Top 6 Facade Fails with an Easy Fix

Have you fallen victim to these simple facade fails? Maybe it’s too much HGTV fever or wine with the neighbor on the porch swing we keep writing about… Whatever the reason, you’re smarter than that! Take a step back. Evaluate. And let’s get to work on breathing life back into your home with simple changes.

House Fail #1:

If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it… With SHUTTERS that is!

First, this home is precious with tons of curb appeal.  Look at that inviting door and rockers!   What happened to the shutters?  At brick&batten we have two trains of thought.  Shutters should either be functioning or at least appear to be functioning with correct size and hardware.  Or, remove the shutters!  Not every house needs shutters and it’s completely appropriate to say goodbye if you know they aren’t architecturally correct.  If you really love your shutters and would rather keep them, be sure to invest in shutter hardware.  This little detail will go a long way!

shutter fail
shutter FIX

House Fail  #2:

They are like wingmen.  You only need one good one… With WINDOW style that is!

Windows are a huge part of your home’s exterior; however, your house may appear sloppy with several different shapes and styles of windows.  Muntins (the grid pattern of little pieces that separate panes of glass) can also be a problem if not done consistently.  Different muntin styles are appropriate for certain house styles.  You don’t often see busy muntins on a contemporary or diamond muntins on a colonial house. Thank God! 

window fail
window FIX

House Fail #3:

Whoever said size doesn’t matter was lying… With COLUMNS that is!

Most of the time we see exterior house columns that look wimpy, as though they can hardly hold up the porch or portico. Size matters!  The original purpose of a column was to hold something up, so just like shutters, they should appear to be able to hold the weight of what’s above them.  They are also used to make a statement and for decorative purposes.  So, if size matters, make a statement!  If you have fallen victim to this facade fail, it’s an easy fix.  There are simple ways to wrap your existing columns without replacing the entire piece. 

columns fail
columns FIX

House Fail #4:

Unruly bush.  No way…With LANDSCAPE that is!

No one likes an unruly bush! You may think that beautiful English Ivy is the way to go for ground cover; however, it becomes invasive very quickly. Taking over your garden, drowning out native plants, harboring ants and other critters, climbing up the walls of your home, and suffocating the life out of your stucco and brick. Beautiful in moderation and well trimmed, YES! Taking over your house and yard, NO! If you keep your ivy and other bushes trimmed they add beauty to any exterior. Mother Nature has made these invasive plants heartier than your perennials. Trust me! Check out these other ground cover and plants to stay away from.

ivy landscape fail
ivy landscape FIX

House Fail #5:

Too much of a good thing is deadly….With CLADDING that is!

What is cladding? It is the exterior covering of your home that protects you. We love brick. We love rock. We love stucco. We love batten. We love wood.  However, we don’t love a paint by number house with a mixture of brick, rock, stucco, batten, and wood. All the different cladding is far too busy and creates chaos on the facade of your home. Homes that are too busy are difficult to match with paint and architectural style. Choose two or three exterior surfaces that you like and stick with them. If you DO have the chaos going on, it’s important to choose a paint color to tie in the different shades competing with one another. The homes with multiple surfaces and textures are quickly becoming dated and overdone.

too much cladding fail
stone and brick cladding fail
brick accent FIX

House Fail #6:

I’ll take farmhouse, with a little more farmhouse, and top it off with farmhouse… With STYLE that is!

Whoa!  I like Joanna Gaines but she may be the only one that can continue to get away with farmhouse style on every house she touches.  Consequently, the rest of us need to remember while the farmhouse style is beautiful, it doesn’t work for every style home.  I love a farmhouse, but my traditional colonial or my sister’s mid-century are never going to be one….even if I add wood columns and white paint. The farmhouse exterior is a trend but in 10 years we will all look back and know that your house was built between 2010-2018.  Embrace your style!

mid-century trying to be farmhouse fail
farmhouse FIX

Have you fallen victim to some of these facade fails?  Do you have shutter shame, a landscape disaster, or live and breathe farmhouse?  No worries.  Take a deep breath. Sit on your front porch. Look at the before & afters all over our site and get inspired. Simple changes can make a big impact. We would love to partner with you to make these simple changes. Learn more about our exterior design services.