20 Front Porch Ideas for Small or Sprawling Spaces

Having a sprawling front porch is beautiful and definitely adds value to your home; however, most of us have small porches that sit happily, waiting for attention. Even a smaller porch can look stunning with the right accents and furniture.  Whether your porch is small or sprawling, we’ve found 20 front porch ideas that take your curb appeal to the next level.


20 Front Porch Ideas:


Idea #1.

Front Porch Swing.

A front porch swing can take your simple front porch and add huge curb appeal.  They are comfortable, interesting, and a great way to greet guests outside. Porch swings come in a variety of sizes and styles, with different chains, ropes, and cushions.  Check out these Magnolia Porch Swings for inspiration… and thank you Alli for making it look and sound just right.  Just a Swingin‘…

Porch Swing
porch swing
hanging swings
porch swing before & after


Idea #2.

Outdoor Curtains.

I wasn’t a big believer in outdoor curtains until I purchased my own. I had visions of the curtains blowing wildly while I’m trying to enjoy my morning coffee.  With the right curtain, nothing could be further from the truth! An outdoor curtain provides privacy and as well as style. I wanted a curtain that drew attention to my porch, wouldn’t fade, dried well after a big rain, and of course didn’t blow around causing more trouble than it’s worth.  That said, I found the perfect outdoor curtain at Ballard Designs. A great addition to my outdoor front porch.

outdoor curtain
outdoor porch curtain

Idea #3. 


Adding a front porch rug creates a cozy feel… like an extension of the house. With more and more people working from home, the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces are becoming more blurred. Your outdoor space should be comfortable and functional. When I visit friends’ homes I always love when they have a rug because it feels more like a room than just an outdoor space.  Word Market on-line has fun rugs that won’t break the bank! That’s my next purchase this spring.



indoor/ outdoor rug

Idea #4. 


I’ve written about lanterns before and I’ll say it again. Outdoor lanterns are a great investment for any size front porch or stairs. They illuminate the area in a perfectly soft way.  Use a variety of different lantern styles and shapes to provide an eclectic look. Or, stick with one color or style that you really love. Frontgate is calling lanterns a front porch patio fix! Either way, lanterns are a curb appeal game changer.  

Frontgate Solano Lanter

Idea #5. 

Fire Table, Fire Pit, Fire Bowl.

My sister lives down the street in Atlanta and has a small front porch. She recently added two chairs and a small fire table right there in the front.  It’s beautiful and functional! Nearly every week we spend time sitting around  drinking a glass of wine and just talking. The kids make s’mores and enjoy with friends. BBQ Guys make a great propane fire table that actually puts out heat. You don’t need a big backyard fire to enjoy the mood a fire table brings.

fire table
fire pit

Idea #6.

Metal Awning.

If you’re looking to cover your existing porch or patio, a metal awning is the perfect choice.  Metal is a material that lasts forever and is 100% recyclable/ sustainable. That said, when looking to put a roof over your porch, a metal awning will add protection as well as update your curb appeal. Learn more about the pros and cons of a metal roof or awning here.

metal roof
metal awning
metal porch roof

Idea #7.

Front Porch Furniture.

The bottom line, your front porch furniture should be comfortable.  Enough of the days of the plastic chairs that blow away in the first spring storm.  It’s time to invest in higher quality outdoor furniture. It doesn’t have to be fancy.  And it doesn’t have to match; however, it does need to be comfortable.  

comfortable porch furniture
Oasis sofa
porch furniture

Idea #8.

Outdoor Nesting Tables.

It’s always nice to have a table next to your chairs on your outdoor porch.  It’s a place to rest your drink or set down your book. You can also put a little lamp on the table to really create a homey feel.  The reason I like nesting tables is because they can put together to create one small table or spread apart to create a larger table or even two tables if needed.  For a small porch, the nesting tables are ideal and for a large table, spread the out and enjoy the space.

nesting table

Idea #9.

Cool House Number.

A cool house number is a great way to improve your curb appeal without taking up space on your porch. Modern homes are going with larger numbers sometimes on the porch and other times smacked right on the outside of the house.  We’ve seen farmhouses doing more of a sign with a mixture of script and print, as seen below. What a great idea! 

address numbers
address on gable

Idea #10. 

Welcome Mat.

Your welcome mat is a place to add a little personality to your front porch area.  Even if your space is small, you still need a mat! Your poor welcome mat gets a daily beating. It’s outside and subject to all types of weather and gets stepped on, wiped across, and abused everyday; therefore, it’s time to find a welcome mat that amps up your curb appeal and speaks to your style.  Check out the brick&batten monogrammed mat or World Market arrow doormat to make a real statement! And if you’re really feeling crazy, I can’t resist posting the “ding dong” mat.  

welcome mat
welcome mat


Idea #11.

Hanging Plants.

No porch is complete without some sort of potted or hanging plant. If you’re tight on space, opt for hanging flowers or ferns.  They add color and interest to your porch area and also provide a bit of privacy. Depending on the height of the ceiling you’re hanging from, you can get chain links to extend the chain.  Hang a bit above eye level for the best view and privacy.

hanging plants

Idea #12.

Potted Plants.

In 2020, you’re going to notice more terra cotta and/ or glazed pottery lining stairs and porches. Planters are a great way to add life to a simple porch design. 




Idea #13.


Your front porch doesn’t begin when you reach the doorway.  That said, create a walkway to remember. This can be done using flagstone pavers, brick, cement blocks, or even a path of stone.  A beautiful walkway is an excellent way to guide guests to your door. 

natural wood columns

Idea #14.

Small Bench.

No room? No problem. Check out this tiny front porch. It looks beautiful and welcoming with the rug, simple bench, and green potted flowers.  Is this the porch you’re going to sit on and relax? No. But is it welcoming for guests? Absolutely! 

Idea #15.

Porch Ceiling.

A coat of paint on your porch ceiling can tell a lot about your home’s style.  The “haite blue” southern style porch is iconic. It appears like a blue sky on a sunny day, and with a white house looks stunning! Legend has it that the blue represents water and the spirits can’t travel over the water. So, the blue porch roof keeps the spirits away and from entering the house. Another way to update your porch is adding a wood ceiling. It creates a warm vibe, with a modern touch!

wood porch ceiling


Idea #16. 

Keep it Simple.

Your porch shouldn’t be the catch all for the junk you can’t fit inside. If you don’t have the space, don’t cram furniture and junk on your porch hoping it will be “cozy.” Get rid of the extra stuff and opt for fewer furniture pieces. It’s nice to have cozy seating but not so cozy you’re rubbing knees or people can’t walk by without being bumped.  Also, get rid of the clutter that’s just sitting around with no purpose. Thank you Domestic Imperfection for the photo.  This is a firm NO! Keep it simple.


Idea #17.


Install a porch fan to keep your area comfortable.  A fan is multipurpose… they look great, provide a nice breeze flowing through the area, and keep the bugs away.  

before&after dark exterior

Idea #18.


Nothing says cozy and comfortable like a basket of outdoor blankets.  Like the fan helps in the summer, a warm blanket helps in the winter. I put blankets in a big outdoor basket.  When guests come over, I drape blankets on the chairs or keep the basket handy for those to grab and sit. The memories we’ve created just bundling in blankets on the porch will never be forgotten.  Check out the Pendleton blankets for the best of the best.

Fringe Fleece Blanket


wooden porch furniture


Idea #19.

Outdoor Speaker.

An outdoor speaker is a key player in creating the perfect front porch.  Keep a playlist that old and young can enjoy. Music is a great way to lighten the mood and keep people engaged. It draws people in and creates an atmosphere of fun. 


Idea #20.

Outdoor Lighting.

Outdoor lighting is critical in enhancing the mood of your space.  Nobody wants to be blinded by the light! It doesn’t matter how great the music or cozy the space, if the lighting is bad, the porch won’t be enjoyed.  For outside lighting, you should be looking for one that mimics natural sunlight. The color of the light should have a soft warm glow and not a harsh floodlight feel.  My porch lights are dimmable… it gives me control. For more on outdoor lighting, click here.

outdoor lighting
pendant light



Overall, a front porch is key to curb appeal greatness! A front porch done well offers 100% return on investment… as well as an investment to your mental health, social life, and curb appeal.  Your front porch should be comfortable, beautiful, and functional. Whether you have a sprawling front porch or small stoop, there are so many ways to create a welcoming atmosphere that people want to visit.  


Great curb appeal doesn’t happen by accident. If you’re looking to add a front porch to your home or you’re looking for ways to update your existing porch, our brick&batten designers have your back. We’d love to partner with you on a virtual exterior design, showing you your home’s full potential. Get started today.