12 Patio Extension Ideas for Outdoor Living

When it comes to outdoor spaces, patios offer so much potential. From seating areas to firepits and outdoor dining tables, patios are ideal for relaxation outside. But some patios don’t quite live up to their full potential because they don’t cover enough ground. Enter: patio extension ideas. Our designers can look at the space outside of your home and come up with a variety of ways to fill in your patio area, all while keeping your design goals at the forefront. Check out some of our favorite designs featuring patio extensions below. 

Whether you’re interested in a patio extension, a completely new patio, a deck, or an entirely different design element, we’re here to help you visualize your updated exterior. Learn about our virtual exterior design services.  

before and after of a stucco home with a patio

#1 // Clean Lines 

Patio extension ideas don’t always require considerably expanding a space. This home already had a concrete patio, but it didn’t stretch the length of the home and had an uneven layout. To clean the lines up, our designers filled in the space with pea stone and concrete pavers. We also added two functional seating areas, creating a more intentional patio design.

before and after of a small home with added patio and walkway

#2 // Maximize Small Spaces

Having a small home and yard doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a patio. Our designers extended the patio off of this home’s entryway and front stoop, filling in the small grass area between the walkway and driveway. We suggested pavers in both of those design elements for texture. We also added a spot for outdoor lounging without compromising too much of the front yard.

before and after of a traditional home with an added back patio

#3 // Entertaining Zones

Patio extension ideas are often thought of in terms of entertainment. Patios are a great way to create an outdoor area meant for relaxing and entertaining guests. We added a patio to the back of this home and sprinkled in a few different distinct entertaining zones, including one for gathering around a firepit, one for lounging, and another for dining. 

before and after of a home with a landscaped patio extension

#4 // Accentuate with Landscaping

Patios and landscaping go hand in hand. Adding plants, pavers, and lighting to a patio space can create a more serene environment. Our designers saw the potential for landscaping that this client’s yard offered. We filled things in with shrubs, plants, boulders, pavers, and stone and also added a small seating area to take in the idyllic setting.

before and after of a traditional home with a porch and patio extension

#5 // Functional Space for a Sloped Yard

This home’s existing landscaping made the sloped yard all the more evident. Our designers extended the patio off the front porch, layering in walkway pavers, landscaping, stairs, and deck railing. All of the added elements work together to create a more functional front yard layout.

before and after of a small ranch with an added patio space

#6 // Patio Off the Deck

If a comforting and cozy outdoor area speaks to your design goals, there are plenty of patio extension ideas to explore. For this home, we removed the deck railing and expanded the patio directly off of it to make room for three separate spots to relax and unwind. 

before and after of a ranch home with a patio added by the front door
before and after of a back patio space

#7 // Front and Back Patio Extensions

If outdoor lounging is something that’s important to you, consider adding patios to both your front and back yards. After all, they offer different views and vibes — the front yard is a great place to be social, while the backyard can feel more cozy and private. This home’s previous entryway offered just enough concrete space for one chair. Our designers extended the patio to create both a walkway and an outdoor seating space, with pea gravel as the ground cover. Moving to the backyard, we expanded the patio further into the yard to add in a firepit and lounge chairs. This client also wanted extension patio roof ideas to make their home’s exterior feel less flat, so we added in a gabled area above the door of the screened-in porch

before and after of a patio with a walkway

#8 // Make the Most of the Space

Our designers have the expert ability to look at a space and imagine a myriad of ways to transform it. This home boasts a bigger front yard, so our designers maximized it by extending the patio near the entrance, creating an open layout that includes both a widened walkway and a seating area, all using the same hardscape materials. 

before and after of a backyard patio area

#9 // Mix and Match Materials

One of our go-to ways to make a design more dynamic and to differentiate spaces is by including a variety of textures and materials. The added patio lounge spaces in this design features three different flooring materials: concrete, wood planks, and stones.

before and after of a patio extended off a walkway

#10 // Patio Extended Off the Walkway

Patio extensions are often added near a front or back door, but this rendering shows a more unique patio that extends farther into the yard, off the walkway. The existing space in front of this home was wide open. Adding a curved walkway combined with a gorgeous patio really elevates the curb appeal.

before and after of a ranch home with an extended patio with a pergola

#11 // Patio with a Pergola

Pergolas are the ideal design element to bring to a patio if you want an airy aesthetic as well as some protection from overhead sunlight. This home’s red brick and beige siding got a major overhaul with an all-white exterior — which appears all the more inviting combined with the wispy plants and concrete pavers. The pergola serves as a focal point to draw the eye to the centered patio space.

before and after with a back patio extension

#12 // Separate Patio Sections

Patios don’t have to be confined to a sole space. The existing patio surrounding the back door of this home was extended with walkway pavers that lead to a separate seating section.

before and after of a patio with a gated entrance

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