other sections of the driveway. The planters dividing the doors on the three-car garage and the plants bordering the driveway and the entry side of the home all work in tandem to tie the design together.

A rendering of a home with some of brick&batten's favorite driveway landscape ideas implemented

#4 // Form an outline

Landscaping is an excellent way to outline your driveway and keep it separated from your yard or adjacent walkway. Our designers lined this concrete driveway with lush greenery, which creates a striking contrast juxtaposed with the crisp white exterior. We sprinkled in other bits of greenery throughout the design, too, to lean further into the classic vibe.

A rendering of a home with some of brick&batten's favorite driveway landscape ideas implemented

#5 // Play around with placement

Don’t feel like you have to stick to the edges when you’re experimenting with driveway landscape ideas. In this design, we added a small bed of landscaping below the front window, which melts seamlessly into the driveway. The unique placement adds a burst of contrast to the expansive driveway, making it all the more compelling.

Of course, we didn’t leave the subtle touches behind. We used planters as accents on each side of the garage door and we added simple grassy plants and landscape lighting on each side of the walkway, which acts as a divider on the shared side with the driveway.

A rendering of a home with some of brick&batten's favorite driveway landscape ideas implemented

#6 // Create a layout that flows

While some exteriors feature a walkway separate from the driveway, others — like this one — favor a layout that melts from one area to the next. Instead of one large, blank driveway that leads right into the steps of the entry space, we embraced landscaping to give the layout a seamless feel.

On each side of the garage door, we used matching trios of planters. We also created a beautiful bed filled with plants, shrubs, small boulders, and stones to define where the driveway ends and the patio begins.

A rendering of a home with some of brick&batten's favorite driveway landscape ideas implemented

#7 // Mix textures and plants 

If you’re looking for more dynamic driveway landscape ideas, consider using a mix of plants and textures. On the left side of the driveway, bordering the yard, we created a bed filled with rocks, lights, and plants. Near the garage, we added planters to the left of the door. To the right, our designers rendered a raised bed outlined with bricks, filled in with plants and evergreen trees. 

Moving toward the entrance, we brought in even more contrast with a Corten steel planter. Our designers also used a combination of concrete and pavers for the driveway itself, adding even more dimension to the space.

A rendering of a home with some of brick&batten's favorite driveway landscape ideas implemented

#8 // Tie the aesthetic together

If uniformity is something that speaks to your design goals, landscaping is the ideal element to implement. For this design, we fully embraced shrubs to achieve a cohesive and clean aesthetic. On the driveway’s right side, we outlined the fence with taller green shrubs (which we also used along the left side of the home).

Along the left, we separated the driveway from the yard with smaller shrubs. The shrubs in the driveway landscape tie together beautifully with the others used throughout the rest of the exterior.

A rendering of a home with some of brick&batten's favorite driveway landscape ideas implemented

#9 // Cultivate a dynamic look

Here, we made use of driveway landscape ideas that infused the design with some dimension. We wanted to seamlessly connect the driveway area to the walkway, so we landscaped the bordering area with pea stones, plants, and shrubs, and included pavers for a path between the spaces. Our designers spaced the driveway pavers a bit and brought in darker colored stone to establish some dynamic contrast.

This design embraces contemporary and edgy elements throughout. To ground the aesthetic with subtle simplicity, we added three wood planters to the head of the driveway. The wood on the planters stands out among the neutral shades of the pavers and stucco, drawing the eye.

A rendering of a home with some of brick&batten's favorite driveway landscape ideas implemented

#10 // Add ambiance

We love driveway landscape ideas that add ambiance and elevate curb appeal. We outlined the edges of this driveway with lush greenery and landscape lighting. For the middle grass section of the circle driveway, we surrounded a fountain with plants and rocks, amplifying the space with an elegant flare.

A rendering of a home with some of brick&batten's favorite driveway landscape ideas implemented

Ready to introduce landscaping to your driveway?

From plants and planters to rocks and raised beds, there are so many ways to consider using landscaping in your driveway. Whether you want to add a burst of contrast or create a border, our designers have a variety of ideas to elevate your driveway with landscaping. Connect with us today, and we can help deliver the driveway of your dreams!

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