10 Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Whether you’re looking to keep the heat down in your indoor kitchen or you simply want to spend more time outside, outdoor kitchens are the way to go. Deck out your outdoor cooking space with a grill (we often recommend BBQ Guys), counters, a refrigerator — and more! Our designers have plenty of covered outdoor kitchen ideas to keep your cooking space protected from the elements and add both form and function to your exterior. Check out some of our favorites below.

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stunning covered outdoor kitchen

#1 // Transform your deck into an outdoor kitchen

If you’re looking for covered outdoor kitchen ideas that maximize functionality, working with a lot of space is the way to go. The outdoor kitchen in this design comes fully equipped with an under-the-counter refrigerator, cabinets, a sink, grill, wood-fired stove, and plenty of room on the counter for prep work. Our designers included a dining table under the awning with outdoor lounge seating nearby.

An outdoor sanctuary with multiple levels of living spaces

#2 // Compartmentalize your backyard hardscape 

This breathtaking backyard hardscape is divided into separate zones. We love covered outdoor kitchen ideas with an intentional layout, and the visual barriers our designers used in this rendering achieve just that. Because of the yard’s slope, we used retaining walls to help differentiate the spaces. The result is that each zone has its own distinct function: cooking and dining, lounging, and sitting fireside.

house with beige siding and an outdoor kitchen

#3 // Open-yet-cozy

This home’s patio offers plenty of space, and our designers filled it intentionally. With functionality at the forefront, we added a covered outdoor kitchen on the left side with a nearby dining table. Embracing a warm and inviting aesthetic, the kitchen space flows into the lounge area, complete with an outdoor fireplace. 

back side of a house with a pool and a covered outdoor kitchen

#4 // Outdoor kitchen beneath an upper-level deck

Our designers know how to look at a space and realize its full potential. Here, we made the best use of space beneath an upper-level deck with — you guessed it! — an outdoor kitchen and dining area. 

modern backyard with a pool and a covered outdoor kitchen

#5 // Poolside outdoor kitchen

For the days when you’re enjoying the fresh air so much you just don’t want to head inside, our designers can help you make your outside space functional and comfortable enough to enjoy from dawn to dusk. Above, our designers added a covered outdoor kitchen near the backyard pool, so the homeowners can go straight from the pool to making a bite to eat without having to dry off and go inside. We love how the freestanding space uses shapes, colors, and materials drawn from the home’s exterior.

modern covered outdoor kitchen beneath a pergola

#6 // Make use of a side yard

Side yards can present design challenges. But, if yours is big enough, it could be the perfect spot for an outdoor kitchen! Here, our designers tucked a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen AND a dining area beneath a pergola all into a side yard. The lounge space in the forefront is covered by a separate retractable awning, allowing for a view of the stars at night as well as shade from the overhead sun in the middle of the day.

modern white house with an outdoor kitchen and a pool

#7 // Poolside covered patio

This poolside patio exudes a breezy aura that is as inviting as it is compelling. Our designers situated the outdoor kitchen right next to a sectional, so homeowners can visit with guests while cooking.

modern backyard with a jacuzzi, multiple seating areas, fireplace, and outdoor kitchen

#8 // Off to the side

From the seating and lounge spaces to the fireplace and jacuzzi, this backyard oasis is perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Our designers nestled a covered outdoor kitchen space to one side of the hardscape, along with a bar area for dining.

back of a home with navy siding and a covered outdoor kitchen

#9 // Tie your outdoor kitchen together with landscaping

The covered outdoor kitchen in this design stands out without standing apart from the rest of the hardscape. The pergola and stone pavers bring dimension to the space and provide contrast from the nearby patio. Despite the different sections and flooring materials, the layout maintains a cohesive look because of the curated landscaping. The in-ground lighting and shrubs bordering the spaces unify the design in a lovely way.

back of a modern dark home with an outdoor kitchen

#10 // Sleek and modern

Our designers matched the aesthetic of this outdoor kitchen to the exterior. We embraced a modern backyard, using natural elements and dark colors. The kitchen space is nestled between two different sets of doors leading inside the home for convenience. This layout makes it easy to head inside to grab extra ingredients or supplies to cook with.

white brick house with an outdoor kitchen and pool

Ready to get cooking? We’ve got you covered!

Covered outdoor kitchens are perfect for a casual outdoor lifestyle. More and more of our clients are seeking outdoor kitchen ideas because they love to host or simply because their family loves gathering and dining outside. The ability to cook outside, too, makes gorgeous summer evenings that much more enjoyable. And we’re firm believers that a covered outdoor cooking space can be as beautiful as it is functional.

Don’t let the overwhelming task of designing the perfect outdoor kitchen hold you back. Our team of expert designers will use a picture (or blueprint) of your home as our canvas to transform your entire outdoor aesthetic. From outdoor kitchens to backyard pools, shutters to walkways, we’re here to be your partners in exterior design. Get started today.