Window Coverings: Yes, We Can See Them From Your Home’s Exterior

Window coverings: Yes, we can see them from your home’s exterior, which is why they are extremely important for curb appeal! Windows… at brick&batten, we receive questions everyday about window style as well as window coverings.  Windows are a huge part of your street presence. If your windows are in need of repair, or incorrect color or style for your home, your curb appeal takes a big hit. That said, you may have gorgeous windows; however, if the blinds we see from the street are a mess, that’s a problem… 0r worse, there are cat figurines or collectibles sitting on the inside sash or sill.  

Remember, whatever you do on the inside affects the outside. So opt for the gorgeous window, but don’t skimp on the shades, blinds, or drapes. You wouldn’t leave your home with one shoe… same idea. Don’t get it half right, get it all right

Many people struggle with what type of blind, shade, or drape to use with varying window styles.  What is most important to know is it goes beyond your window style and color. You really should be thinking house style. If you have a modern or contemporary home, you’re probably not going to do big lush drapes, surrounded by a lot of trim. However, if you have a traditional home or little bungalow drapes may be the perfect choice! 

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Let’s start with home style because to me it is the most important driving factor.

Traditional or Colonial Homes.

A traditional or Colonial home requires more balance in color and style of window treatments. If you’re choosing blinds, consider similar blinds for every front window. Colonial homes are generally symmetrical, so your window covering should follow that lead.  

Ranch Homes.

Ranch style homes may use a variety of window coverings. You may have a blind in the kitchen and opt for drapes in the bedroom. 

Contemporary Homes.

Contemporary homes are more sleek with straight geometrical lines. Windows usually appear the same way with little trim and low profile. That said, your window covering should follow suit. Customized roller shades look gorgeous and are the perfect option for a contemporary style. You can also do long tailored drapes for a more formal look.

window shades

Bungalow or Craftsman Homes.

For a Bungalow or Craftsman home, anything goes! We are really loving Provenance Woven Wood Shades in the wood grain or bamboo shades. They add interest, texture, and a casual vibe. Drapes are also a perfect option to create a cozy feeling. 


Tudor Homes.

Many times, Tudor homes already have a lot going on. There are different rooflines, sometimes dormers, stucco with wood accents, complicated grille patterns on windows, etc. If this is the case, keep it simple.  You don’t want an X grille pattern with a horizontal or vertical blind. In this case, go with drapes to complete the look.

Front exterior of a white home with black trim

In addition to home’s architectural style, it’s also important to consider the color of your windows and the color of your house.  With the variety of window styles, inlay colors for the exterior… which can be different from the interior, there’s just a lot to consider when it comes to color. Keep this in mind, the focal point of your house should not be your window coverings. Let your doorway area take on this job!

Black windows are definitely popular right now; however, I don’t see that trend ending anytime soon. They are beautiful and functional.  I’ve been asked a million times if I think black windows will look dated in 10 years.  My answer? Absolutely not. Does your little black dress look dated?  No!  Neither will black windows.  That said, black windows don’t work on every home or blend with every person’s style…and that’s o’kay.  

In my opinion, black windows look best uncovered. If you have black windows and can get away with no window covering or a pulled back drape, then that’s the best way to go. That said, there are limitless options if you do need a window covering. Also, keep in mind, with new windows, you can opt for black on the exterior and choose a different color for the interior if you’d rather.  Check out these options at Marvin windows. Your windows are truly customizable. 

black windows with no blinds or drapes

Now let’s talk color, because it’s the second most driving factor when choosing window coverings.


This is where things get fairly simple.

  • If you’re in a bungalow, ranch, or Tudor with black windows you may choose to have drapes in your front windows. Drapes are usually made with two parts. There is the inside color and heavier fabric and then the lining that everybody sees from the outside. I would recommend a bone color lining. It’s neutral and beautiful! Usually you find black windows on a lighter color house. The windows may be dark, the house is light, and the lining to the drapes is light. This combination will definitely work!


  • If you’re in a bungalow or ranch with black windows and want to do woven wooden shades in the natural wood tone or bamboo. No problem! Woven wood takes on a variety of colors from light to dark. These will look beautiful with black windows as well.


  • Traditional and colonial homes generally have white windows. White windows work well for the home’s architecture. You’ll also see many craftsman homes with beautiful white windows and white trim.  In this case, you can do the drapes with the light color lining, white blinds, or different shades.


  • If you’re in a contemporary with black low profile windows, you’re able to do a customized black or dark roller shade. During the day it will keep out the UV rays and at night it will provide privacy. You may also do the long tailored draped with the bone lining.


Overall, the number one factor in choosing window coverings is your home’s architectural style. Find the right covering for your home’s style and then work on the color. 

This beautiful home is a big YES!

Your home is your greatest investment. Choosing the correct window style is important for curb appeal. Our brick&batten designers are experts in the field. We would love to partner with you on a brick&batten home exterior design and SHOW you the possibilities in your home. From new lighting, window, window coverings, paint color, shutters, awnings, roof options, etc. we will bring your home to life in a virtual exterior design. Get started today.