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Small Patio Furniture and Design Ideas for 2024

The right furniture can elevate your outdoor living space and impact how well it functions for you, your family, and your guests. This is especially true for smaller areas where every inch of space is crucial and needs to be utilized properly. If you’re in the market for some small patio furniture, you’re in luck ...

Exterior Remodeling for a Return in California

Here at brick&batten, we typically work with homeowners looking for help visualizing changes to their house’s exterior. But we also work with trade professionals, such as interior designers, who need assistance showing their clients what the outside of their dream home can look like. That was exactly the case with Meg F., head of design ...

12 Patio Extension Ideas for Outdoor Living

When it comes to outdoor spaces, patios offer so much potential. From seating areas to firepits and outdoor dining tables, patios are ideal for relaxation outside. But some patios don’t quite live up to their full potential because they don’t cover enough ground. Enter: patio extension ideas. Our designers can look at the space outside ...