Best Outdoor Railing for Your Home’s Architecture

Outdoor railings are a great way to add curb appeal! Finding the best railing for your home’s architecture can be quite a challenge because there are so many wonderful options but also codes that need to be met. Out with the spindles and in with the horizontal, wrought iron, or even chippendale style. 

Even with the greatest outdoor furniture and planters, an outdated railing surrounding your space is like the elephant in the room! Our brick&batten designers have studied railings for different architecture types and personality styles. These are some of our favorites!


Cable Railing

A cable railing is an instant way to update your home’s exterior. They are durable and if done correctly, generally maintenance free! There is no rotting wood or glass to clean. Another benefit of a cable rail is the visibility because of its sleek design. A cable railing can withstand harsh weather and heavy weight making it an excellent choice for homeowners and one our designers recommend often.

outdoor fireplace


X Railing

The X railing has become more popular due to the modern farmhouse trend. Our designers love an X railing because of the clean lines and interesting pattern.  That said, some X rails don’t work well because of the architecture style or for code reasons. 

Bracken Slate
Dark Paint- Iron Mountain
x railing style


Horizontal Railing

Many homes have the typical wood vertical railing; however, if you’re looking for an update, it’s easy to swap out the vertical with simple horizontal.  The benefits of horizontal railings are numerous…they’re generally less expensive because less material is needed for installation, they are easier to clean, give the appearance of a larger area, and a greater degree of privacy because you have the ability to make the railings wider as needed.

horizontal rail


Sawn Balusters

Sawn Balusters are not for every type of architecture. The ornate and detailed design works best on Victorian style homes. Many are custom made with intricate cuts to add interest and enhance curb appeal.


Glass Balustrades

If you have a beautiful view of water or mountains, it’s crazy to block the view! That’s probably why you bought the property in the first place. That said, keep the view open with glass and really enhance your area.  

Home with glass railings on back deck


Traditional Wrought Iron

Why reinvent the wheel? Wrought iron black railing is always in style.  When in doubt, keep it simple and stick with a wrought iron design.

green door

Overall, there are so many options when it comes to beautiful deck, porch, and stair railings. Just because your home was built with vertical wooden pickets, doesn’t mean it’s the best for your home’s style. Outdoor railings are a great way to add curb appeal. We would love to partner with you to find the best railing for your home’s architecture. Get started today.