9 Deck and Porch Railing Ideas With Photos

Deck season is quickly approaching, so it’s time to get it summer-ready! Updating your deck or porch railing is for more than just show. A sturdy railing keeps your pets and curious kids safe from potential falls. Now that we’ve established the practical reason for updating deck railing, let’s talk aesthetics. Installing a railing is an affordable way to add that intentional flair. Here are a few updated deck and porch railing ideas with photos to get your creative wheels turning.

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A before and after of a home with modern railing

#1 Railing With Sleek Lines on a Traditional Home

We love the classic beauty of this traditional home. The second-story bay window is enough to make us swoon! However, the homeowners came to brick&batten wanting to add a modern touch, so our designers immediately thought of horizontal cable railing with wood trim on top. The clean lines and metal coupled with the organic look of the wood merge timeless with contemporary.


Before and after of a midcentury home with new windows

#2 Glass Railing on A Midcentury Charmer

Notice that in this before and after, our designers left the glass railing as-is. It’s such a unique choice that doesn’t distract from other elements. If you go with glass railing, just be prepared make cleaning it part of your regular routine. Most trustworthy glass railing suppliers use very thick, tempered glass for safety measures. Bonus: Glass deck railing won’t obstruct a pretty outdoor view.


#3 Horizontal Railing Looks Great With Light or Dark Paint

This photo really illustrates the versatility of the railing from #1. Mixing brown and black in this way is certainly not  faux pas, especially when it comes to wood. Because this railing combines a warm neutral with a cool neutral, it looks great on light or dark paint with cool or warm undertones.


#4 Black X Railing on an Off-White Home

We love a little drama in a design, and dark and bold railing is the design equivalent of tall, dark and handsome in the curb appeal world. However, to pull this off, we suggest an off-white rather than a stark white. It prevents the design from looking too harsh and sterile. The bronze gutters further soften the design in a traditional way.


#5 Decorative Iron Railing

Who gave this iron railing on this bungalow permission to look so cute? The lines in this iron railing add interest and detail to the home’s exterior. Following a similar diamond pattern as the door was an intentional choice. This just goes to show that your home’s specific style doesn’t tie you to a specific railing type. Railings are a way to show creativity as well!

#6 Craftsman Railing with Double Posts

Similar to a plain vertical railing, the double posts, create an updated craftsman look without being too busy on the front of a small home. Just like vertical lines help people appear taller, the same idea can be used on your home. Adding vertical lines can give the illusion of a taller space. Also, notice how the double railing blends with the vertical lines on the door. All intentional choices made by the brick&batten design team.


#7 Wood Asterisk Pattern Railing

This little Cali bungalow needed something to set it apart from the neighbors. With the client wanting to go with more of a traditional beach vibe we opted to go with an interesting railing design. The asterisk pattern is a small detail to add a little flair and softness. Paired with wood corbels and handrail, along with the whale weathervane, suddenly this bungalow came to life.


#8 Railing Design on Widows Walk

White X railing has a modern farmhouse appeal to it, this X railing is a bit more interesting with squared lines and triangle shapes. Used for the widows walk on this traditional home, it doesn’t take away from the gorgeous entry. It only adds another way to draw your eyes to the doorway.

#9 Keep it Simple with a Traditional Vertical Railing

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There is something to be said for a simple vertical railing, especially on this coastal cottage. The design team chose not to change the railing. Why? Because the current railing looks darling on this house and the ROI just wasn’t there. Not to mention, the vertical lines create the height this home needs. Part of making simple changes to improve curb appeal is knowing what changes are worth making.


As you can tell, railings come in so many shapes and forms. Also, don’t be afraid to add a modern railing to a traditional home! Finding the right railing for your house might take some trial and error, but working with an home EXTERIOR designer can save you money in the long run.

That leads us to our final point! At brick&batten, we help clients make wise design choices every day. Order an online design from us, and you’ll receive a custom exterior makeover plan. We’ll also give you a useful, clickable resource list so you can set your plans into action.