Bump Out Exterior Design Inspiration

Bump outs are small additions, or extensions, to a home that offer great bang for your design buck. They can transform both the aesthetics and functionality of your home by adding dimension and contrast to the exterior and more space to the interior. While our designers often highlight bump outs with contrasting textures and paint colors, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your home exterior. Keep reading for our favorite bump out ideas and inspiration.

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modern rustic home with bump out

Amplify with an awning

We love how the bump out in this design manages to stand out while simultaneously feeling cohesive with the rest of the home. We rendered it in a charcoal-colored siding that pops against the stone accent but matches the rest of the house. The addition of an awning above the window also draws the eye to the area and mirrors the roof over the patio

house with multiple bump outs and mixed materials

Multiple bump outs

This exterior design features multiple bump outs that add texture and depth to the home. The majority of the home is covered in natural stone, which makes the bump outs, rendered in wood siding, really pop. The addition of black awnings also helps them stand out. 

red brick house with black wood siding accents

Embrace contrast

By rendering certain aspects of this red brick home with dark wood siding, our designers created depth and visual interest. Doing so also ensured the elements rendered in the darker hue — such as the bump out, dormers above the garage, the entry area, and the window over it — are focal points. 

large neutral house with bump outs on the right and left

Create a layered look

This design features bump outs on both the left and right side of the home. We kept the palette neutral across the exterior but switched the material for the bump outs from the brick that’s on most of the exterior to stone. The subtle detail helps differentiate the bump outs from the rest of the home and adds compelling layers to the façade.

before-and-after of the back of a house with a pool and bump out

Backyard bump out

This client wanted a more robust backyard hardscape with plenty of outdoor dining and living space. We overhauled the area to make room for a backyard pool and inviting patio. Our designers also added a bump out to the left of the dining space to create more dimension.

house with neutral siding, balcony, and bump out

Slight contrast

Our designers created some subtle contrast on the back of this home by playing with the orientation of the siding. While the siding on the bump out is the same color as the rest of the exterior siding, it runs horizontally instead of vertically. This smart design decision helps make the extension feel like a defined — but not distracting — element of the home.

house with charcoal siding and a picture window

Bump out picture window 

Our designs often feature bump outs in the form of a picture window, as seen above. While small, additions like these still offer plenty of benefits. From the inside, the homeowners can enjoy a small nook with plenty of natural light. And on the exterior, this picture window adds charm and boosts the home’s curb appeal

Bring a bit of cohesion

If you’re working with mixed materials on an exterior, you can use them to cultivate contrast and tie things together. This home’s exterior consists of a combination of limewashed stone and siding, and we carried the latter through to the bump out bow window for a cohesive look.

before-and-after of a modern rustic home with a portico and a bump out

Switch up the roofline

Aside from the small dormer windows, this home had a long, flat roofline that wasn’t very visually interesting. To address this, our team added a peaked portico over the entryway, and on the right side of the home, we added a bump out with a gable roof. 

A home rendered in Benjamin Moore's Coventry Gray

Harness symmetry 

We leaned into this home’s symmetry by adding identical bump outs on each side that frame the spacious front porch. These small additions are particularly distinct with white siding and black awnings — elements not found anywhere else on the façade.

Bring on the bump outs 

Bump outs are a unique design element because they offer benefits to both the interior and exterior of a home. You can generate more space for an interior room and create a more dynamic and interesting exterior simultaneously. 

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