Black House Siding with Stone and Brick

Buddy P. discovered brick&batten on accident — his wife stumbled across our Facebook page — and was impressed with our work, so he enlisted our help to update his home’s exterior. 

Read on to learn how Buddy used our design, which features black house siding, painted brick, and more, to transform his home and dramatically improve its curb appeal. 

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A before photo of a ranch style home exterior

The before

Buddy’s home is a 1960s ranch with brick veneer and siding, both of which were painted about 10 years ago. He and his wife knew they wanted to repaint the exterior but were unsure of what colors would look best. They also wanted help making their “narrow, useless” front porch more functional. 

We’d been talking about possibly doing something different with the exterior of our 1960s house, and the brick&batten concept was very interesting. As it turned out, it was also very simple and straightforward. I took a few photos and we made a list of pain points, then engaged the brick&batten team.

A virtual rendering featuring black house siding, painted brick, and stone

The design

We recommended a dark color palette for Buddy’s home. Our design features Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox on the brick and Caviar, also by Sherwin Williams, on the siding, trim, gutters, and downspouts. Black Fox has rich brown undertones that give it a warmer feel than other more traditional black hues, and pairing it with a darker shade like Caviar ​​creates a modern, elegant look.

A section of light stone siding creates some contrast and makes the new front porch a focal point. Speaking of the porch, we recommended replacing the dated white columns with modern wood ones and adding a metal roof overhang. We also included a porch swing, another seating area, and planters.  

New steps and a walkway lined with landscape lighting lead to the contemporary wood entry door. Finally, we removed the home’s shutters and swapped the old light fixtures for new ones.

The design [brick&batten] delivered was fantastic. It addressed all the items we’d noted, and we knew almost immediately that we wanted to pursue it.

An actual after photo featuring black house siding and painted brick

The process

Buddy said he worked with a local contractor to bring his brick&batten design to life. The process took about four months, and our rendering was used throughout. 

[The] team took the brick&batten design, altered it to address a few changes we wanted, then did a tremendous job in executing on it. 

A walkway with stepping stones lined with landscaping

Even though we only designed the front of Buddy’s home, he told us his contractor found our rendering helpful when working on the backside too.

They used it as a guide in addressing the back of the house as well, including a new porch that incorporates the wood and stacked stone look of the front elevation.

An actual after photo featuring black house siding and painted brick

The actual after

From the black house siding and painted brick to the stone accents and wood porch columns, Buddy implemented many of our design recommendations. This once-dated ranch now has a cool contemporary look the homeowners love. 

We love it. I’m sure it sounds cliché, but it’s like a brand-new house. All the teams involved did such a great job in bringing the plan to fruition, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their efforts.

An actual after photo of a home with black siding and painted brick

A successful home exterior update

Buddy and his wife aren’t the only ones enjoying their home’s new look. Many neighbors and passersby have given the transformation their stamp of approval too. 

The positive comments and compliments have been overwhelming. So many folks have stopped by when they’ve seen us outside to tell us how much they like the new look. It certainly seems to be a big hit. I know that it is with us.

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