10 Home Exterior Trends for 2019 and 3 on the Way Out

Curb appeal is king and 2019 is the time to make a simple change. We have researched some of the most impactful exterior design trends for 2018 and found some that are here to stay. Likewise, others that are on the way out….

Trend #1 that will continue into 2019:

Natural Elements
Using natural elements such as brick, stone, and wood accents on your home’s exterior. Trends are moving away from cheaper vinyl siding and moving toward a more earthy natural look. If you’re choosing siding, it’s nice to pair with a simple brick or stone.

Trend #2 that was popular years ago and we’re dumping for 2019:

Dump the Red Door
The red door is becoming dated. Sure, red is beautiful and puts off a sense of power. It’s eye catching and fun for Valentine’s Day; however, in 2019, opt for a beautiful blue, black, or natural wood door.

Amherst gray

Trend #3 that will continue into 2019:

Glass and Iron Front Door
Glass and Iron front doors are both a beautiful way to greet your guests. Doors return over 100% of investment. It is the focal point of your home and definitely where you should be spending the money. When making the change, opt for glass and iron to let in more light and open up your space.

Metal door

Trend #4 that will continue into 2019:

Dutch Door
Speaking of doors, the Dutch door is coming back! Yay! This makes us really excited because of the functionality and beauty of Dutch doors. They are ideal when the weather gets warm by keeping in the children and pets but keeping out unwanted critters. A Dutch door opens up your space but offers more privacy than full glass.

Dutch Door for 2019

Trend #5 that will continue into 2019:

Copper Gutters
Copper gutters are an excellent way to amp up your curb appeal. Gutters, downspouts, and gutter heads are making a strong comeback into 2019. If copper is out of the budget it’s easy to paint gutters a copper color and fake the look!

Brick home painted and rendered with copper gutters


Trend #6 that was popular years ago and we’re dumping for 2019:

Dump the Bright Colors
Bright colors are on their way out in a huge way. No more bright blue and yellow homes with lavender trim and red doors… If you are in a Victorian, there are more muted and subtle colors that lend themselves to this style. Lucky friends living at the beach, you play by different rules. In some cases a bright blue or yellow home will work.

bright yellow home

Trend #7 that will continue into 2019:

Transom Windows
Transom windows above a beautiful door and sidelights are a firm yes! Natural light helps with ventilation and curb appeal. Let it in!

Door with Transom Window

Trend #8 that was popular years ago and we’re dumping for 2019:

Dump Understated Home Entrances
Home entrances that are understated and blah are definitely out! That doesn’t mean we need the big mcmansion entrance with a huge window and giant columns holding up nothing. That just means that your entrance should be inviting. Many clients are opting for ways to accentuate around the front door including a front porch, gorgeous Bevolo lighting, and an awning to shield guests from the weather.

Trend #9 that will continue into 2019:

Large Address Numbers
Large address numbers are here to stay and we love them! Address numbers are an easy and inexpensive way to show off your style. They also show pride in where you live and make it easy for others to find you. We find our favorites at Modern House Numbers. For every style, check them out.

Trend #10 that will continue into 2019:

Simple Landscaping
Simple landscaping that includes flowers that bloom naturally in the area are always a hit. This means opt for landscape that doesn’t take your entire weekend for upkeep and a groundskeeper to keep you sane. Go for annuals that bloom each year. Hostas are also a simple, no brainer option. If you’re doing mulch, go natural or dark. In most instances, red mulch is not the best choice.

before and after color

Keep in mind, no matter what style home,  your home is your castle!  I agree that most days your home may feel like a burden, another payment, and hours of cleaning and maintenance; however, your home is your greatest investment.

There are simple changes that will keep your look updated; therefore, making it easier to enjoy and sell when the time is right.  At brick&batten, this is what we do.  We are constantly searching for simple and inexpensive ways to make your life easier.  Partner with us on a virtual exterior design and take the guesswork and frantic Pinterest searching out of your precious weekends.