How to Select the Best Door Awning for Your Entry

Have you ever fumbled to find the key to your front door and it suddenly started to rain? A door awning is an excellent way to shield your entrance from the elements and prevent weather-related damage to your front door. Door awnings also create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing entrance, enhancing curb appeal. These elements combine practicality with style, and there are several different styles to explore. Read on to learn how to pick the best door awning for your entry.

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traditional home with curved door awning

#1 // Consider the shape 

From domes to slopes, there are plenty of shapes to consider when choosing a door awning. Follow the architectural lines of your home when deciding which shape to go with. You’ll want to make sure the contour and proportions of the awning fit the layout.

For the home above, our designers implemented an awning that fit the curvature of the portico. The slope of the awning molds beautifully to the curve that crowns the columns and adds a regal burst to the entrance.

traditional home with white siding and red brick with copper awnings above the garage and front door

#2 // Match materials 

Think of your door awning as an opportunity to blend the accents of your home together. This traditional design has copper elements sprinkled throughout. We used copper light fixtures along with copper gutters, amplifying the home’s timeless, sophisticated aesthetic. Our designers kept with the copper for the garage door awning and used the same material for the awning above the entrance.

If your home has more than one awning, using the same materials for each is a great way to bring cohesion to your façade. Or, if you are only adding an awning above your entrance, consider tapping materials found elsewhere on your exterior for a uniform look.

modern house with gabled awning over the entrance

#3 // Keep placement in mind

Awnings aren’t always in close proximity to the element they cover. If you want to elongate your entry, you can add some distance between the top of your door and your awning.

Here, our designers stretched the space surrounding the front door, capping it with a gabled awning. On the inside of the awning, we used the same wood siding seen on the home exterior and included recessed lighting for added warmth. The distance between the awning and the door also provided the perfect opportunity for a low-hanging light fixture, which brings more ambiance to the entrance.

contemporary home with mixed materials and subtle awnings over the front door and balcony door

#4 // Go the simple route

If you want your door awning to be more of a subtle touch than a statement piece, a simple design might be more your speed. We love the mix of materials on this contemporary home. To keep from over-busying the design, we opted for subtle awnings above both the front door and the door leading out to the balcony.

If you are working with multiple materials and design elements, sleek and simple awnings are often the ideal choice.

modern teal home with industrial style door awning

#5 // Support your style

Design style should be at the forefront when choosing the right door awning. While sloped copper awnings might be lovely on a traditional home, they might not be as fitting on a contemporary design.

This modern home has a sleek aesthetic with clean, straight lines. To complement the style, we embraced industrial materials (wood, iron, and concrete) for the awning covering the front door. Because the space is partially enclosed, we included recessed lighting on the interior portion of the awning.

If you’re not quite sure which design style best fits your goals, take our style quiz to gain some direction!

peachy-pink french country house with green door awning

#6 // Play around with color

Awnings aren’t always black or copper. If your design allows for it, try experimenting with different colors.

We love the peachy-pink hue of the limestone on this home and saw it as an opportunity to have fun with the awning. The sloped shape of the awning fits the essence of the home perfectly. For color, we used a shade of green that has a patinaed look to it, adding character to the design and enhancing its French country style.

(Want to see how a certain color might look on your exterior? Try our paint visualizer!)

traditional house with awnings on the patio and above the garage

#7 // Experiment with sizing 

Extending your awning beyond your front door is a great way to take full advantage of the awning’s coverage benefits.

In this design, we lengthened the awning a bit to cover the entire front stoop. This gave way to a small seating space, which is protected from the elements thanks to the covering. We used different awning styles for the garage and the entrance but maintained some of the same colors and materials to keep some cohesion.

traditional house with white siding and small black door awning

#8 // Add surrounding accents 

If you’re working with a quaint home and a small awning, consider embracing additional accents to make your awning stand out. We went with a classic black-and-white color scheme for this traditional design, complete with white siding and subtle black accents. The black door awning adds character to the entryway and the mounted wall lanterns and planters flank the door, further drawing the eye to the area.

traditional ranch with a pergola-covered patio and a door awning at the entrance

#9 // Make it multi-dimensional

A door awning is the perfect way to add a dash of dimension to your entry. Choosing an awning with bracing and support beams will cultivate even more of a layered look.

For this particular design, we love how the bracing on the awning pays homage to the pergola covering the patio space nearby. Subtle nods to other architecturally compelling aspects of your exterior add intentionality to the design.

traditional stone house with modern door awning

#10 // Try something different 

Choosing a front door awning that fits your design style isn’t always one-note. Some styles blend beautifully. This design has a traditional feel to it, but the entrance embraces a modern appeal. Complementing the sleek glass front door, we capped the entrance with a cable-hung, flat awning. We used recessed lighting on the bottom side of the covering, adding more dimension to the otherwise smooth surface.

french country mansion with copper door awning

#11 // Use your awning as a focal point

If embracing ornate elements is one of your design goals, a door awning should be on your list too.

This French country design boasts breathtaking landscaping, fountains, lanterns, and arched gates covered in moss. Among so many beautiful features, our designers were still able to choose the just-right awning to focus on. We aligned the fountain with the front door, defining the center. We opted for a sloped copper awning, which stands out against the concrete molding surrounding the door. Flanking each side of the doorway with copper fixtures makes the awning pop even more.

off-white house with black front door awning

#12// Add contrast to your design

In this design, the off-white paint color covers a lot of real estate. We wanted the entrance to stand out, so we added a black front door awning to break up the neutral palette. While the side door has a more subtle appearance, the awning gives the entrance a face lift and makes all the difference.

If your home has a simple design with a predominant paint color, incorporating a door awning is a reliable way to bring contrast.

modern house with black door awning

The bottom line on selecting the best door awning for your entry

Choosing the right door awning impacts both aesthetic appeal and practicality. At brick&batten, our designers work with clients to consider factors such as material, style, and size to find the perfect balance for your entry. A well-selected door awning not only enhances curb appeal but also provides lasting protection and style to your home. Work with us, and we will help you make the right choice to maximize your exterior’s potential.

Feeling inspired to conquer your exterior design dreams? Our expert designers are here to help. Partner with us and we will check every detail off your list as we enhance your home’s curb appeal. Get started today!