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Mass Tones, Undertones, Color Wheels…Oh My!

Exterior House Painting, Mass Tones, Undertones, Color Wheel, Paint, Home Decor, Exterior Painting the exterior of your home can prove to be the most challenging design choice you will encounter.  It can transform the curb appeal in a single day…consequently, it can destroy it as well.  The trends will come and go and then come ...


Spread the Love

Ease into Spring hosting with these House Love tips. Here are easy ways to create community with your biggest investment. So all month, brick&batten has been talking about ways to show LOVE to your biggest investment.  Your house!  Now, we want to share with you how you spread the love with friends and create community… ...


It’s the Little Things

While painting the exterior packs a punch in the curb appeal game, it’s the little things that can add up to big style and make or break the exterior of your home.  Things like planters, house numbers, door knockers and even door mats can score big points and add up to a massive curb appeal ...