10 Sunroom Ideas: Windows, Decor, and More

Sunrooms — also known as solariums — are rooms that use windows and glass doors to allow abundant sunlight in. They are ideal for taking in views of outdoor landscapes while being sheltered from the elements. Though screened-in porches offer something similar, screens allow the air to flow through and the windows of a sunroom do not, meaning sunrooms can often be used year-round, no matter the climate. Practicality and functionality aside, our designers have plenty of sunroom ideas that also elevate exteriors aesthetically. Check out some of our favorite examples below.

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house with a back patio and sunroom

#1 // Sleek and seamless

Our designers know how to implement sunroom ideas that will elevate the entire exterior of the home, and this rendering is proof. With a sprawling patio, the spacious sunroom offers a sleek contrast. The recessed lighting on the soffits outside the room, along with the sconces between the windows, accentuates the space day and night.

back of a house with a sunroom and pool

#2 // Poolside sunroom

In this design, the sunroom provides a safety barrier between the house and the pool. Plus, its poolside placement makes the sunroom a great place for entertaining guests who don’t want to go for a swim, while others splash to their heart’s content.

ranch home with a sunroom on the left end

#3 // Sunroom endcap 

The sunroom in this rendering protrudes from the left end of the house. Its placement, along with the thick, black window trim, draws the eye and offers compelling contrast to the façade. 

modern house with a pool and a back sunroom

#4 // Modern comfort

If you’re on the hunt for sunroom ideas to create a space ideal for relaxation, this design might pique your interest. The sunroom is beautifully molded into the home’s sharp architecture, accentuated with bold, black window trim. Inside, the high ceilings make way for a large ceiling fan to keep the space cool despite the sunlight let in by the floor-to-ceiling windows. If the fan fails to cool you off, the pool is close by. The recessed lighting brings light to the room even after the sun goes down, so you can enjoy the area any time of day.

back of a house with blue siding with a sunroom, deck, and patio

#5 // Overlook the backyard

We love sunroom ideas that allow you to take in the views of your outdoor spaces. Sitting inside this sunroom, you get a great glimpse of the backyard. From the outside looking in, the room is also striking. Plus, it balances the main-level deck and the patio and hardscape beneath, both on the right side of this split-level home.

modern house with a sunroom

#6 // A sunroom that stands out

Amidst a breathtaking rear exterior layout, the sunroom in this design still manages to stand out. The large room uses windows with bold trim, and its adjoining, inviting exterior lounge space is partitioned off from the rest of the exterior by the iron railing.

brick ranch home with black shutters and a sunroom

#7 // A smooth transition

The modern, black trimmed windows and double doors of this smaller sunroom bring a touch of modernity to an otherwise traditional rear exterior. We love how our designers replicated the double doors leading from the home’s interior to the sunroom with the doors that lead out to the open patio space. It provides a lovely, functional flow for indoor-outdoor living.

back of a house with white siding with a pergola and back sunroom

#8 // Charming side sunroom

We love the whimsical accents our designers weaved throughout this exterior. From the moss hugging the pergola to the flower pots and light paint colors, this design exudes a peaceful vibe. The sunroom off to the left side makes perfect sense here. As a unique touch, this sunroom is topped with a functional balcony.

back of a modern house with a sunroom and an upper level patio

#9 // Placement is key

Sunroom ideas don’t merely offer homeowners benefits on the inside. Sure, they are the perfect space to enjoy the sunshine without risking a sunburn, but from the outside, the large windows are also beautiful. In this design, the sunroom overlooks the large patio area, which is beautiful whether you’re sitting outside or in.

white brick house with a double decker sunroom

#10 // Double-decker sunroom

Why settle for one sunroom when you can have two? In this design, we helped the homeowners envision a stunning two-level sunroom. Each space includes ceiling fans to maximize comfort. The upper level includes a seating space to relax and unwind, while the sunroom beneath offers a way to dine with an unobscured view of the gorgeous setting. The large windows stretch the space, and the window trim matches the house for a cohesive look.

ranch home with a sunroom on the left side

Seeing sunrooms in your future?

Sometimes the call of the outdoors is impossible to ignore. And sometimes, no matter how badly you want to sit outside and take in the views of the great outdoors, the elements just won’t allow it. Maybe it’s miserably hot, or perhaps the bugs are particularly bad. Maybe rain is on the radar. Whatever the case may be, a sunroom is the perfect solution if you’re someone who loves outdoor views without any fuss. Our designers can help you reimagine your existing exterior spaces and give you the sunroom you’ve been yearning for.

Designing the exterior of your dreams doesn’t have to be daunting. Our team of expert designers uses a picture (or blueprint) of your home as our canvas to transform your exterior. From sunrooms to screened-in porches, patios to hardscapes, we’re ready to help you achieve your design goals. Get started today.