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7 Stunning Pictures of Contemporary Home Exteriors

What is considered a contemporary style home? Contemporary home exteriors possess a certain je ne sais quoi. For good reason, the style has developed a cult-like following. As in the definition of ‘contemporary’ itself, a contemporary style home references trends popular in the present moment. The hallmarks of the contemporary style include straight lines, oversized ...


10 Brick and Paint Color Combos We Just Love

We are big fans of painting brick. However, natural brick also looks stunning with the right paint choices on trim, siding, and soffits. Here we’re sharing inspiring home exterior brick and paint color combos with both painted and unpainted brick. These designs have won the hearts of our designers and clients alike. Painting brick can ...


14 Charming Colonial-Style Houses with Photos & Ideas

American colonial architecture dates all the way back to the Mayflower. We’re talking the 1600s here! Centuries later, it’s still a style modern architects draw inspiration from. Architectural historians typically characterize colonial-style homes by their symmetry, centered door, and rectangular shape. Of course, colonial architecture has really evolved over time, and there are so many ...