You Asked. We Answered: Trending brick&batten Questions.

Everyday we are asked questions about how to maximize curb appeal to help annoying house issues.  What you thought you liked 10 years ago or driving around a new neighborhood is suddenly becoming overused or dated.  You asked.  We answered. 

#1.  Clients are asking, “What will my home look like if I make my porch larger and more welcoming?”  

We call this…A great investment!  

It used to be that back decks were all the rage.  Now, the activity seems to be moving to the front porch.  Your front porch welcomes visitors to your home.  It should be beautiful, inviting, and comfortable. So, when it comes to making your front porch larger we absolutely agree this is a great investment.  Add a front porch swing and mood lighting and now you have a perfect place for a glass of wine and neighborly chat.

#2.  Clients are asking, “What will my home look like without all these busy windows?”

We say…More is not always better.

Busy muntins, shapes, sizes, and random thrown in windows are a deal breaker.  Clients are asking us to remove the muntins and go clean.  Some are asking us to remove windows all together… or do one big instead of oddly placed small.  Others are saying, What was I thinking with all these arches!  Don’t get me wrong, some homes are designed to have different windows and look beautiful on the correct architecture; however a proliferation of window shapes, muntins, and sizes makes it hard to create a cohesive design.  Again, our clients know better and want simple.

#3.  Clients are asking, “McMansion?  What style is this anyway?”

We call this… A problem!

If I had a nickel for how many times we get asked, “What style is my home anyway?” I’d be rich!  Honestly, sometimes we can’t figure out the style either.  That’s a problem!  It’s the McMansion curse.  There is no style… it’s odd windows, different textures, crazy roof lines, huge windows above the oversized door and entry, cement triangles above windows (whatever those things are called), foam accents, and the turret looking like a giant Pringle can on the front.  Out with the 1980’s McMansions and IN with the smaller, usable living space creating family…. without the echo. 

#4.  Clients are asking, “What can I do about my hideous front load garage that monopolizes half of my home’s front exterior?”

We say… Do it up or do it down.

It used to be that garages were detached and behind the home.  Somewhere along the line that ended.  So here we are with the dilemma.  Sometimes a front loader is your only choice.  I get it.  Our clients are asking what to do.  Well, you’ve got two choices:  #1.  Make them look beautiful with garage hardware, windows, and design.  #2.  Make them go away by painting them the same color as the house or trim in some cases. 

#5.  Clients are asking, “I’m having a hard time because my roof is so red!  What should I do?” 

We call this… A love it or leave it situation.

If you choose to love it… go warm.  A roof with brown and red undertones can be tricky to match with paint color.  Red is a warm color so we will always advise a warm tone in your exterior paint.  Using a cool paint color for your home’s exterior will cause your red roof will stick out like a sore thumb!  If you choose to leave it… ask a local roofing company to come over and look for damage that could possibly have been caused by a storm.  Hello, insurance!  You’ve got yourself a new roof! 

#6.  Clients are asking, “I have no vision, I just know I don’t love my house anymore.  Can you help?”

We say, “YES!  Absolutely!”

Sometimes you just need a second opinion to confirm that you are on the right track.  Other times you need an honest friend, like brick&batten to say ya, it’s bad, let’s get to work!  Possibly you know what you like but you’re not quite sure how to achieve it, or you have absolutely no idea and you’re tired of watching Fixer-Upper.  Our design team is here to partner with you on a new design for your home’s exterior.  We will run with what we think is best, or you can give us your ideas, inspirations, thoughts.  We don’t do big construction tear things up kind of designs.  Most of the time, these are changes a handyman (or woman) can do.  Your house is your greatest investment.  Show it some love!

You asked.  We answered.  From new construction, preparing to sell, just moving in, or ready for an update, there are so many valuable reasons to maximize your curb appeal.