18 Predictions for 2020 Exterior Home Design

We’ve come up with 18 predictions for 2020 exterior home design. That said, as 2020 is quickly approaching it’s important to be aware of what’s coming down the pipeline and how you can achieve the latest look.  Many clients are asking for updates and we want to be sure we make the best decisions for each home exterior. We’ve sent our best brick&batten designers on the hunt to discover what you should be focused on in your 2020 house design.  Fast forward to spring, what will we be noticing in home exteriors?

18 Predictions for 2020 Home Design:

No. 1//

Mid-Century Modern Homes

Homes are moving to a more simplistic design.  Out with the McMansions and in with the mid-century modern type structures.  Big open windows and lean toward nature.

Mid-Century WIndows and water feature
mid century modern
mid century modern design

No. 2//  

Ranch Styles with Front Porch Space

Because of the move toward simplicity, we are noticing more of a focus on ranch style homes, with livable front porch space. A front porch has become a major draw for new home buyers! People are looking for a front porch space. If your home doesn’t have one, consider building a front porch to increase the value of your home.

ranch with patio
porch addition
front porch design

No. 3// 

Solar Panels and Solar Lights

California has already passed the law… all new builds are required to have solar panels.  North Carolina and Arizona are also seeing an increase in solar panel use. In the meantime, try solar garden lights to illuminate your space and start looking into whether solar panels is an option for you.

solar power walkway light
solar landscape lights

No. 4//

Metal Roof

I’ve done a lot of research on the benefits of a metal roof.  I can see why a metal roof is becoming a hot trend for 2020. If you’re thinking of replacing your roof, metal is a strong alternative!

metal roof
metal roofmetal roof
metal roof

No. 5// 

Green and Blue Accents

All shades of green are back for exterior decor, as well as a deeper dull blue. Think Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore. From plush velvet fabrics to interesting front doors, consider choosing green and deep blue as your accent shades.

green door
blue door

blue door

No. 6// 

Dark Paint on Home Exterior

We saw an upswing in black homes in 2019 and that’s going to continue into 2020.  Not only black, but be on the lookout for deep warm grays, olive greens, and navy blues popping up around town.

dark paint
dark paint
painted southern home
gray house
before&after dark exterior

No. 7//

Water Features

People are looking to get away from the hectic 8-6 work environment and come home to a relaxing space. That said, many homes are adding a water feature for its beauty and soothing sound.

water feature
Mid-Century WIndows and water feature
water feature
outdoor fountain

No. 8// 

Outdoor Living Space

I’ve blogged about it before, so if you haven’t already created an outdoor living space, now is the time! In 2020, there is going to be a push to spend more time outdoors.  Creating a comfortable space is key in making this happen.

outdoor living
outdoor living space

No. 9//

Fiber Cement Siding

Homeowners are looking for low maintenance options, which is why fiber cement siding is picking up steam.  With so many color and texture options, siding looks beautiful on nearly every architecture.

before & after house

No. 10// 

Birds and the Bees

Not only are homeowners adding fruit trees and vegetable gardens to their outdoor space, they are also adding chicken coops, beehives, and bat houses. 

chicken coop
bat house
bat houses

No. 11//

Simple Landscape

Over the top landscape is out.  In 2020, people are looking for a more sustainable garden, like an urban farmer kind of situation.  Blended gardens with turf grass, but also fruits, vegetables, and herbs… these will be popping up in front yards as well as back yards.

urban garden

No. 12//

Use of Metals, Wickers, and Wood

Incorporating metals, steel and iron, can bring dimension and character to your outdoor space.  Try a mix of metals, wicker, and wood to really enhance the look.  The days of the rooms to go are out!

metal outdoor dining
A beige string swing with a pillow on a patio. Wicker baskets, a rug and a blanket on a wooden deck in the garden.

No. 13//

Iron Door

Gorgeous iron doors will be in high demand come 2020.  Iron will create patterns as well as window spaces in all types of homes and architecture.

iron door
iron door
Iron door

No. 14//


We’ve seen a definite interest in pergolas this year and that trend isn’t coming to an end anytime soon.  A modern pergola offers protection from the weather, a place to hang lights or fans, pull down shades to block sunshine, and a great home for crawling plants.  With so many uses, pergolas are still on trend.

modern pergola
wood pergola

No. 15//

Earthy Exteriors

The new neutrals are coming from earthy shades of warm whites, bone colors, browns, and oranges. Think clay, terra cotta, and copper and how to incorporate these shades in your home’s exterior color palette. Though earthy was a buzz word in 2019, it’s not going away anytime in 2020!

dark paint
earthy exterior

No. 16//

Natural Wood Color

More natural wood will be used to highlight special places on your home’s exterior in 2020. Natural wood columns, ceilings, siding, planters, and doors. There is a definite draw to the appearance of natural warm wood.  

wood accent
dark paint wood gable
wood accents
wood accents

No. 17//

Outdoor Fireplace

We’ve talked about creating a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space.  This includes adding an outdoor fireplace.  Many new builds are including this feature as well as current homeowners adding this feature.  In the right environment,  an outdoor fireplace has an excellent return on investment.

outdoor fireplace
front porch patio
outdoor fireplace

No. 18//

Terra Cotta Planters

Terra Cotta used indoors and outdoors will be in high demand come 2020.  Use terra cotta planters, paired with earthy paint colors on your home’s exterior, to amp up your curb appeal. If you’re not ready to commit to big planters, start small and put them on your outdoor tables.

terra cotta
terra cotta pots
terra cotta


Overall, our brick&batten designers are finding that 2020 is going to bring about some beautiful changes in exterior home design. These 18 predictions for 2020 home exterior design are a great way to get started!  When in doubt, think earthy and becoming one with nature.  Look for simplicity and sustainability. The outside of your home is your first impression… it should be beautiful and reflect your style, as well as your architecture.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to create that outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Partnering with brick&batten will ensure your curb appeal is on point in 2020, as well as give you peace of mind knowing you’re making smart decisions. To learn more, click here.

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