10 Home Exterior Finds to Get You in the Fall Spirit

Always on the hunt for the perfect outdoor decor, I found 10 home exterior Fall favorites to take me right on through Thanksgiving.  Because, I’m not really into the traditional Halloween witches and cobwebs decor, finding these treasures are just what I need to get me into the Fall spirit.  Turns out, I have so many favorite finds I can’t wait to get started on my porch!


No. 1 //


If you’ve read any of my blogs, you know I love lanterns! They are a hot trend this Fall… lightweight, movable, and gorgeous, lanterns send the perfect amount of light and are affordable. Check out these Duomo outdoor stunners!



No. 2 //

Magnolia Wreath:

This beautiful magnolia wreath captures the spirit of Fall.  Each piece is grown and harvested by a small family-operated farm in Northern California.  Not only unique but harvested by hand.  



No. 3 // 

Lumbar Pillow:

This is the outdoor Claudine lumbar pillow.  Love the colors, tassels, and textures.  It’s not pumpkins and candy, but puts out an Autumn vibe to keep your porch in style through the whole season.



No. 4 //

Cozy Throw Blanket:

The made in the USA Eagle Saddle Blanket is not only gorgeous but comes with a great story.  A Cheyenne warrior saw an eagle trapped in the antlers of an elk. The warrior freed the eagle, as a result he was thanked with a gift of a stallion, resembling the colors of the eagle’s feathers.  Part of your purchase goes to support the American Indian College Fund. Great to help a cause while staying warm this Fall and Winter.



No. 5//


This wooden candle vessel can’t be beat! I love the wooden contrast to the candles put into it…and itcan be reused after burning.  The scents cab also be Fall inspiring from red wine to spiked cider.  I’m in!



No. 6//

Brass Outdoor Table:

Pottery Barn never disappoints with its Bermuda Hammered Brass Coffee Table.  This piece will definitely take your outdoor space up a notch.  It’s made of weather-resistant aluminum, so can be combined with your outdoor furniture to make a statement this season.



No. 7//


What first caught my eye was the mesh pattern of this chiminea.  I’ve always wanted a chiminea for my back porch.  That said, this is a strong contender! 



No. 8//

Outdoor Lights:

Another huge part of creating a beautiful outdoor space is lighting.  You want to create a soft warm glow without the headache.  Finding these Stargazer Commercial Lights is a game changer for me! They provide the perfect illumination without being too bright.



No. 9//


Ready to host the neighbors for wine? I bought the Gold Metallic Ombre Glassware to use on my outdoor porch.  They look amazing, come in a variety of styles, and are weighted heavier at the bottom; therefore, avoiding accidents. Definitely a crowd pleaser!



No. 10//

Firewood Rack:

We spend a lot of time around the fire pit every Fall and early Winter.  I’m so happy to find this beautiful firewood rack.  No more running back and forth to grab firewood from the corner of the yard.  I’m loading this thing and leaving it on the back patio!  



Overall, this is a great time of year to do home exterior changes. Whether you’re looking for a brick&batten home makeover to do cosmetic updates or just looking for a fun decor items to spice up your space, now is the time.  You’ve seen my 10 Fall favorites to take you right on through Thanksgiving… now get inspired to do a little shopping!