6 Fall Exterior Home Decorating Tips You Can’t Miss

Our brick&batten designers have found 6 Fall exterior home decorating tips you can’t miss.  These simple changes are easy to achieve this season can make a huge impact on your curb appeal and happiness. 

When you’re ready for a home exterior makeover, we’ve got just the solution! Our team at brick&batten is ready to partner with you on a virtual home design just in time for the new year.

Check Out 6 Fall Exterior Home Decorating Tips.


Olive Green, Kelly Green,… really any green, Peacock Blue, and Burnt Orange are making a comeback this Fall and heading into 2020.  Paint your front door or change out the summer pillows on your outdoor furniture and add some fun. Don’t be afraid to use velvet or an Aztec print to bring your space to life. 

outdoor space
Desert World Market Sofa Set
Fall porch orange door
green door

Wood Accents:

Wood, wood, and more wood… yes please! Wooden doors, wooden columns, wooden accent walls, wooden gables and porch accents, and even wood outdoor furniture are huge game changers this year, especially moving into Fall. Natural teak hardwood porch furniture is always in style.  Another easy way to achieve the wood accent, buy a wooden planter and pop your Mums right inside.

Hampton Outdoor Living Collection
wooden modern door
wood accent wall
Wood accent around door

Adirondack Chairs and Throw Blankets:

Yup. Just when you thought summer was over… this Fall we are seeing an upswing in Adirondack sales.  Not surprising considering they’re well made, comfortable for all sizes, come in a variety of colors, weather resistant, have matching foot rests, and are easy to move from one place to another.  This Fall put your Adirondack chair around your outdoor fireplace, pair with a comfy throw blanket, and call it a night!


Adirondack chairs
Adirondack lake view
cozy adirondack chairs
Adirondack chairs around fire pit

Comfy Outdoor Furniture… Bring the Inside, Out:

This Fall, more than ever, people are in search of a comfortable outdoor space.  That said, we are bringing the indoor amenities to your outdoor space.  Have you heard of the Oasis Sofa? If not, you’re in for a treat.  I had my first experience with an Oasis Sofa after attending an outdoor party in the neighborhood.  The sofas are made of marine grade plywood, with foam core cushions covered in water repellent wrap.  It is recommended the sofa stay covered when not in use; however for a pretty penny the Oasis can create the warmth of inside living in your outdoor space.

Oasis sofa
Comfortable porch
Fall porch

Lanterns and Outdoor Twinkle Lights:

Lighting is key to a comfortable outside space.  Because of this, lanterns are becoming more and more popular, not only for inside decor but also outside.  They provide the perfect amount of illumination without being too stark or bright.  These Caleb Lanterns are not only beautiful but also movable and functional.  Pair your new lanterns with string lights and let the good times roll!

Caleb Lantern Pottery Barn
mixed materials

Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces:

Nothing says Fall like an outdoor fire pit.  We have noticed an upswing in clients asking for outdoor fire pit suggestions.  Some are movable and even gas powered.  Others are more rustic and built stationary with pavers or bricks.  Whatever your taste, a fire pit is a great way to bring people together.

movable fire pit
one with nature fire pit idea


Every season brings about new design trends. Fall of 2019 proves to be a great time to capitalize on what you already have and possibly add something new. Get yourself an Adirondack chair and comfy throw and you’re in business!

If you’re looking for an exterior design, brick&batten would love to partner with you to create the perfect outdoor space.  No more wandering aimlessly around the hardware store hoping for ideas to jump out at you. Let our designers take over and create a comfortable, welcoming space you can enjoy!