Love Your HOUSE Again

Okay, so as we CELEBRATE LOVE this Valentine’s Day, brick&batten wants to remind you to show your house a little love!  Prepare for spring by doing the simple things…

Such simple things include:

It’s the Little Things…it really is!  The beauty is in the small details that come together to make a big impact.  A stunning gold knocker on a blue door…simple, but elegant and thoughtful.  Or, modern address numbers updating a traditional porch.  These small details won’t go unnoticed…they bring energy and life to the exterior of your home.

gold knocker on blue door

Houses Need Love, too.  When your house is neglected…it shows.  And if it could talk, it would say that it feels unloved.  General house maintenance shows you care about your biggest investment.  Things like cleaning the gutters, landscaping and pressure washing.  So before you embark on the bigger updates, these are the essentials.


Spread the Love…this is where it gets fun!  You have done the general maintenance and you have added the small changes to create a welcoming environment…and now it’s time to invite friends and family over to enjoy it together.  When you love your space, you want to share it!



I remember as a child, my parents would throw together social events in mere hours at the last minute.  My mom would always say,  “The last minute cook out is better than the well planned dinner soiree that never happens.”  It looked something like this…we would run to the back of our casual beach home and throw table clothes over old plastic tables.  Then, we would put a lantern on each one.  My father would open the back windows and turn the speakers to face outward (dead serious) and before you knew it, people were dancing to “Margaritaville” in the moonlight.  We didn’t have the fanciest house or the biggest house…but we had house love and people came from all over to feel it.