7 Stunning Pictures of Contemporary Home Exteriors

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What is considered a contemporary style home?

Contemporary home exteriors possess a certain je ne sais quoi. For good reason, the style has developed a cult-like following. As in the definition of ‘contemporary’ itself, a contemporary style home references trends popular in the present moment. The hallmarks of the contemporary style include straight lines, oversized windows, and industrial-meets-natural elements. Here, we show off some of our favorite contemporary home design examples.

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A contemporary home with gray siding and wood details

#1 // Contemporary Building Materials

Wood, stone, metal, and gray paint make are all popular contemporary building materials. This combination especially complements contemporary architecture that uses lots of straight lines, but it can also give an older home a contemporary flair. Keep in mind the pros and cons of opting for real wood on the exterior of your home. Many companies offer sustainable imitation wood siding or ethically sourced real wood doors that require less maintenance.

Before and after of a contemporary home painted a dark gray with a new metal roof and front door overhang

#2 // Show Off Clean Lines

Contemporary architecture hasn’t changed drastically from the 1970s. However, the way we execute exterior paint color choices has evolved. To transport this home from five decades ago to the modern-day, our exterior designers suggested a metal roof and a classy dark gray paint color. The added small overhang on the entrance accentuates the home’s contemporary lines.

before of contemporary home
Virtual rendering of a contemporary home painted white with large windows

#3 // Draw Out Contemporary Bones

If you’ve been dreaming of a contemporary home, you might not need to start from scratch. Our exterior designers saw the potential in this home. Inspired by the modern windows above the front door, they completely transformed the style of this structure by opening up the living room with windows. With updated siding and a new modern garage door to match, you might guess this home was built in recent years.

Contemporary home rendered in Alpaca

#4 // Mixed Materials

Contemporary homes come in all colors and with all sorts of building materials, but some work better than others. Our designers suggested painting the stucco on this home in Alpaca by Sherwin Williams with trim and gutters in Iron Ore and windows in Black by Benjamin Moore. Tons of other design updates highlight its contemporary lines. New windows, a second-story balcony, metal roofing, and a killer front driveway and walkway combo make this contemporary home a stunner.

Before and after of a contemporary home with new windows and gray paint

#5 // The Life-Changing Magic of New Windows

When modernizing a home, updating windows is not only practical (hello, utility savings), it’s also a huge curb appeal enhancer. Of course, replacing windows and fitting them to the original openings is more cost-effective. But investing in larger statement windows could have enough impact to substantially increase your home’s value.

Before and after of a contemporary home with an updated porch, stone facade, and a new walkway

#6 // It’s in the Details

Sometimes, our clients come to us with a home that already possesses a defining contemporary characteristic. In this case, it was the dramatic low-sloped roof. By framing the porch with wood trim, placing a stone façade along the foundation, adding a modern walkway, and updating the chimney crown, our designers recommended small changes to make a big difference on a budget.

Before and after of an under construction contemporary home finished in a two-tone black-and-white color palette with wood and stone accents

#7 // The Classic Contemporary Shape

One pillar of contemporary home exteriors is straight lines with subtle, obtuse angles. By using varying colors and building materials on different sections of a contemporary home, you can create contrast and depth that work well with those wide angles. Here, our designers used a two-tone color palette and paired industrial metal on the roof with warm wood siding. It’s all about balance.

Contemporary Home Exteriors That Work

We’re big fans of contemporary architecture, and we love when our clients request this look. Like most great design styles, contemporary design is not about one single trait. Rather, a well-executed contemporary home happens when all the design elements work together to bring about a cohesive look — and a stunning home.

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