New Green Siding for Georgia Home

Debbie W. in Georgia reached out to us to help her visualize new green siding on her home. She followed us on Instagram and was a regular visitor to our website, so she was familiar with what we do.

I wanted a professional look since I was spending a lot of money on the exterior…. I contacted another designer and it was a big fail, and I already knew brick&batten would do exactly what I wanted.

We were happy to help! Keep reading to learn about Debbie’s experience with brick&batten, including how she swapped out some of the suggestions our designers made to suit her particular budget and goals.

The experts at brick&batten know how to work with your design goals and any renovations you already have planned. As part of our process, we’ll show you your property’s potential with a realistic virtual rendering. Plus, we link to the resources you’ll need to bring the new design to life. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

Before of a traditional house with shutters and dormers

The Before

Debbie reached out to us knowing that she planned to replace her siding with a combination of board-and-batten and Hardie plank siding. Her roof and windows were new, so our designers worked with them as ‘fixed elements’ of her design.

Specifically, Debbie was looking for paint color suggestions, whether she should keep her shutters, and how to update her portico without expanding it.

She sent in some fantastic inspiration (below), which greatly helped our designers understand her design style and preferences. (If you don’t know where to begin in compiling inspirational photos of your dream exterior, our style quiz is a great place to start!)

Debbie's inspiration images

Before and after of a traditional home rendered with a new green siding color

The Design

The biggest decision our designers had to make was in recommending a paint color for Debbie’s new siding and trim. We ultimately landed on Benjamin Moore’s Hidden Falls, an ultra-dark greenish hue. The new, unique green siding color makes such a huge difference in the home’s aesthetic! Next, we suggested removing the dated shutters and adding wood trim pieces above the main-level windows to give them some dimension. Expanding the portico awning and using Cultured Stone to wrap the new columns brings drama to the entry. Finishing touches include black accents and gutters, a wood front door to match the trim headers, a new garage door, and an updated exterior lighting scheme.

New green siding on Debbie's home, starting with the back

The Process

Because Debbie had already scheduled her siding replacement, her contractor had begun the work by the time she got her rendering.

I worked with my contractor sometimes on a daily basis to stay as close to the rendering as possible, while making last minute decisions on items that needed it… Throughout the entire project, I was able to use the rendering to send to all of my contractors so they had an idea of what I was looking for, so it was critical.

Debbie decided to keep her flower beds and walkways as they were, which meant the front porch step idea we suggested wasn’t possible. But we like how she married our design with what she already had going.

I also had to made a decision about the window headers/placement/stain color as well as the garage door situation. My current garage door was working well, and when I received quotes on a garage door exactly like the rendering…. it was over $11k. I decided it was not worth replacing it, and we would try the paint and stained header first. I’m so happy that I did because I love it and can always make changes later if needed. I got the idea of the garage header piece from a photo online and it was in keeping with the window headers, so we stained them the same. 

The actual after of Debbie's home, with new green siding on the front

The Actual After

Debbie’s Georgia home exterior went from nondescript to one-of-a-kind, with a lot of help from her new green siding!

I love the outcome! I’m happy that it looks professionally done and uses a non-traditional paint color that no one else really has in my area.

We love her creative garage door and portico solutions. After all, our renderings are just guides — we get a kick out of seeing how our clients bring them to life, whether they follow them to a ‘t’ or decide to make some changes in the process!

Side view of Debbie's home with new green siding

Side angle view of Debbie's home with new green siding

New green siding as starting point for fully refreshed façade

Debbie came to us knowing what she did and didn’t want to change when updating her home exterior. It all started with a scheduled siding update! And she worked out the changes she did and didn’t want to make, based on the design we gave her, once the contractors got to work. Now, she has a stunning home to drive up to every day!

All my family, friends, and online communities agree and love it as well. I’ve had nothing but positive responses… I really wanted a refresh on my 50-year-old home, and I got it.

Want to update your siding? Not sure how to work around your natural stone or brick to give your home a new look? Either way, we’re here to help you make it happen. All we need from you is a photo (or blueprint) and your answers to a few simple questions. It’s always a good time to begin planning! Get started on your new exterior design today.