It’s the Little Things


While painting the exterior packs a punch in the curb appeal game, it’s the little things that can add up to big style and make or break the exterior of your home.  Things like planters, house numbers, door knockers and even doormats can score big points and add up to a massive curb appeal win when done correctly with purpose.

Let’s break it down  

1. Planters:  planters are an insanely easy way to add style and color to the exterior of your home.  They come in many different materials and sizes to compliment any porch scheme.  You can pair them, as we did, on this Midcentury Modern front door for added cool points.  In addition, they are a wonderful way to seasonally change the look by adding new flowers.  When it comes to planters, there is a myriad of choices.  If you have a traditional colonial, you may opt for a classic Urn or more traditional style.  If you have a contemporary house, a simple, clean square may fit the bill.


2.  House Numbers:  They aren’t just for mailboxes anymore! Subsequently,  brick&batten almost always adds House numbers to an exterior if there is room and the design allows.  They are such an updated way to showcase style.  While seemingly understated, they grab attention with their modern or traditional styles.  We have used them vertically, horizontally and even on wood plaques mounted to the exterior.


house numbers


3.  Door Knockers: It’s a lost art.  Door knockers are so undervalued and such an easy way to bring your door to life.  They can be colorful and add contrast and fun in their design.  We recently ordered one for a client on ETSY as they didn’t want to replace the door.  This small change made the door feel brand new for under $25.

Photo Courtesy of AlacartCreations-Etsy

4.  Door Mats:  Easy.  Not only super functional and necessary, but can be a threshold of style. Door Mats have come a long way in their sophistication and beauty.  They  are no longer the fake green turf of yesteryear that your parents had.  Door Mats are another way to compliment the style and architecture of your home.  For very traditional exteriors, a simple design in a quiet color pairs beautifully.  In a more modern style, you may opt to use the Door Mat as a pop of color coordinating with a Modern door.

It’s the little things that add up to big curb appeal!  Plus, it’s super fun to say “Knockers”.