Brick Walkway Inspiration to Elevate Your Front Yard

When it comes to curb appeal, the walkway to your home is a significant design element that should not be overlooked. Whether you want to achieve a classic aesthetic or you’re hoping to add some character to your front yard, a brick walkway is an excellent way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. From dynamic herringbone patterns to timeless red brick, our designers have plenty of brick walkway ideas to get you inspired. Read on for some of our favorite examples.

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traditional home with red brick, white trim, wood shutters, and a brick walkway

Match the exterior

We love the bold contrast dark hues create when juxtaposed with natural brick. In the design above, we used Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore, a charcoal color with subtle brown undertones, on the siding. While the red brick on the bottom section of the home really pops against the dark siding on the upper level, it does the opposite with the brick walkway and flows into it perfectly. This creates a sense of cohesion and allows other design elements, such as the arched entry, to shine. 

neutral home with limewashed brick walkway and wood accents

Limewashed brick walkway

Veering away from the red or painted brick we often see on exteriors, this design features limewashed brick across the bottom of the home and on the stairs. We used the same limewashed brick for the walkway to achieve a seamless look. The combination of limewashed brick, white stucco, and wood accents throughout this design creates a warm, welcoming exterior. 

Traditional home with a brown roof and color palette of warm neutrals

Mix-and-match brick

We don’t always match the brick walkway to the exterior brick as seen in the previous two examples. For this design, we kept the home’s original beige brick but rendered the walkway with red brick. Both brick colors complement the greige shake siding, painted with Benjamin Moore’s Cape May Cobblestone, and the brown roof. The red brick walkway also works well with the wrought iron fence and gate.

ranch house with green siding, wood exposed beams, and a brick walkway

Enhance an earthy palette 

Playing off of this property’s lush landscaping, our designers embraced an earth tone color palette for this modern ranch home’s exterior. We used natural colors and materials, including a sage green hue for the siding and wood accents. The brick walkway adds both texture and dimension to the front yard.

neutral brick home with gray brick walkway

Play with pattern

The covered front porch in this design is undoubtedly the focal point of the façade, and the brick walkway helps lead the eye straight to it. The herringbone pattern of the bricks that make up the walkway creates visual interest and gives the path a more dynamic appearance.

traditional home with navy blue siding and a brick walkway and patio

Red brick walkway and patio

The brick walkway in this design flows right into the quaint patio. Alongside the navy blue siding, the red brick looks particularly rich and elegant. We positioned the walkway and patio against the concrete driveway and mulched landscaping for contrast, drawing more attention to the entryway.

modern crafstman house with sage green siding and brick walkway

Coordinate with the columns

The base of the columns on this modern craftsman home are blanketed in red brick, which we also carried through to the walkway leading to the entrance. We switched up the pattern of the brick for the pathway, though, to keep things from looking too one-note. 

white brick house with neutral brick walkway

Winding walkway

This home’s minimalist off-white exterior emphasizes simplicity, which left room for some creativity in the yard. To fill the yard in, we used a winding brick walkway with multi-shade neutral bricks. The plants along the pathway’s curves flow seamlessly into the yard while also accentuating the walkway. 

ranch with off-white brick and a red brick walkway

Front and center

While walkways often point to the focal point of a design, the brick walkway in this design takes the spotlight. Our designers implemented a slight curve in the layout, bringing more depth to the already long path. To achieve a classic vibe, we opted for red brick as a companion to the greige exterior. We drew further attention to the walkway by lining it with shrubs on both sides.

navy blue house with natural brick walkway

Ready to follow the brick walkway?

With a multitude of design possibilities and alluring appeal, brick walkways have the ability to enhance any outdoor space. From traditional elegance to modern creativity, the charm of brick walkways is undeniable. Whether you want to elevate your landscape, infuse character, or ensure lasting beauty with the durable material, our designers can work with you to achieve a brick pathway that makes a statement. 

Ready to take the leap toward achieving your dream exterior? Partner with us, and we’ll help you manifest your vision. Get started today, and make your design dreams come true!