Key to Curb Appeal? Your Front Door

Your front door is the focal point of your home and has a huge job. It’s not only where you welcome guests into your life, it also provides protection and security for your family. The key to curb appeal is your front door. It also returns over 100% of its original investment.  When it comes to first impressions and curb appeal, the significance of your front door is key. That being said, it’s  important to have a door that is well designed, speaks to your personality and style, and sets the tone for the family inside. Bring your vision to life with a brick&batten virtual exterior design.

In 2019, the doors have become a hot topic. From Dutch doors to iron doors, a grand entrance way is on trend!  

Craftsman Door:

A beautiful craftsman door is hard to beat.  Its classic style and design work well with simple siding, brick, or stone.  Add a transom and sidelights for more light and interest.

Home with a craftsman front door


At brick&batten we are noticing a lot of homes battling with how to match their stone with other surrounding elements.  A wooden door updates the style, offers prime protection, and pairs well with stone. 

Before and after of a home with wood double French front door


One of our favorite styles of doorways right now is iron.  Iron doors are gorgeous and some let in a ton of natural light.  They don’t appear heavy and can update a traditional home with that simple change.

Before and after of a home with an iron front door

Door Surrounded by Windows:

Natural light is key for opening up an entryway.  From transoms to side lights, a door flanked by windows can’t be beat.  

Before and after of a home with a front door that's surrounded by windows

When in doubt, Go Black:

A classic black door can amplify cub appeal instantly.  Black offers a stately and strong feel even on the smallest house.  

Before and after of a home with double black front doors

Before and after of a painted brick home with double black front doors

Door Muntins:

Door muntins (grids on the glass) can make an impact on curb appeal.  Try doing something different like cross bars or a long t to update your look.

Before and after of a home with a new double front door that features muntins

Different Design:

Don’t be afraid to do something different on your door design.  Your door should speak to your home’s style but also your personality.  It should offer your visitors a taste of what’s inside.  If your style is eclectic, let it shine on the outside too!

Before and after of a home with a different design on its new green front door

Dutch Door:

Dutch doors are making a huge comeback in 2019!  They offer protection but also fresh air and light.  Many doors can be specifically made for your purpose, opening at different heights.  

Before and after of a home with a Dutch front door
Before and after of a home rendered from an elevation with a Dutch front door

Do you go single door or double door?  This is a question we get asked frequently at brick&batten.  It’s one thing to have the idea but another to double down and really commit to a double door.  A door with large sidelights can look equally beautiful as a double.  So, this is just a matter of personal preference.  

In conclusion, your door is the first impression of your home.  We love natural light and doors that tell visitors something about your style in a tasteful way.   Let it be the area you’re willing to spend a little money, knowing it’s a great investment and the key to home exterior curb appeal.