Our Review of Toque White by Sherwin Williams

Our list of great white paint colors for exteriors grows with the addition of Toque White by Sherwin Williams. If you are looking for a way to give your home exterior a spring refresh, this is it. Toque White is an off-white color that leans towards a grey or greige, making it a solid choice for many styles of homes. We find it beautiful on a cottage or farmhouse for a light and airy feel. Read more below about common applications of Toque White and how to pair it with other hues for the perfect exterior color palette.

White paint colors can be so similar to each other. That’s why choosing the perfect white exterior paint color — or really any exterior paint color — can be overwhelming. Let us help! Our design experts at brick&batten will narrow down your choices and show you how they look on your home. From exterior paint colors to lighting options, we’re here to guide your exterior update decision-making process. Learn more about what we do.

Backyard of a two-story home with plunge pool, firepit, dining area, and paver patio

Sherwin Williams’ Toque White: The Specs

Toque White, with an LRV of 76, is a brighter warm white with slight purple undertones. (Curious about LRV? Learn more here, including why LRV is so important to keep in mind when choosing the perfect paint color for your home.)

Lighting will play a role in how this hue will appear. In shaded environments, Toque White can look creamy and warm. Yet in a sunny environment, it will be a truer white and soft, definitely not stark. The purple undertones are subtle enough that they shouldn’t be a hindrance during any decision making processes. Keep reading for a few color palettes we love using Toque White.

Large two story traditional home with stone siding and sandstone walkway

Recommended Applications for Toque White

The versatility of Toque White makes its application seamless. As an accent color, it complements and balances. As a field color, it shines and rejuvenates. Although our designers love Toque White on traditional homes, it’s also a great choice for other styles, including contemporary and Craftsman homes.

before and after of a split level home with updated white brick, gray siding, and double hung doors

Toque White Color Pairings

In the design above, our designers applied Toque White to the brick only. The existing gray color on the vinyl siding remains unchanged. Simply updating the brick makes a huge difference in the vibe of the home, and Toque White pairs beautifully with the gray. Taking it a step further, the addition of wood elements on the garage door and porch ceiling warm the façade, which would feel too cool otherwise. Simplifying the landscaping, adding cozy patio furniture, and replacing light fixtures and doors with statement pieces ties everything together.

before and after of an outdated brown home updated with navy paint, cedar columns, and white trim

Talk about a refresh: Check out the transformation of this home! Not only does it show the power of exterior paint, but it’s a stunner. The home above was given new life through our designer’s choice of a blue color palette. Brightening the home, Toque White replaced the brown trim, eaves, garage doors, and gutters and downspouts. The brick received an update with a beautiful steel navy in Wescott Navy by Benjamin Moore. Lastly, a pop of a light gray on the siding in Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore completes the palette with its blue undertones. We love including wood elements to balance cool-toned façades. Through small changes like the double-hung doors and cedar columns, this house looks ready for an evening sipping tea on the porch.

lakefront white farmhouse with black accents, garage doors, windows, and gables

Above is a lakefront farmhouse in the classic black-and-white style. This home shows how Toque White can compete with some of our favorite farmhouse colors. Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore on the garage, shutters, and gable accents is in perfect harmony with the charcoal and gray hues found in the walkway and landscaping stone. Vertical Hardie Board above the garage and entry anchors the home and adds height. Combining textures can be tricky, but having those textures all one color helps to blend them. This way, the elements you want to stand out — like the gable accents — will, if you use another color.


greige rancher style home with wide walkway and white trim

Pros and Cons of Toque White by Sherwin Williams


  • Versatile enough to be an excellent main color or accent hue
  • Can be used on many home styles
  • Is a great accent color for cooler central colors


  • Slight purple undertones could possibly show in specific environments
  • Color pairings are limited to cooler colors and greiges

Alternatives to Toque White

The differences between white hues can vary greatly due to undertones. Luckily, we have a lot of experience in reviewing white paint. Below, we’ve rounded up a couple alternatives to Toque White in case you aren’t sure it’s quite what you’re looking for.

French chateau style home with blue window trim and a black door

Sherwin Williams’ Oyster White

Oyster White by Sherwin Williams is a great choice if you’re looking for a slightly warmer, slightly darker exterior paint color. We love Oyster White so much we named it one of the best Sherwin Williams’ exterior paint colors for 2023. With an LRV of 72 (vs. Toque White’s 76), it has a lower reflective value than Toque White. Applications are similar in that it can be used as a central or accent color on many styles of homes. For color pairings, it is less flexible because its green undertones are stronger than Toque White’s purple undertones. However, Oyster White is still highly versatile and one of our tried-and-true favorites.

Two story home with large balcony, copper gutters, black windows, and two dormer windows

Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl

Our 2021 paint color of the year, Seapearl is always a reliable white exterior paint color. At an LRV of 76.43, it’s just the slightest bit lighter than Toque White. Seapearl has a hint of gray in the undertones making it a great neutral. Plus, it’s a warm white for shaded and sunny environments. Applications are identical in that it pairs well with cooler tones like blacks and blues, but also greiges.

White multi-level home with wood staircase leading to entry, black windows, porch seating, and modern wood door

The Bottom Line on Toque White by Sherwin Williams

Toque White by Sherwin Williams is a great choice for a unique white exterior paint color. As a central hue, it will never be too stark for a sunny home and can help brighten a shaded one. As an accent color, it could be the perfect white to contrast with darker colors or to complement similar colors, like a light greige for a tone-on-tone look. Toque White gives homeowners tons of color palette options as it pairs well with blacks, blues, greiges, and grays. We hope our review has inspired you to consider this gorgeous white for your future home exterior design update.

At brick&batten, we are experts at recommending the right color choices for your home and its environment. We take into account the amount of natural light you get, your desired style, preferred/existing accent colors, and more to ensure the perfect hue for your home. The process is easy. Answers to a few short questions and photos of your home are all we need to get going. With this information, we will produce a virtual design of your home with our suggested paint colors. You’ll also receive a clickable resource list that helps you execute the upgrade. What are you waiting for? Let’s make your dream reality. Get started here.

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