Updated Brick House with Stone Accents in Ontario

Annette R. in Ontario, Canada, contacted us in the spring of 2020 to help her update her brick house with stone accents. 

I found this service online and felt that it would help me through not only providing advice but also by allowing me to visualize changes so I could make some decisions about the exterior.

Annette’s renovation took a bit longer than expected due to pandemic-related delays, but now that the project is finally complete, we’re excited to share the transformation. Keep reading to learn how we helped Annette refresh her brick house with stone accents and see the process from start to finish. 

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A photo of a red brick home exterior

The before

Annette’s home was charming but dated. She enlisted our help to breathe new life into the building without compromising its character. 

A rendering of an updated brick house with stone accents

The design

To update Annette’s home, we started with a fresh color palette. The design above features Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter on the brick with accents rendered in Iron Ore, also by Benjamin Moore.

Next, we recommended removing the shutters and the gingerbread trim over the bay window. (Never heard of gingerbread trim before? Learn more about this unique design term — and many others — here).

We also suggested Annette swap her porch columns with a more modern style and replace her windows, front door, and garage door. Plus, our design includes new stone for the walkway, steps, and porch.  

A rendering of an updated brick house with stone accents

We provided Annette with a second design option in which we kept her brick unpainted. In this version, we suggested using dark shutters around some of the second-story windows.

Annette told us our designs gave her confidence to move forward with her exterior renovation. 

An actual after photo of an updated brick house with stone accents

The process

Annette said she worked with a few different contractors to bring her brick&batten rendering to life. She hired professionals to paint the home’s soffit, put in the new windows, and install the wood porch columns. The design deliverable helped keep everyone on the same page, Annette told us.

I used the photos to let my contractors know what I was looking for and [to] keep me focused throughout the process.

Overall, Annette’s home renovation took more than a year to complete. She noted the lengthy timeline was due in part to a window delivery delay, adding “securing time with contractors [was] challenging as they [were] very busy in our area during and post-pandemic.”

An actual after photo of an updated brick house with stone accents

The actual after

Annette decided to keep her red brick and used our second design as a guide. She painted her shutters, bought a darker front door, and replaced her old porch columns with thicker wood ones. She kept the brick accents gray rather than painting them darker as we suggested. Finally, she painted the entire bay window area the same dark color. 

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An actual after photo of an updated brick house with stone accents

For accessories like the front porch chairs, rug, planters, and light fixtures, Annette didn’t purchase the exact versions featured in our deliverable but said she found items that were similar. 

We implemented many of your ideas, and the final part [was] the wooden porch accents, which went on this past fall.

An actual after photo of an updated brick house with stone accents

A beautiful brick house transformation

Annette’s brick home transformation is proof that good things come to those who wait. While it might have taken longer than expected to complete her renovation, Annette said it was worth it. 

We love the change and have had many compliments from our neighbors, friends, and family!

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