10 Back Patio and Porch Decorating Ideas with Photos

Seasonal wreaths, lights, and potted plants… The list goes on! We traditionally think of applying these touches to the front porch, but we are convinced that your back porch deserves some of the love, too. Use these back patio and back porch decorating ideas to curate a comfy and casual or formal and elegant retreat right in your own back yard.


Back porches are often full of potential. Luckily, an exterior designer can help you spot any missed opportunities on your back porch. Partner with brick&batten, and we’ll give you a custom virtual design of your homes exterior and a clickable resource list. Learn more about our exterior design services!

10 Back Patio and Back Porch Decorating Ideas with Photos

Courtesy of Studio McGee

#1 Play With Contrasting Paints and Materials

Studio McGee serves as a huge source of inspiration for us. Syd and Shea McGee have captured the design market, and the photo above shows off the back of their house. We love how they used black paint to separate their lovely sunroom from the rest of the home. The stone section also adds so much depth and texture. If you notice, this home features a small back porch, but the McGee family took full advantage of the space with beautiful lights and lounge furniture. It’s the little things that really personalize a back porch and make it feel homey.


#2 Convert Your Chimney to an Outdoor Fireplace

This is one of those out-of-the-box ideas that may require an investment. However, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth out of this addition, because it can allow you to relax outside year-round. We especially love back porch decorating ideas like this for smaller homes that may lack¬† indoor entertaining space. Are you looking for ideas for your back porch? Contact brick&batten for ideas to convert your patio into an outdoor space you can really use.

#3 Don’t Forget Area Rugs!

Oftentimes, a living room without an area rug can feel incomplete. If your back porch isn’t quite giving you cozy vibe yet, consider adding an outdoor rug. West Elm carries a large selection of indoor/outdoor rugs and other back porch furniture sets. You can either purchase one large rug or have fun layering smaller rugs at different angles. Manufacturers design indoor/outdoor rugs to dry quickly and resist most stains, so these additions are often less upkeep than you’d imagine.

#4 Create a Balcony On Top of a Back Porch Roof

If your back porch’s roof is structurally sturdy, you might be able to build a re-enforced balcony above to create easy access to your backyard from every floor of your home. When building new stairs and adding on balconies, consider adding a modern railing made with sturdy materials.

Home with back patio added on

White house with new back porch railing

#5 Compare Back Porch Styles

Adding a back porch space is an excellent investment if done correctly.  Just take a look at how dramatically different the home above looks with a smaller back porch vs. a large back porch! The smaller porch frames the glass doors beautifully, but the larger porch allows endless opportunities for entertaining. At the end of the day, both designs look great, but comes down to personal needs and preference.


A before and after of a back of home with new roof

#6 Cover Your Back Patio

While patio umbrellas look gorgeous, they don’t always provide enough shade. If you’re wanting to utilize your back patio even during the sunniest times of the day, consider building an overhang, awning, or pergola to instantly transform your space and provide shade.


Commercial Outdoor Lights lighting family

#7 Give Your Back Porch Lighting a Glow Up

Good lighting can really enhance your back porch’s ambiance. Vintage-inspired lanterns and stringed lights give off a romantic glow, and you can throw some candlelights into the mix for maximum dreaminess. If you need help choosing the right light size, brick&batten has your back.


#8 Transform a Screened-In Porch Into a Back Porch

Screened-in porches have their perks, but removing the screens can offer more flexibility. Just look at the dramatic difference in the before and after example of the porch above. By removing the screens and adding a large overhang, our virtual exterior designers were able to draw in plans for a stunning seating area with a fire pit. These homeowners now have an extended living room!


#9 Comfort is Key

If you’ve ever been to a Restoration Hardware showroom patio or courtyard, you know that you can merge comfort with elegance. These showrooms are like real-life Pinterest pages filled with back porch decorating ideas! That said, in 2021, people are looking to bring the indoors out with comfortable living spaces.


A before and after rendering

#10 Small Back Yard? Bring Back Porch Vibes to the Front

Not every home is blessed with a large back yard big enough for a porch or patio. If you have to choose between a patio or green space in your back yard, consider taking the party to the front yard instead. With a cute seating area and tall plants, a front yard patio or porch can be just as intimate and cozy as a back patio.

Investing in back porch updates not only benefits your day-to-day living but may increase your home’s resale value.

Often times, the back of a home possess so much potential. To help your home live up to that potential, partner with brick&batten. A partner in design will ensure you’re making smart decisions for your home’s exterior.