Stone Columns and Siding for Home in Iowa

Rebecca R. bought her brick home in Iowa because of its great location and interior layout. She never liked the exterior of the home, though, and after five years of living there, she enlisted our help to update it. 

After learning more about Rebecca’s style, what she likes and doesn’t like, and which aspects of her property she was and wasn’t willing to change, our team got busy creating a new look for her home. From the stunning stone columns to the fresh color palette, we’re sharing all the details of Rebecca’s home transformation. Keep reading to learn about her brick&batten design, how she brought it to life, what she thinks of the results, and more.

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An exterior photo of a brick home with white front porch columns

The before

Rebecca loved the location and interior of her home but was unhappy with the exterior. She had an idea of what she wanted the exterior to look like but struggled to visualize it, so she turned to us for help.

[We] were never fans of the red brick craftsman exterior look. We wanted a prairie modern design but had no idea how to go about achieving the look. This is where brick&batten came in to help us visualize the possibilities for our design.

A virtual rendering of a brick home with stone columns and siding

The design

Since Rebecca told us she didn’t like her home’s red brick, we suggested painting it, as well as the siding and accents. We recommended Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray on the brick, Sherwin Williams’ Tanker on the siding, and Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty on the trim, eaves, and soffit.

We also recommended black garage doors and windows, an entry door with large glass panels, new light fixtures, and an updated walkway and driveway. Finally, we revamped the patio area with statement-making stone columns and a cozy seating area.

A virtual rendering of a brick home with stone columns and siding

Rebecca used her free revision to see her home rendered with a different front door with less glass. She was happy with the rest of the design, so we kept all our other recommendations the same.

The process was smooth, and the designer listened to all of our wants and needs. We were stunned by the final design deliverables and knew we were going to do the renovations to make the deliverables a reality.

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A close-up photo of a brick home with stone columns

The process

Rebecca worked with a contractor to bring her brick&batten design to life and noted that the rendering was used frequently to keep everyone on the same page. 

The deliverable photos played a key role when communicating with various subcontractors. When questions arose, we could look to the deliverables to help get our answer.

A close up of the entryway of a home with stone columns and siding

Due to the limited availability of contractors in her area, Rebecca said the renovation process took longer than anticipated. The delivery of her front door was also delayed, but Rebecca said the wait was worth it in the end. 

It took longer than expected to complete the renovations. Contractors were booked out far in advance, so we started right before winter and couldn’t complete the walkway/landscaping until spring. Also, the new front door took four months to arrive. But, the wait was well worth it!

An exterior photo of a home with painted brick and stone columns

The actual after

Rebecca followed her brick&batten deliverable closely, and her home now has the modernized look she desired. 

She used our recommended paint colors on her home’s exterior, incorporated the stone columns and siding, replaced her garage doors, entry door, and windows, and updated her walkway and landscaping. Rebecca noted that she did make some small adjustments to the design too. Rather than painting the eaves and soffits as we suggested, she decided to replace them.

We love the new columns and how they open up the entryway to the home. We also love the new stone as it helped achieve our desire for a more modern look.

An exterior photo of a home with painted brick and new siding

A beautiful home inside and out

New stone columns and siding, painted brick, and other smart design decisions totally transformed Rebecca’s home exterior. Now the outside of her house matches the interior, and the property is a place she’s excited to call home.

We love our home inside and out! Our friends and neighbors are blown away by the renovations and always comment on how it looks like a totally different home.

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